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Loose Tubes label discography

This is a discography of albums released on the Loose Tubes label in the second half of the 1980's.

Loose Tubes Limited was set up by the group Loose Tubes to release their albums and other albums by members of the group.

Loose Tubes label albums

Loose Tubes, Loose Tubes, 1985, Loose Tubes Limited LTLP 001

Tracks : Eden Express, Rowing Boat Delineation Egg, Descarga, Descarga Ocurriencia, Yellow Hill, Mister Zee, Arriving

Musicians : Chris Batchelor, David DeFries, John Eacott, Lance Kelly, Steve Waterman, Steve Day, John Harborne, Richard Pywell, Ashley Slater, Mark Lockheart, Tim Whitehead, Steve Buckley, Iain Ballamy, Dave Bitelli, Howard Turner, Eddie Parker, Dai Pritchard, Dave Powell, Django Bates, John Parricelli, Steve Berry, Nic France, Steve ArgŁelles, Colin Lazzerini

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Human Chain, Human Chain, 1986, Loose Tubes Limited LTLP 002

Tracks : Freely, My Girl, Antonia, Elderberries, La La La, Grinding to the Miller Men, Hollyhocks, Golden Slumbers, Further Away, Suguxhama, Jolobe, Ikebana, Bon, Nancy D., Death

Musicians : Django Bates, Steve ArgŁelles, Dudu Pukwana (track 6)

Reissued on Ah Um in 1990 (Ah Um 002).

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Delightful Precipice, Loose Tubes, 1986, Loose Tubes Limited LTLP 003

Tracks : Sšd Afrika, Delightful Precipice, Shelley, Sosbun Brakk, Sunny, Hermeto's Giant Breakfast, Would I Were

Musicians : (to be added)

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Everybody's Song but My Own, Stan Sulzmann & John Taylor, 1987, Loose Tubes 004

Tracks : Introduction To No Particular Song, The Little Fella, Old Ballad, Miold Man, Everybody's Song But My Own?, Gigolo, Sea Lady, Gnu Suite : Part One, Sweet Yakity Waltz

Musicians : Stan Sulzmann, John Taylor

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No album identified, Loose Tubes 005

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No album identified, Loose Tubes 006

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Steve Berry Trio, Steve Berry Trio, 1988, Loose Tubes 007

Tracks : Take Your Time, Bip Bap Dubaddlia, Piraeus, Relic, After Midnight Hour, My Father's Eyes, Evergreen, Open Spaces, Cha Cha Con Meatus, Splaarg

Musicians : Steve Berry, Mark Lockheart, Peter Fairclough

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