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Nuscope discography

This is a discography albums released by Nuscope Recordings.

Nuscope Recordings was setup at the end of the 1990s to document "music with roots in jazz, free jazz, free improvisation, and modern avant-garde classical composition."

Nuscope Recordings albums

Passing Wave, Fred Van Hove, 1998, nuscope CD 1001

Tracks : The Great Falls, In Depth Investigation, Summers' Time, Compromising Positions, Neat Knead, Bizarre Bazaar, Chic à Gogo, Triple Play, A Non-Severe Thunderstorm, Almost Indian Song

Musicians: Fred Van Hove

album cover

Subsymbolism, Georg Graewe With Marcio Mattos And Michael Vatcher, 1998, nuscope CD 1002

Tracks : Region AX 5, Escapes, Region BQ 11, Allures, Certainties, Standing, Traps, Region CY 7, Stream

Musicians: Georg Graewe, Marcio Mattos, Michael Vatcher

album cover

Gudira, Guy / Dick / Raine-Reusch, 1998, nuscope CD 1003

Tracks : Thithaways, Jupet Backagain, Ideareal History, Modulous Contrascene, Finnfinnotus, Kokopeli Dook, Diasporation, China Chambers, Luktooryzoidpak

Musicians: Barry Guy, Robert Dick, Randy Raine-Reusch

album cover

Light's View, John Butcher / Georg Graewe, 1999, nuscope CD 1004

Tracks : Air Made Richer, Second Curiosity, Chromatic Aberrations, Fioritura, Facula, Candela, Souse in the Ear, Vitrious Humor, Solfa Fable, Egratignures, Plague-Prism, Two-Ribbon Flare, Heard as a Boy, Contre-Aveaux, Lumen

Musicians: John Butcher, Georg Graewe

album cover

Hornets Collage, Fields / Houle / Roebke, 2000, nuscope CD 1005

Tracks : Second Degree of Light, Fur, In a Perfect World, For Her, When She Speaks, She Speaks, You Call That Constructive Criticism?, Furious, Alliance, Cody and You, Former, Places, Are You Now or Have You Ever Been..., In Life, Concerto for Guitar, Put That Hose Away, Sheridan Snow, Furrier, Last Love Song

Musicians: Scott Fields, François Houle, Jason Roebke

album cover

Impressions Of Monk, Georg Graewe With Marcio Mattos And Michael Vatcher, 1999, nuscope CD 1006

Tracks : Brilliant Corners, I Mean You, Crepuscule With Nellie, Trinkle, Tinkle, Light Blue, Off Minor, Bye-Ya, Introspection, Coming On The Hudson, Evidence, Work, Ugly Beauty, Brilliant Corners

Musicians: Georg Graewe, Marcio Mattos, Michael Vatcher

album cover

Almost Never, Ben Goldberg / John Schott / Trevor Dunn, 2000, nuscope CD 1007

Tracks : Pitchblend,Secret Longway, Storybook, D/L, Lone, Pause, Rafter, Zero, Almost Never

Musicians: Ben Goldberg, John Schott, Trevor Dunn

album cover

Other Songs, Georg Graewe / Barre Phillips / Peter Van Bergen, 2000, nuscope CD 1008

Tracks : Verbunden, May, Verloren, Verbrochen, Afore, May Be, May Be True, Anew, Versucht, Astray, Alive, Again, Verkrümmt

Musicians: Georg Graewe, Barre Phillips, Peter Van Bergen

album cover

Disappeared, Sten Sandell / Fred Lonberg-Holm / Michael Zerang, 1998, nuscope CD 1009

Tracks : Disappeared-Day One, Disappeared-Day Two, Disappeared-Day Three, Disappeared-Day Four, Disappeared-Day Five, Disappeared-Day Six, Disappeared-Day Seven, Disappeared-Day Eight, Disappeared-Day Nine

Musicians: Sten Sandell, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Michael Zerang

album cover

Counterfactuals, Graewe - Reijseger - Hemingway, 2001, nuscope CD 1010

Tracks : Menuet, Kindling, Une geste plus rapide, Zer-Streuung, Crimson Glory, Alpha Waves

Musicians: Georg Graewe, Ernst Reijseger, Gerry Hemingway

album cover

Intentions, John Butcher / Phil Durrant / Peggy Lee, 2001, nuscope CD 1011

Tracks : Handglass, Angelskin, Timeball, Flyleaf, Five Intentions, Chinese Burn, Gleaming Silks, Bamboo, Opoponax, Silver Parcel

Musicians: John Butcher, Phil Durrant, Peggy Lee

album cover

GratHovOx, Frank Gratkowski / Fred van Hove / Tony Oxley, 2002, nuscope CD 1012

Tracks : Tartar, Carrousel, Tiddledit, Bâtons Rompus, Foreplay / Vorspiel, Witchy, Trenches / Tranches, Final Bounce

Musicians: Frank Gratkowski, Fred van Hove, Tony Oxley

album cover

Solid Musik, Sten Sandell, 2002, nuscope CD 1013

Tracks : Not Liquid, Not Fixed; Easily Changed, Not Compact, Not Part of This Range, No Frames, Not Gas, Solid, Not Heavy

Musicians: Sten Sandell

album cover

Fantasiestücke I-XIII, Georg Graewe, 2003, nuscope CD 1014

Tracks : Fantasiestücke I, Fantasiestücke II, Fantasiestücke III, Fantasiestücke IV, Fantasiestücke V, Fantasiestücke VI, Fantasiestücke VII, Fantasiestücke VIII, Fantasiestücke IX, Fantasiestücke X, Fantasiestücke XI, Fantasiestücke XII, Fantasiestücke XIII,

Musicians: Georg Graewe

album cover

Burnt Sienna, 2nd Outlet, 2004, nuscope CD 1015

Tracks : Winsor Blue, Solferino Violet, French Ultramarine, Aurlian Yellow, Cadmium Red, Phthalocynine Green, Raw Umber, Alizarin Crimson, Burnt Sienna, Van Dyck Brown

Musicians: Luc Houtkamp, Cor Fuhler, Martin Blume

album cover

Unearth, Kaufmann / Gratkowski / De Joode, 2005, nuscope CD 1016

Tracks : Small Sky Falling, No Heroes, No Shunting Hour, Calligraphy, Both Sweet and Sour, Which Could Be Habit-Forming, Detour Suggestions, Kinky Textbook Logic, Barely Painted Open, A World, Intoxicant

Musicians: Achim Kaufmann, Frank Gratkowski, Wilbert de Joode

album cover

Elegans, Vinkeloe / Smith / Nordeson, 2005, nuscope CD 1017

Tracks : Today the Sun Is Blue, Nattens Ljus, Elegans, Au Petit Matin, Joliesse, Dwarswind, Separation, Lucidity, Parish, Chiche!, Kinkajou, Carmin Fragile, Lueur Bas Rouge, At the End of the Rainbow

Musicians: Biggi Vinkeloe, Damon Smith, Kjell Nordeson

album cover

Distich, Mat Maneri / Denman Maroney, 2007, nuscope CD 1018

Tracks : Bicinium, Brace, Couplet, Distich, Doublet, Match, Span, Twain, Yoke

Musicians: Mat Maneri, Denman Maroney

album cover

Chicago Approach, Guillermo Gregorio / Pandelis Karayorgis / Nate McBride, 2007, nuscope CD 1019

Tracks : Assembly, Spring Signs, Catalpa, Lake Michigan Cues, Space Modulator, Chicago Space I, Tap, Pilón, Chicago Space II, Chicago Approach, Airplanes, Madi Piece Nr.3-Rodchenko Suite Pt.2, Large Glass, Variation, Photogram

Musicians: Guillermo Gregorio, Pandelis Karayorgis, Nate McBride

album cover

Gaga, Denman Maroney Quartet, 2008, nuscope CD 1020

Tracks : Flower's Blues, Frogs, Gaga, Detach and Retain, Kilter, Blip, Social Security, Jug

Musicians: Denman Maroney, Ned Rothenberg, Reuben Radding, Michael Sarin

album cover

Starmelodics, Kaufmann / Dresser / Eisenstadt, 2009, nuscope CD 1021

Tracks : Starmelodics, Fifteen Languages, Vancouver, Birdz, FLAC, Sigma, Qualtinger, Seattle, Myth

Musicians: Achim Kaufmann, Mark Dresser, Harris Eisenstadt

album cover

Talus, Alberto Braida, 2009, nuscope CD 1022

Tracks : Sand in My Shoes, The Legs of the Moon, Anarchism, Larius, Senz'ombra, Rocks and Bells, Pixie's Pic, The Next Meal, Riding With Ghosts and Stones, Non Detto, Aril, Ghosts on the String

Musicians: Alberto Braida

album cover

Under The Roof, John Butcher / Claudia Ulla Binder, 2010, nuscope CD 1023

Tracks : Lofty, Troves, Umbrella, Coffer, Black Martin, Female, Black Martin, Male, Truss Joint, Raincoat, Cantilever, Fledgling, Topee, Housemice, Kestrel, Leak, Skylight

Musicians: John Butcher, Claudia Ulla Binder

album cover

For Bunita Marcus: Morton Feldman, Louis Goldstein, 2010, nuscope CD 1024

Tracks : For Bunita Marcus

Musicians: Morton Feldman, Louis Goldstein

album cover

Catachresis, Lisa Ullén, 2011, nuscope CD 1025

Tracks : Gulmijulin, Low Voice I, Mine, Periphrasis-Gold, Fringe, Dig, Granite, Fringe II, Low Voice II, Adagio-Gold, Talking to Carla, Nol-I, Granite II

Musicians: Lisa Ullén

album cover

Dortmund Variations, Evan Parker, Georg Graewe, 2012, nuscope CD 1026

Tracks : Dortmund Variation I, Dortmund Variation II, Dortmund Variation III

Musicians : Evan Parker, George Graewe<

album cover

Fourth Landscape, Samuel Blaser / Benoît Delbecq / Gerry Hemingway, 2014, nuscope CD 1027

Tracks : Laak, Long, Fourth Landscape I, Fourth Landscape II, Fourth Landscape III, I Got Home Late Last Night, Couleurs, Entre Parenthèses, Outremer, Ricochets, Toits et tuiles

Musicians: Samuel Blaser, Benoît Delbecq, Gerry Hemingway

album cover

Spill Plus, Magda Mayas / Damon Smith / Tony Buck, 2014, nuscope CD 1028

Tracks : Wake, Thinking, Whisk, Perpetual, Diffluence, Recline

Musicians: Magda Mayas, Damon Smith, Tony Buck

album cover

Interstices, Thomas Heberer / Achim Kaufmann / Ken Filiano, 2015, nuscope CD 1029

Tracks : Annoatok, Talkoot, Cookbook 222, Passagg Amnesia, Spinning Jenny, Cookbook 417, Kopzorg, Qts 4 CT, Otra Cosa Aparte (Entrare)

Musicians: Thomas Heberer, Achim Kaufmann, Ken Filiano

album cover

Parlance, Isabelle Duthoit / Georg Graewe, 2016, nuscope CD 1030

Tracks : Doubt And Assertion I, Minor Intimation, Doubt And Assertion II, Slow In A Sleeping Wind, Doubt And Assertion III, Dog And A Duck, Transparence I, Subsequence I, Subsequence II, Transparence II, Transparence III, Doubt And Assertion IV, Subsequence III, Red Herring, Subsequence IV, Dog And A Duck (Coda)

Musicians: Isabelle Duthoit, Georg Graewe

album cover

In Formation Network, Jon Irabagon / Joe Fiedler / Todd Neufeld, 2017, nuscope CD 1031

Tracks : C.G.F., Pieces Of Old Sky, The Next Phase, Wai'anapanapa, Voodoo, Dora's Picnic, I'm In, Mayday Hymn, Pieces Of Old Sky

Musicians: Jon Irabagon, Joe Fiedler, Todd Neufeld

album cover

Unhesitating, Georg Graewe / Damon Smith / Michael Vatcher, 2018, nuscope CD 1032

Tracks : Prelude, Ictus, Semaphore #04, Pointedly Bent, Caught Stillness, Schulerblicke, Nothing Ever Was, Anyway, Barely Curve the Water, Rooms Outlast You, Semaphore #05, Rough Fields, Volume of the Moment, Semaphore #06

Musicians: Georg Graewe, Damon Smith, Michael Vatcher

album cover

Mnemon, Achim Kaufmann, 2018, nuscope CD 1033

Tracks : Lending Speech to Leaves, Bigger Tree, Cottage Country, European Poker, A Certain Venus, Delphine, At Twenty-Two, The Temperature Of Distance, Off Tessellation, Between A Window And Freedom, Complicities, Craquelure, Absence Above, Kümmel and Thijm, Night Air

Musicians: Achim Kaufmann

album cover

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