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Passin' Thru Records discography

This is a discography of albums released on the Passin' Thru label. Oliver Lake is the artistic director for the label.

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Passin' Thru Records albums

Lilac, Vol.1, Freddie Washington Jr., 1997, Passin' Thru 41207

Tracks : Contemplation, Autumn In New York, Lilac 1, Stablemates, Sometime Ago, Cresent, Sing Song

Musicians : Freddy Washington Jr., John Hicks, Billy Hart, Neil Kane

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Matador of 1st & 1st, Oliver Lake, 1997, Passin' Thru 41209

Tracks : Spirit, Aztec Two, Music Music Music, When I Do The Blues, Matador Of 1st . & 1st., I Would Like To, Eneke, Do You Know, MTV Raps, I Dig The Way Language Changes, Do You Remember The Time, Tone Clone, Separation, Leaning On The Cross (Traditional Spiritual), My Man On The Bowery, Don't Go Crazy, Halfmoon Bay, Organic Lady, U Ain't Foolin' Me, Never Felt That Way Befo', Again & Again, Bury The Bone, Superman, The Burbs, Fax Machine, Consumerfusion, Meditate, Lullaby, African Breeze, 1st Trip, Guyana Poem, The Planet, Com Tu Ver, Breathe Of Life, What If, Zen Zen Blues, I Exist

Musicians : Oliver Lake

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Movement/Turns/Switches, Oliver Lake, 1997, Passin' Thru 41210

Tracks : Fan Fare Bop, Aztec Tu, Movement, Turns & Switches, Reminds Me, Input, Maasai Moves

Musicians : Oliver Lake, Ashley Horne, Regina Carter, Sandra Billingslea, Maxine Roach, Eileen Folson, Belden Bullock, Kenyatta Beasley, Donal Fox, Neil Clarke

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Hick Time, John Hicks, 1998, Passin' Thru 41211

Tracks : Naima's Love Song, Peanut Butter, Hicks' Time, April Eyes, Redd's Blues, Reminds Me, Jest a Little, Two Heartbeats, Heart to Heart, Steadfast, After the Morning

Musicians : John Hicks

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Encounter, Trio 3, 2000, Passin' Thru 41212

Tracks : Crooked Blues, Leaving East Of Java, Encounter, Reminds Me, Ode To The Living Tree, Suite Tristan, Nicodemus

Musicians: Oliver Lake, Reggie Workman, Andrew Cyrille

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Talkin' Stick, Oliver Lake, 2000, Passin' Thru 41213

Tracks : Talkin' Stick, Hard Blues, Reminds Me , Masaai Moves, Only If You Live There, Shifts, Song For Jay, Philly Blues

Musicians : Oliver Lake, Geri Allen, Jay Hoggard, Belden Bullock, Cecil Brooks III

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Cycles, Gene Lake, 2001, Passin' Thru 41214

Tracks : Steppin' Up, Face Da Funk, Us, Cycles, After Thought, Grace Under Pressure, Lovesong, The Verdict, The Real McCoy, Mental Funk, New Day, The End

Musicians : Gene Lake, Frederico González Peña, Scott Brown, Andy Milne, David Fiuczynski, Bryant McNeil, Oliver Lake

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A New Beginning, Makanda Ken McIntyre, 2001, Passin' Thru 41215

Tracks : Black Sugar Cane, Evolvement, Breadfruit, Witch's Brew, Another Look, Monk & Trane, Toy Rugs, Joyous Remembrance, Smile, Sonny, Tomorrow/ Tonight!, A New Beginning

Musicians : Makanda Ken McIntyre, Joanne Brackeen, Wilber Morris, Charli Persip

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Have Yourself A Merry, Oliver Lake Steel Quartet, 2001, Passin' Thru 41216

Tracks : Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, O Come All Ye Faithful, This Christmas, Oh Holy Night, Little Drummer Boy, I'll Be Home For Christmas, O Tannebaum, Santa Baby, Christmas Song, Greensleeves, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Noel, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

Musicians : Oliver Lake, Judy Bady, Reggie Washington, Pheeroan Aklaff, Lyndon Achee

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Cloth, Oliver Lake Big Band, 2003, Passin' Thru 41217

Tracks : Cloth Two, M.I.L.D., Dedicated To Dolphy, '63 Impala, Round 2000, Dance 6/8, Bouncin' Back (Bumpin' Me Against The Wall), Creole Talkin'

Musicians : Oliver Lake, Peck Allmond, Winston Byrd, Baikida Carroll, Duane Eubanks, Joseph Bowie, Aaron Johnson, Al Paterson, Josh Roseman, Erica Lindsay, James Steward, Bruce Williams, Ron Blake, Michael Cochrane, Mark Helias, Otis Brown

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Dat Love, Oliver Lake Steel Quartet, 2004, Passin' Thru 41219

Tracks : Stolen Moments, Double Space, Venus, Dat Love, 2G, Senor Blues, Song For Jay, Time

Musicians : Oliver Lake, Reggie Washington, Damon Duewhite, Lyndon Achee

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In The Wind, Makanda Ken McIntyre, 2004, Passin' Thru 41220

Tracks : Peas 'n' Rice, Home, Charshee, Black Sugar Cane, Chitlins & Cavyah, Mambooga, Blanche, Puunti, Chasing The Sun, Eileen, Amy

Musicians : Makanda Ken McIntyre

All parts are overdubbed by Makanda Ken McIntyre.

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Live, Oliver Lake Quartet, 2006, Passin' Thru 41221

Tracks : Brass & Oak, Naisiai, Yo' Dance, No VT, Levels, Montana Grass Song, Cloth, Broke In Paris, Pure Improv

Musicians : Oliver Lake, Mary Redhouse, Santi Debriano, Gene Lake

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Live!, Oliver Lake Trio, 2007, Passin' Thru 41222

Tracks : ?

Musicians : ?

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Live!, Dee Alexander, 2007, Passin' Thru 41223

Tracks : ?

Musicians : Dee Alexander, Reggie Nicholson, Santi Debriano, Chris Rob, Oliver Lake

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Lake | Tchicai | Osgood | Westergaard, Lake | Tchicai | Osgood | Westergaard, 2007, Passin' Thru 41224

Tracks : Azurite, Valley Sketch, Loop For Susan, Turku Boogie, Der Er Stilhed I Tingene, Osgood In Asgaard, Spirit, Smiling Billy Higgins

Musicians : Oliver Lake, John Tchicai, Kresten Osgood, Jonas Westergaard

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Makin' It, Oliver Lake Organ Trio, 2008, Passin' Thru 41225

Tracks : In Walked John, Gano, Say Girl, Spirit Of Man, Nu Peace, Move Groove, Makin' It, Dedicated to B. C.

Musicians : Oliver Lake, Jared Gold, Johnathan Blake

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Plan, Oliver Lake Organ Quartet, 2010, Passin' Thru 41226

Tracks : Plan, Backup, Ta Ta Ta, After Touch, In This, Spring-ing, 2 Parts Air, Dance Two

Musicians : Oliver Lake, Jared Gold, Freddie Hendrix, Johnathan Blake

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Here and Now, Gene Lake, 2010, Passin' Thru 41227

Tracks : Get Away, MM, Spiritual Walkers, The Dance, RedZone, Here And Now, A Warm Place, Remember When, Heaven On Earth, Libra, Over And Over, Here Comes The Sun, Transformation

Musicians : Gene Lake, Alex Han, David Sanborn, Marcus Strickland, Scott Brown, Ricky Peterson, Frederico González Peña, David Fiuczynski, David Gilmore, Mitchell Wright, Nick Moroch, Vadim Zilbershtein, Nat Janoff, James Genus, Steve Jenkins, Gregoire Maret, Freedom Bremner

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Oliver Lake & Jahi Sundance, Oliver Lake & Jahi Sundance, 2011, Passin' Thru 41228

Tracks : Move_Groove, Flow, Ta Ta Ta, Heavy Spirits, Shock And Awe, If I Knew This, Spring-ing, Half Moon Bay, Sand Between Your Toes, Where You Is, Is Where You At, Land Line, Is It Real, I Feel The Guilt, Music Card

Musicians : Oliver Lake, Jahi Sundance

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Wheels, Oliver Lake Big Band, 2013, Passin' Thru 41230

Tracks : Drum Thing, Is It Real, Philly Blues, Wheels Suite, Clicker, The Whole World, Studder, Maasai Moves

Musicians : Oliver Lake, Edward E.J. Allen, Freddie Hendrix, Nabate Isles, Waldron Ricks, Aaron Johnson, Alfred Patterson, Stafford Hunter, Bruce Williams, Darius Jones, Jason Marshall, Yoichi Uzeki, Marc Cary, Chris Beck

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That Which is Planted, 1032K, 2013, Passin' Thru 41231?

Tracks : Ghosts, Give It Some Thought, Ecclusiastics Intro, Ecclusiastics, B K, Midnight Sun

Musicians : Frank Lacy, Kevin Ray, Andrew Drury

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What I Heard, Oliver Lake Organ Quartet, 2014, Passin' Thru 41232

Tracks : 6 & 3, What I Heard, Palma, Cyan, Root, Human Voice, Lucky One, Etc, Thank You

Musicians : Oliver Lake, Jared Gold, Freddie Hendrix, Chris Beck

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Hope and Despair, Josh Evans, 2015, Passin' Thru ?

Tracks : Steps, Lake Superior, Bad Dreams, Prayer For The Innocent, Good Mornin', So Long Sterling, Hope And Despair, Clark Street, Chronic Mistakes, Gone But Not Forgotten, 1984, Nji Lule

Musicians : Josh Evans, Abraham Burton, Lawrence Clark, Bruce Williams, David Bryant, Rashaan Carter, Eric McPherson, Kush Abadey

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Private Thoughts, Bruce Williams, 2016, Passin' Thru 41234

Tracks : Mata Leon, Private Thoughts, Premonitions, Forever Asking Why, Old Forester, Last Visit In The Mirror, The Void, The Price We Pay For Peace, I Still Carry On, View Through A Street, Past Tense

Musicians : Bruce Williams, Josh Evans, Frederick Hendrix, Alan Palmer, Brandon McCune, Brad Williams, Chris Berger, Chris Beck, Vincent Ector

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Traces of Life, Eclectik Percussions Orchestra Invite Olive Lake, 2018, Passin' Thru 41235

Tracks : Moment, Streamin', Emma, Moment 2, Le Vieux Lion, Moment 3, Floatin', Traces de Vie, Senayala, Louise

Musicians : Youssef Essawabi, Antoine Arlot, Nicolas Arnoult, Maxime Tisserand, Oliver Lake, Guy Constant, Alexandre Ambroziak, René Le Borgne, Bakary Doumbia, Gustavo Ovalles

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Right Up On, Oliver Lake Featuring FLUX Quartet, 2017, Passin' Thru 41236

Tracks : Hey Now Hey, 5 Sisters, 2016, Disambiguate, Right Up On, Sponge, Einstein 100!

Musicians : xxx

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Dogon Revisited, Salim Washington, 2018, Passin' Thru 41237

Tracks : To Know Yaweh, New Invasion of Africa, Bitter Sweet, You Can Fly, Jamila, Self Love/Revolutionary Ontology, Uh Oh!, Dogon, AD, Four In One

Musicians : Salim Washington, Melanie Dyer, Hilliard Greene, Tyshawn Sorey

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The Kingdom Within, Gene Lake, 2018, Passin' Thru 41238

Tracks : The Kingdom Within, Geronimo, Sunburst, Isla Mujeres, Wheels In Wheels, Peppermint And Pickle, Full Disclosure, The Great Beyond, Moving Target, Axiology

Musicians : Gene Lake, David Gilmore, Brad Jones, Federico Gonzalez Pena, Alex Han, Oliver Lake

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You Look Marvelous: Live, Oliver Lake Trio, 202?, Passin' Thru ?

Tracks : On The Spot, Luther's Lament, Hey Now, Bonu, You Look Marvelous

Musicians : Oliver Lake, Donald Robinson, Kerry Kashiwagi

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