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Treader discography

This is a discography of the albums released on the Austrian label Pipe Records.

Pipe was setup by the musician Franz Koglmann and used to release some of his recordings. Only three Pipe albums have been identified to date.

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Pipe Records albums

Flaps, Franz Koglmann with Steve Lacy, 1973, Pipe Records PR 151

Tracks : Flaps (To Pee Wee Russel), Misera Plebs, Take 1, Misera Plebs, Take 2, Bowery 1, Steirish WC Nr. 2, Flops (To Charles Chaplin), Bowery 2, Hommage To An Old Raincoat (To Fritz Kotrba)

Musicians : Franz Koglmann, Steve Lacy, Gerd Geier, Toni Michlmayr, Muhammad Malli

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Opium For Franz, Franz Koglmann / Bill Dixon, 1977, Pipe Records PR 152

Tracks : For Franz, Der Vogel, Opium (To Jean Cocteau), Carmilla (To Sheridan Le Fanu), Karl Und Das Löschpapier (To Konrad Bayer)

Musicians : Track 1: Franz Koglmann, Bill Dixon, Steve Horenstein, Alan Silva, Muhammad Malli / Tracks 2 & 3: Franz Koglmann, Joseph Traindl, Steve Lacy, Cesarius Alvim Botelho, Aldo Romano / Track 4: Franz Koglmann, Toni Michlmayr, Gerd Geier

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Schlaf Schlemmer, Schlaf Magritte, Franz Koglmann Pipetett, 1984, Pipe Records PR 153 000

Tracks : The Moon Is Hiding In Her Hair (To A Poem By E.E. Cummings), Schlaf Schlemmer, Schlaf Magritte, Wenn Mich Das Wütende Abendrot Mit Seinen Schönen Augen Anblickt (To A Poem By Dieter Roth), Tanzmusik Für Paszstücke (Dedicated To Franz West): I / II / III / IV

Musicians : Franz Koglmann, Rudolf Ruschel, Theo Jörgensmann, Roberto Ottaviano, Erich Saufnauer, Georg Lehner, Raoul Herget, Robert Michael Weiß, Klaus Koch, Peter Barborik

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