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This is a discography of albums released on the Scatter label.

Scatter was a Glasgow based label that operated for a few years in the mid-1990's.

Scatter discography

Carve Another Notch, Dislocation, 1994, Scatter01:CD

Tracks : Between The Windows Of The Sea (Part One), Between The Windows Of The Sea (Part Two), Carve Another Notch

Musicians : Yoshinori Yanagawa, Fujio Kimura, Toyohiro Okazaki, Keishi Kiyokawa, Syohei Iwasaki (tracks 1 & 2)

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Drop Me Off At 96th, Derek Bailey, 1994, Scatter02:CD

Tracks : Drop Me Off At 96th, Listening To Jr, Bunn Fight, Mart Of Time Part 1, Interlude, Mart Of Time Part 2, Mart Of Time Part 3

Musicians : Derek Bailey

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One Night In Glasgow, Lol Coxhill + Pat Thomas, 1995, Scatter03:CD

Tracks : Wait & See, Glasgow Before Dark, Shake Well, Tea Dance, Lucky's Dream, Forty Questions, Where Is Johnny?, Baker's Choice

Musicians : Lol Coxhill, Pat Thomas

Recorded at the Glasgow Jazz Festival on July 2, 1994.

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Giganti Reptilicus Destructo Beam, The XIII Ghosts, 1996, Scatter04:CD

Tracks : Part One: "The Spake And Caterpillar Game": Tonight We Will Make Your Ears Turn Blood Red, Prayers For Mallow, Despised Curmudgeon, Tormented Spectres, Tentacle Manor, The 13 Ghosts Chased Through Zoo At Night, The Mineral Foe, Walking On Lobsters, The Liming, Skunk Meat, Go Away Kid, You're Botherin' Me, The Chairman Breaks It Down, Cup Cakes And Chili Sauce, The Woeful Gila Monster Of Cuyahoga Falls, OH, Why They Call Switch 'The Doctor', To Hunt With The Stoat, Feldmatic, The Dumb Cluck, Planet Toe-Tag, One Million Years B.C., The Honeyflubber, Satsumas, Dub Muffin, The Golden Mole, Doin' It English Style / Part Two: The Last Castrato: Benjamin Hervey's Grating Lack Of Social Graces, Please, So Long, T----, Owls And Squirrels, The Escape Of Garbage, The Lamb Mint Sauce Dub, Bald Man Fuck Wid Him Dick, Spectral Moon Rock, Carls Sputs His Wad, The Anne Boleyn Thimble, Gill Against Gill, Nasty Phantom, Black Diamonds, Greedy Motorcyclist Has Side-Car Full Of Chips, Pipsqueak, Knucklepopper, Tirez Sur La Saxophoniste, Human Louse / Using Nah Korgs, Uncut Black Toast, David Sanborn, Antonicca, Helen Williams, A Real Lady

Musicians : Alex Ward, Switch, Jim Denley, Pat Thomas, Nick Couldry, Evan Thomas, Andru Clare, Tim Hill

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Fish Of The Week, Steve Beresford, 1996, Scatter05:CD

Tracks : Angler, Carp, Flounder, Herring, Minnow, Pike, Salmon, Trout, Zander

Musicians : Steve Beresford, John Butcher, Clive Bell, Alexander Balanescu, Mark Sanders, Francine Luce

Recorded at the Contemporary Improvised Music Festival in The Hague on November 12, 1993.

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Twisters, Tony Bevan / Alexander Frangenheim / Steve Noble, 1996, Scatter06:CD

Tracks : Pitch, Twisters, Shifting Ways, Risks, Belly Of The Whale, Cleaver, Fish, Blood And Bone, Drafts, Landfill, Old Dubbin Rag, Chalk

Musicians : Tony Bevan, Alexander Frangenheim, Steve Noble

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Expanded Live At Art Tower Mito, Dislocation, 1998, Scatter07:tape

Tracks : Untitled, Untitled

Musicians : Yoshinori Yanagawa, Toyohiro Okazaki, Fujio Kimura, Keishi Kiyokawa

A limited edition, cassette only release.

album cover

Chime Ampersand, Inversion, 1998, Scatter08:tape

Tracks : Halted Traveller, Hollow Body

Musicians : Alistair Crosbie, Brian Lavelle

A limited edition, cassette only release.

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