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Sahara Records discography

This is a discography of albums released on the Sahara label.

Sahara was setup in New York by musician Errol Parker (Raphael Shecroun) in 1971.

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Sahara albums

My Own Bag, No 1, Errol Parker, 1972, Sahara 1001

Tracks : When We Get Rich, My Lady For Real, A Flat Tire On My Ass, A Pair Of Orange Pants, Look At Me, Three A.M., Back To Sausalito

Musicians : Errol Parker, Burt Jones (tracks 3 & 4), Cornell Dupree (tracks 5, 6 & 7), Richard Davis (tracks 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7)

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My Own Bag, No 2, Errol Parker, 1973, Sahara 1002

Tracks : Lonesome Sister, Improvisation 1, Hard On, Improvisation 2

Musicians : Errol Parker

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My Own Bag, No 3, Errol Parker, 1975, Sahara 1003

Tracks : Street Ends, Rehearsal, Daydream At Noon, Blue Moon, I'm In The Mood For Love

Musicians : Errol Parker, Lady Tee (tracks 1, 2 & 3), Bruce Johnson (tracks 1, 2 & 3), Ray Mantilla (tracks 2 & 3), Clyde Lucas (tracks 1, 2 & 3)

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No album identified, Sahara 1004

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Motivations, Dane Belany, 1975, Sahara 1005

Tracks : Complexium, Conviction, Circonstum, Sclerose-Consequence, Kete, Bougouna, Soleil, Imagination

Musicians : Dane Belany, Dewey Redman, Sirone, Errol Parker

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African Samba, Errol Parker And Contemporary Jazz Ensemble, 1976, Sahara 1006

Tracks : African Samba, Oran, 6/8 Samba, G Major Samba

Musicians : Errol Parker, Monty Waters, Bruce Johnson, Rasan Mfalme, Clyde Lucas

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The Errol Parker Experience, The Errol Parker Experience, 1977, Sahara 1007

Tracks : The Taste Of You, Non Stop, The Blockbuster, Breeze Of Brazil

Musicians : Errol Parker, Monty Waters, James "Fish" Benjamin, Clyde Lucas, Clyde Tate

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Baobab, The Errol Parker Experience, 1978, Sahara 1008

Tracks : Baobab, Quartet, Jupiter, Sun Dance

Musicians : Errol Parker, Monty Waters, Bruce Johnson, James "Fish" Benjamin, Adetobi

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Solo Concert Live At St Peter's Church, Errol Parker, 1979, Sahara 1009

Tracks : Sun Dance, Daydream At Noon, E.P., Oran, Lonesome Sister, Deceleration

Musicians : Errol Parker

Recorded live in New York on February 18, 1979.

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Doodles, The Errol Parker Experience, 1979, Sahara 1010

Tracks : Doodles, Stuntman's Boogie, Fantabulous, Lament

Musicians : Errol Parker, Chris Albert, Bill Cody, Bruce Johnson, Bob Cunningham (track 4)

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Graffiti, The Errol Parker Experience, 1980, Sahara 1011

Tracks : Graffiti, Jet Set, The Suq, Sunrise

Musicians : Errol Parker, Jimmy Owens, Byard Lancaster, Monty Waters

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Tribute To Thelonious Monk: Solo Piano, Errol Parker, 1982, Sahara 1012

Tracks : I Can't Get Started, A Foggy Day, Blue Moon, Lush Life, Three Blind Mice, Autumn In New York, Time On My Hands, I'm In The Mood For Love, Autumn Leaves

Musicians : Errol Parker

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The Errol Parker Tentet, Errol Parker Tentet, 198?, Sahara 1013

Tracks : Oran, Sun Dance, Lush Life, African Samba, 6/8 Samba, Jupiter

Musicians : (to be added)

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Live At The Wollman Auditorium, Errol Parker Tentet, 1985, Sahara 1014

Tracks : The Dancer, Lament, Chega De Saudade, Baobab, The Taste Of You, Three Blind Mice

Musicians : Errol Parker, Graham Haynes, Wallace Roney, Robin Eubanks, Bill Saxton, Steve Coleman, Doug Harris, Patience Higgins, Rory Stuart, Kevin Harris

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A Night In Tunisia, Errol Parker Tentet, 199?, Sahara 1015

Tracks : A Night In Tunisia, Daydream At Noon, The Rai, Lonesome Sister, Ol' Man River, A Ballad For Doug, Soul Concerto, Lemon Meringue

Musicians : Errol Parker, Michael Thomas, Philip Harper, Tyrone Jefferson, Doug Harris, Bill Saxton, Donald Harrison, Patience Higgins, Cary Denigris, Reggie Washington

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