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True Muze discography

This is a discography of albums released on the True_Muze label.

True Muze was setup in 1998 by Vlatko Kucan, Rajesh Mehta and Peter Niklas Wilson and was based in Hamburg.

True Muze 9800 series discography

Monsun, Malcolm Goldstein / Peter Niklas Wilson, 1998, TUMU CD 9801

Tracks : Monsun Vibrations I, From "Configurations in Darkness", Kraniche im Zweireiher, The Space of the Bass Wilson, Soundings for solo violin Hamburg, 1996, Monsun Vibrations II, Monsun Afterthoughts

Musicians : Malcolm Goldstein, Peter Niklas Wilson

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Window Shopping, Rajesh Mehta Collective 3+, 1998, TUMU CD 9802

Tracks : Micro-Orka, Revolving Doors, Nagaraja, Grüblein, Aarti

Musicians : Rajesh Mehta, Felicity Provan, Tom Fryer, Paul Stouthamer, Alan Purves

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Live At Palo-Palo, Vlatko Kucan Quartet + Tomasz Stanko, 1998, TUMU CD 9803

Tracks : Dance of the Robot People, Gigolo, Paris Blues, Floating, Tuba Tune, Round Midnight

Musicians : Vlatko Kucan, Tomasz Stanko, Michael Danner, Jay Oliver, Bill Elgart

Recorded Live at Palo-Palo in Hannover, Germany on March 19, 1991.

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True Muze 0000 series discography

4+1: Compositions by Harry Nitz, TonArt String Quartet / Ole Hoffmann, 2000, TUMU CD 0001

Tracks : 21-3-7-III for string quartet, Pentagon for string quartet and baritone saxophone, 21-3-7-XXV for string quartet and baritone saxophone, Polygon II for string quartet, 21-3-7-XXIV for string quartet and baritone saxophone

Musicians : Ole Hoffmann, Nicola Kruse, Mike Rutledge, Krischa Weber, Peter Niklas Wilson

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Innovative Music Meeting, Rajesh Mehta / Rohan de Saram / Trichy Sankaran, 2000, TUMU CD 0002

Tracks : In Time, Shiva's House, Bhava 1, Flies And Frogs, Partial Differentials, Trichy's Rap, Ceylonese Funeral March, Bhava 2, Laughing Man's Sea, Bhava 3, Asymptotes, Bardo

Musicians : Rajesh Mehta, Rohan de Saram, Trichy Sankaran

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Brot & Honig, Evan Parker / TonArt Ensemble, 2000, TUMU CD 0003

Tracks : Brot & Honig, Syrah & Papidoux

Musicians : Evan Parker, Gödecke, Hannes Wienert, Heiner Metzger, Ole Hoffmann, Claudius Molter, Ulla Levens, Nicola Kruse, Alexander Dannullis, Georgia Ch. Hoppe, Michael Haase, Peter Niklas Wilson, Harry Nitz, Robert Klammer

Recorded live in Hamburg on October 30, 1999.

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