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View Records discography

This is a discography of the albums released on the German label View.

View Records was originally Vinyl Records. The name change, which happened at the end of the 1970s, was due to the existence of another label called Vinyl. View Records was run by Manfred Schiek in Berlin.

The 000 series of album which started on Vinyl label continued on View. Some albums may have been released on both labels or with confusing packaging. The complete 000 series is listed below. The first 5 or 6 albums were released only on Vinyl. Subsequent albums are treated as View releases.

Manfred Schiek setup the Konnex label in 1984 and this became the primary outlet for jazz releases. The last View album was released in 1985.

album cover
Vinyl Records: 000 Series

Wiegenlied, Klaus Lenz Bigband, 1977, Vinyl Records VS 001

Tracks : Tarantel, Octopus, Wiegenlied, La Fiesta, Bubblestone, The Old New Way, Say It To You Tomorrow

Musicians : Klaus Lenz, Claus-Dieter Knispel, Mathias Pflugbeil, Siegnor Rotbart, Bernd Swoboda, Hannes Baner, Axel-Glenn Müller, Rainer Gäbler, Axel Gothe, Christian Pittius, Wolfgang Fiedler, Jürgen Reznicek, Jürgen Kratzenberg, Detlev Keßler, Dieter Erhardt, Wolfgang Schneider

album cover

Aufbruch, Klaus Lenz Bigband, 1978, Vinyl Records VS 002

Tracks : Blow Out, Balkantanz, Requiem, Aufbruch, Hallo, Igor

Musicians : Klaus Lenz, Bernd Swoboda, Max Pflugbeil, Signor Rotbarth, Claus-Dieter Knispel, Manfred Nytsch, Axel-Glenn Müller, Helmut Forsthoff, Rainer Gäbler, Wolfgang Fiedler, Jürgen Heinrich, Jörg Dobersch, Dieter Erhardt

Recorded in Berlin in 1975 and originally released on Amiga in 1976.

album cover

Jasmin Lady: Live at the Flöz, Zbigniew Namyslowski Quartet, 1979, Vinyl Records VS 003

Tracks : Kaloryfer, Daiquiri, Mr. Olek, Jasmin Lady

Musicians : Zbigniew Namyslowski, Slawomir Kulpowicz, Pawel Jarzebski, Janusz Stefanski

Recorded live at the Flöz in Berlin in May 1978.

album cover

Live At The Quartier Latin, Electric Circus, 1979, Vinyl Records VS 004

Tracks : Minister Ed, Steps, Steps / Flowers All Over, Last Tune

Musicians : Toto Blanke, Jasper Van't Hof, Edward Vesala

album cover

Fusion, Klaus Lenz Jazz & Rock Machine, 1979, Vinyl Records VS 005

Tracks : Fusion, Spring Song, Equinox, Reminiszenz An D.E., Stray Sheep, Don't Run Around With The Ashtray

Musicians : Klaus Lenz, Eddy Hayes, Bernhard Mergner, Paul Gebauer, Thomas Wiedermann, Friedemann Graef, Zbigniew Namyslowski, Johannes Rohloff, Ralph Blaha, Hans Hartmann, Detlef Kessler

album cover

Recycling, Quartet & Brass, 1979, Vinyl Records VS 006

Tracks : Valentia Island, G-One, East-Wind, Rambo-Zambo, Too Cool

Musicians possibly : Bernhard Mergner, Hans Kämper, Lothar Krist, Achim Kück, Manfred Sauga, Hannes Clauss

album cover

View Records: 000 Series

Duanelessness, Freeport, 1979, View Records VS 007

Tracks : Harmonies II, Smells Funny But Tastes Good, Nine And Out / Arab Whisky

Musicians : Michael Berger, Michael Sievert, Manni Naumann

album cover

Rising, Rob Koral, 1979, View Records VS 008

Tracks : The Distance, Glow, Old Days, Cool Out

Musicians : Rob Koral, Chris Mills, Paul Rogers, Geoff Serle

album cover

The White Light, Ken Hyder's Talisker, 1979, View Records VS 009

Tracks : The White Light, Hondo Rondo - The Aztecs' Revenge, Tomb For The Gael, Old Times, No News Is Bad News, Daughters Are International

Musicians : Ken Hyder, John Rangecroft, Paul Rogers

album cover

Conversation Piece Part 1 & 2, Gordon Beck / Alan Holdsworth / Jeff Clyne / John Stevens, 1977, View Records VS 010

Tracks : Conversation Piece Part 1, Conversation Piece Part 2

Musicians : Gordon Beck, Alan Holdsworth, Jeff Clyne, John Stevens

Reissued on Konnex.

album cover

4,4,4, Evan Parker, Paul Rutherford, Barry Guy, John Stevens, 1980, View Records VS 011

Tracks : 1,4,4, / 2,4,4, / 3,4,4, / 4,4,4,

Musicians : Evan Parker, Paul Rutherford, Barry Guy, John Stevens

Reissued on Konnex.

album cover

Unhip Trip, Grumpf, 1980, View Records VS 012

Tracks : Launeddas, Bye Bye Wilhelm, Glawis Traum, Nuraghe, Schleiflack L + T, Orgel-Morgan, Brother Datzi, Unhip Trip

Musicians : Ekkehard Jost, Michael Schläper, Manfred Becker, Georg Wolff, Johannes Oehlmann

album cover

Spanische Fliege, Jazzwheel, 1981, View Records VS 013

Tracks : Nobody Is Perfect, Broadway No. Seven, Multidata-Ballade, Karacho, For Peter, Spanische Fliege, Chicago 6.00 A.M., Latin Dance

Musicians : Barbara Niemann, Peter Bülow, Till Barmeyer, Rainer Schöning, Peter Waldmann

album cover

Nogero, Laboratorium, 1980, View Records VS 014

Tracks : Nogero, The Cellar Suite, Blues For The Lady Graduate, Duck's Furcoat, Bee-Flight

Musicians : Marek Stryszowski, Janusz Grzywacz, Pawel Scieranski, Krzysztof Scieranski, Andrzej Mrowiec

album cover

Live Big Band and Quartet, Spontaneous Music Ensemble, 1980?, View Records VS 015

Tracks : Side A: Let's Sing For Him (A Song For Albert Ayler), Side B: One, Two, Albert Ayler / Birds Of A Feather / Nothing

Musicians : Side A: John Stevens, Ian Carr, Kenny Wheeler,Chris Pyne, Brian Smith, Ray Warleigh, Trevor Watts, Karl Jenkins, Roland Czyzyk, Peter Lemer, Mike Pyne, Ron Mathewson, Ron Herman, John Marshall, Keith Bailey, Laurie Allen, Julie Tippetts, Carolann Nichols, Maggie Nichols, Norma Winstone / Side B: John Stevens, Trevor Watts, Ron Herman, Julie Tippetts

Recorded live in May 1971.

album cover

Outside In, Sketch, 1981, View Records VS 016

Tracks : Funk Up, Stumbling Blocks, Sweet September, No Snow In January, Dancing, Kites, Watercolours, Out For The Count, Outside-In

Musicians : Chris Francis, Pete Case, Chris Mills, Rob Koral, Sue Hawker, Douglas Sinclair, Ray Baxter

album cover

No album identified, View Records VS 017

album cover

SOH, Alan Skidmore, Tony Oxley, Ali Haurand, 1981, View Records VS 018

Tracks : Lonnies Lament, Dutch-Dreams

Musicians : Alan Skidmore, Ali Haurand, Tony Oxley

album cover

Conversations, Peter Ponzol / Art Resnik, 1983, View Records VS 019

Tracks : (To be added)

Musicians : Peter Ponzol, Art Resnik

album cover

Duality, Howard Riley, 1981, View Records VS 020

Tracks : Zones, Circle Cycle, Loop, Mixture, Arcs, Once Again

Musicians : Howard Riley

album cover

Live!, Third Eye, 1982, View Records VS 021

Tracks : Quicksand, Skid, Northern Light, River Run

Musicians : Ali Haurand, Rob van den Broeck, Tony Levin / Kenny Wheeler, Alan Skidmore, Wilton Gaynair

album cover

Laws Of Motion, Geoff Serle's Research, 1982, View Records VS 022

Tracks : Crisis, Laws Of Motion, Aftervision, Reinforcements, Dark Boats, All Nite Locations, Retreat

Musicians : Geoff Serle, Jim Dvorak, Veryan Weston, Dan Brown

album cover

Alternating Current, Freeport, 1983, View Records VS 023

Tracks : Ornette's Tune, Alternating Current, Hyphen, Wide Open

Musicians : Michael Sievert, Michael Berger, Manni Naumann

album cover

Reflections, Rob van den Broek Trio, 1983, View Records VS 024

Tracks : Vori, West End, Jascha, Northern Light, Slowmotion, Reflections, Monk's Mood

Musicians : Rob van den Broeck, Harry Emmery, Tony Levin

album cover

Re Touch, Alan Holdsworth, 1983, View Records VS 025

Tracks : No Fear Part I, No Fear Part II, Re-Touch

Musicians : Allan Holdsworth, Jeff Young, Barry Guy, Ron Mathewson, John Stevens

album cover

Glenn Müller's Streamline 1983, View Records VS 026

Tracks : Black Holes, Traveller, Roll Up, Glasperlen, Streamline, Greenpeace, Centaur

Musicians : Axel-Glenn Müller, Jürgen Scheele, Jörg Straßburger, Gustl Lütjens, Knut Jens, Lutz Halfter, Michael Tybus

album cover

Air Balloon, Crossings, 1983, View Records VS 027

Tracks : Gap, Air Balloon, The Spell, Space, Source

Musicians : Klaus Ignatzek, Florian Poser, Ede Brumund, Heinrich Hock

album cover

Carambolage, Ekkehard Jost Quintet, 1983, View Records VS 028

Tracks : Mobibobi, Lonely Langgöns, Kleine Serenade Für HeHe, Tangenten 12 & 13, Stieselkick & Dat Walzerle, Palestrinas Reise Nach Cadiz, Omega Jive, Saint Malo, Haste Gesagt

Musicians : Ekkehard Jost, Herbert Hellhund, Dirk Huelst, Georg Wolff, Joe Bonica

album cover

Inneratem, Inneratem, 1983, View Records VS 029

Tracks : Inneratem, Julian, Hard To Brüt The Kuckusei - Aus!, Ex Improviso, Schlüsseltanz, Altenberg Suite: Entrée / Grave / Encore / Noire

Musicians : Klaus Wilmanns, Ulrich Ingenbold, Peter Hollinger

album cover

The Listener, Juergen Wuchner String Projekt, 1984, View Records VS 030

Tracks : Gesang Der Fische, Thelonius, Hot Autumn, Walking Around

Musicians : Jürgen Wuchner, Gerhard Putschögl, Mic Oechsner, Stephan Schmolck, Janusz Stefanski

album cover

Querbeet, Gitarrenquintett Querbeet, 1985, View Records VS 031

Tracks : Querbeet, Inbetween, Nova, 7 Up & Down, Midwest, Tanzt Du Mit Mir Tango?, Fifftien, Hypnos

Musicians : Frank Gliesche, Olaf Grimmer, Ulrich Hanbürger, Utz Dorband, Bernhard Kegel, Thomas Christen, Christian Wasdaris

album cover

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