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Musicians Record Co. discography

This is a discography of the albums released on the German Musicians Record Co. label.

The list may well be incomplete.

album cover
album cover
Musicians Record Co.: 1C 066-32 series

Accents, Neighbours, 1978, 1C 066-32 854

Tracks : The Little Fox Run, Adam´s Rib, Our Theme, Knautschlack / A Skelett, Snales Pace, The Worm In Eve´s Apple / Twillight

Musicians : Bill Brimfield, Fred Anderson, Dieter Glawischnig, Ewald Oberleitner, Joe Preininger

album cover

Four For Slavia, European Jazz Consensus, 1978, 1C 066-32 855

Tracks : K And A Blues, Payday, Before And After, Four For Slavia

Musicians : Gerd Dudek, Alan Skidmore, Adelhard Roidinger, Lala Kovacev

album cover

Nil, Carlo Domeniconi, 1978, 1C 066-32 856

Tracks : Samba De Contrabandista, Canto Del Vento, Infinito, Triste, As Plantas, Coro Dos Merinheiros, O Chuva, Nil

Musicians : Carlo Domeniconi and others (to be added)

album cover

Debut, Elsbeth Moser, 1978, 1C 066-32 857

Tracks : Sonate C-Dur, Sonate C-Moll, Sonate D-Dur, Sonate D-Moll, Le Pappel Des Oiseaux, Morgen Im Wald, Kindersuite Nr. 1: Im Hof / Maschjenkas Seufzer / Ein Schelm Spielt Auf Der Harmonika / Ein Wunder Aus Düsseldorf / Marsch Der Zinnsoldaten, Serenade Aus "Divertissement" Pour Accordeon, Without A Title For Accordion Opus 72, Aus "Botany Play": Sunflower / Juniper / Cactus / Thistle / Blackthorn, Toccata No. 2 Opus 28

Musicians : Elsbeth Moser

album cover

Time Emit, Leszek Zadlo Ensemble, 1978, 1C 066-32 858

Tracks : You´ve Got Eyes Let´s Make It, Folksong, Time Emit, Seven

Musicians : Leszek Zadlo, Johannes Faber, Bob Degen, Gary Todd, Joe Nay

album cover

Stride Piano, Dick Wellstood, 1978, 1C 066-32 859

Tracks : Handful Of Keys, Buddy Bolden Blues, Viper's Drag, St. James Infirmary, Alice Blue Gown, Russian Rag, Maple Leaf Rag, Duke Ellington Medley: Prelude To A Kiss / Sophisticated Lady / Perdido / Caravan, If Dreams Come True, Snowy Morning Blues, So In Love

Musicians : Dick Wellstood

album cover

Musicians Record Co.: 1C 066-45 series

Child's Prayer, Klaus Weiss Quintet, 1979, 1C 066-45 321

Tracks : Child's Prayer, Tears For Lost Friends, Shades Of Coltrane, La Rochelle, Drone, Blooze

Musicians : Klaus Weiss, Roman Schwaller, Mal Waldron, Günter Möll, Rocky Knauer

album cover

Wide And Blue, Chris Hinze / Sigi Schwab / Eberhard Weber / Lala Kovacev, 1978, 1C 066-45 420

Tracks : Danielle, Fatima, Wide And Blue, Tales From Nowhere, Thanks For Being Being, Do It Nice For Me

Musicians : Chris Hinze, Sigi Schwab, Eberhard Weber, Lala Kovacev

album cover

Hypothesis, Eje Thelin Group, 1979, 1C 066-45 421

Tracks : Hypothesis, Duett, Back-Woods Song, Piano, Curved Space, Here's That Rainy Day, Castor & Pollux, Destiny, Poem, Solo VIII, Here's That Rainy Day

Musicians : Eje Thelin, Harald Svensson, Arne Löthman, Henrik Wartel

album cover

Flying Stork, Jazztrack And Norma Winstone, 1979, 1C 066-45 422

Tracks : Flying Stork, Sugar Bass, Rugby, Mother Lou

Musicians : Christoph Spendel, Wolfgang Engstfeld, Sigi Busch, Heinrich Hock, Norma Winstone

album cover

Isolation Row, Heinz Sauer Quartet, 1978, 1C 066-45 423

Tracks : Stylish, Art's Art Now, Isolation Row, Phrenie's Window Dance, Blowing The Clouds Away, Round About Midnight, Minor Circle

Musicians : Heinz Sauer, Bob Degen, Adelhard Roidinger, Joe Nay

album cover

Musicians Record Co.: other albums

Density, Klaus Weiss Quintet, 1980, 1C 066-46 195

Tracks : Back Home, Take It Away, Being Alone, In Twos, Density, You Know I Care, Wasted, Snap

Musicians : Klaus Weiss, Roman Schwaller, Marcus Becker, Günter Möll, Peter Christl

album cover

Orange Town, Wolfgang Schlüter-Christoph Spendel-Duo, 1981, 1C-066-64 599

Tracks : Ticket To..., Riverside, The Little Crazy Family, Orange Town, Four Seasons

Musicians : Wolfgang Schlüter, Christoph Spendel

album cover

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