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String LP discography

This is a discography of LPs released on the French label String in the 1980s.

The list may well be incomplete.

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String LPs

Boléro , Larry Coryell, 1981, String 33.850

Tracks : Improvisation On "Boléro", Nothing Is Forever, Something For Wolfgang Amadeus, Prelude From "Tombeau De Couperin", Elegancia Del Sol, Fancy Frogs, 6th Watch Hill Road, Blues In Madrid, Motel Time

Musicians : Larry Coryell

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First Steps In, George Acogny, 1981, String 33.851

Tracks : Dancing Spiritually, Renée, Karimagie, Numbet Two, K Flamenco: La Rosée / The Thunder, Pichotte

Musicians include : Georges Acogny, Larry Coryell, Christian Escoude, John Lee, Darryl Thompson, Calvin Weston

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London Meeting, Stéphane Grappelli & Hank Jones, 1981, String 33.852

Tracks : Thou Swell, These Foolish Things, September In The Rain, You Better Go Now, Hallelujah, Yesterday, Mellow Grapes, I'll Never Be The Same

Musicians : Stéphane Grappelli, Hank Jones, Jimmie Woode, Alan Dawson

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Duke's Memories, Abdullah Ibrahim (Dollar Brand), 1981?, String 33.853

Tracks : Star Crossed Lovers, Water's Edge, Virgin Jungle, Way Way Back, The Wedding, Black And Brown Cherries, For Coltrane I, In A Sentimental Mood, Angelica/Purple Gazelle

Musicians : Abdullah Ibrahim, Carlos Ward, Rachim Ausar Sahu, Andrei Strobert

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Live, Marc Fosset, Patrice Galas, Umberto Pagnini, 1981?, String 33.854

Tracks : Doudeaublues, Tune Up, Valse Hot, Night Has Thousand Eyes, Five Brothers, Stolen Moments, Afternoon In Paris, It's A Raggy Waltz

Musicians : Marc Fosset, Patrice Galas, Umberto Pagnini

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Guitars On The Move, Georges Acogny, 1983, String 33.855

Tracks : Playours Love (For A Corsican Woman), Nives, Ivorio, Micky's Salsa Licks, Larryel And The Jewish Princess, Parkway Village: 6PM, Gorée

Musicians : Georges Acogny, Hamid Belhocine, Michael Brecker, Benoît Widemann, Patrick Gauthier, Christophe Soullier, Jean-Pierre Fouquey, Olivier Hutmann, Bertrand Richard, Kamil Rustam, Christian Escoudé, Larry Coryell, Dominique Bertram, Sylvain Marc, Manu Katché, Kirt Rust, Sydney Thiam, Carol Rowley, Jean-Marc Jaffet

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Don't Stop The Blues, Eric Boell Group, 1983, String 33.856

Tracks : Rocky, Awyla, Three Miles Away, Rocky 2, Windsurf, Sunny Queen, House Of Jade, One More Set Charly

Musicians : Eric Boell, Francis Bourrec, Dominique Grimaldi, Manu Katché, Bertrand Richard, Negrito Trassante

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At The Airport, Larry Coryell And Brian Keane, 1983, String 33.857

Tracks : At The Airport, Brazilia, A Piece For Larry, La Pluie, Waltz N.6, Logical Solution, Warm Weather, Patty's Song, Lines

Musicians : Larry Coryell, Brian Keane

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Chinese Paradise, Dominique Bertram, 1984, String 33.858

Tracks : New-York Knights, Kin Ahau, Wishes, Paris 5:30, Chinese Paradise, My Mad Boogie, Maka Kin Jokaya (An Indian Ceremony)

Musicians : Dominique Bertram, Freddy Hovsepian, Hamid Belhocine, Michel Gaucher, Benoit Widemann, Jean-Yves D'Angelo, Stéphane Montanaro, Kamil Rustam, Bernard Paganotti, Jannick Top, Manu Katche, Robert Thomas Jr., Marc Chantereau

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