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Vinyl Records discography

This is a discography of the albums released by the German label Vinyl Records. Vinyl Records was setup by Manfred Schiek in Berlin in the mid 1970's.

Two series of albums were released by the label.

The 100 series, which ran from 1976 to 1979 features British musicians.

The 000 series initially featured other European, primarily German, musicians. The label changed it's name to View Records at the end of the 1970's. The 000 series continued after the name change and there is some confusion as to which albums were released on Vinyl and which on View.

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Vinyl Records: 100 Series

Another Time, Amalgam, 1976, Vinyl Records VS 100

Tracks : Jive, Suzie Jay, Tribute To Trane, Just East Of Mars, Another Time, Chips

Musicians : Trevor Watts, Steve Hayton, Pete Cowling, Liam Genockey

album cover

Warm Spirits - Cool Spirits, Keith Tippett / Julie Tippett / Trevor Watts / Colin McKenzie, 1976, Vinyl Records VS 101

Tracks : Warm Spirits, Trevor, Vibration, 'Bye Mongs, Keith, Cool Spirits, Julie, Empathy, Seek, Colin

Musicians : Keith Tippett, ulie Tippett, Trevor Watts, Colin McKenzie

album cover

Chemistry, John Stevens, 1977, Vinyl Records VS 102

Tracks : Bass Is, Coleman, The Bird

Musicians : John Stevens, Kenny Wheeler, Ray Warleigh, Trevor Watts, Jeff Clyne

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El Skid, Elton Dean, Alan Skidmore, Chris Laurence, John Marshall, 1977, Vinyl Records VS 103

Tracks : Dr. Les Mosses, First In The Attic, That's For Cha, K And A Blues

Musicians : Elton Dean, Alan Skidmore, Chris Laurence, John Marshall

Reissued on CD by Voiceprint.

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Samanna, Amalgam, 1977, Vinyl Records VS 104

Tracks : Samanna, Maas, Unity, Berlin Wall

Musicians : Trevor Watts, Dave Cole, Colin McKenzie, Pete Cowling, Liam Genockey

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Touching On, John Stevens, 1977, Vinyl Records VS 105

Tracks : Touching On, Home, Finally

Musicians : John Stevens, Jeff Young, Allan Holdsworth, Ron Mathewson

Reissued with bonus material on CD by Konnex.

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Reverie, Ray Warleigh, 1978, Vinyl Records VS 106

Tracks : Reverie, Pan, Storm, All On A Summers Afternoon, Opus No 80

Musicians : Ray Warleigh, John Taylor, Ron Mathewson, Frank Gibson

album cover

The Last Battle, Ken Hyder's Talisker, 1978, Vinyl Records VS 107

Tracks : My Name Is, Miss Mary Morrison of Barra / Paddy's Leather Breeches / MacCrimmon's Lament, Calum Hyder's Welcome to South London, Tha Cu Ban Againn / The Last Battle, Wee Davie and Big John, Whistle Ower the Lave O'T

Musicians : Ken Hyder, Davie Webster, John Rangecroft, John Lawrence

album cover

Deep, Amalgam, 1978, Vinyl Records VS 108

Tracks : Later, Witchdoctor, Tribute To Bing Crosby, Don't Worry

Musicians : Trevor Watts, Dave Cole, Harry Miller, Liam Genockey

album cover

No album identified, Vinyl Records VS 109

album cover

No album identified, Vinyl Records VS 110

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Ah!, The John Stevens Dance Orchestra, 1978, Vinyl Records VS 111

Tracks : Phil - A Tribute To Phil Seamen, Home - For Jeff Young, Ah: - Inspired By Alan Holdsworth

Musicians : John Stevens, Robert Calvert, Jeff Young, Dave Cole, Nigel Moyse, Ron Herman, Nick Stephens

album cover

The Toronto Concert, Howard Riley, 1978, Vinyl Records VS 112

Tracks : Sonority, Finite Elements

Musicians : Howard Riley

Reissued on CD by Jazzprint in 2005.

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Improvisations Are Forever Now, Barry Guy, Howard Riley, Philipp Wachsmann, 1978, Vinyl Records VS 113

Tracks : Trio 1, Trio 2, Trio 3, Trio 4, Trio 5, Trio 6, Trio 7, Trio 8

Musicians : Barry Guy, Howard Riley, Philipp Wachsmann

Reissued on CD by Emanem in 2002.

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Prism, Peter Ponzol, 1978, Vinyl Records VS 114

Tracks : Wearing Worlds, The Past, The Present, The Future, Pulse, The Great Wall, 3rd Season, Arrival, Foot Stomp, 332, Longing, Hear The Light

Musicians : Peter Ponzol, Joe Gallivan, Abbey Rader

album cover

Vinyl Records: 000 Series

Wiegenlied, Klaus Lenz Bigband, 1977, Vinyl Records VS 001

Tracks : Tarantel, Octopus, Wiegenlied, La Fiesta, Bubblestone, The Old New Way, Say It To You Tomorrow

Musicians : Klaus Lenz, Claus-Dieter Knispel, Mathias Pflugbeil, Siegnor Rotbart, Bernd Swoboda, Hannes Baner, Axel-Glenn Müller, Rainer Gäbler, Axel Gothe, Christian Pittius, Wolfgang Fiedler, Jürgen Reznicek, Jürgen Kratzenberg, Detlev Keßler, Dieter Erhardt, Wolfgang Schneider

album cover

Aufbruch, Klaus Lenz Bigband, 1978, Vinyl Records VS 002

Tracks : Blow Out, Balkantanz, Requiem, Aufbruch, Hallo, Igor

Musicians : Klaus Lenz, Bernd Swoboda, Max Pflugbeil, Signor Rotbarth, Claus-Dieter Knispel, Manfred Nytsch, Axel-Glenn Müller, Helmut Forsthoff, Rainer Gäbler, Wolfgang Fiedler, Jürgen Heinrich, Jörg Dobersch, Dieter Erhardt

Recorded in Berlin in 1975 and originally released on Amiga in 1976.

album cover

Jasmin Lady: Live at the Flöz, Zbigniew Namyslowski Quartet, 1979, Vinyl Records VS 003

Tracks : Kaloryfer, Daiquiri, Mr. Olek, Jasmin Lady

Musicians : Zbigniew Namyslowski, Slawomir Kulpowicz, Pawel Jarzebski, Janusz Stefanski

Recorded live at the Flöz in Berlin in May 1978.

album cover

Live At The Quartier Latin, Electric Circus, 1979, Vinyl Records VS 004

Tracks : Minister Ed, Steps, Steps / Flowers All Over, Last Tune

Musicians : Toto Blanke, Jasper Van't Hof, Edward Vesala

album cover

Fusion, Klaus Lenz Jazz & Rock Machine, 1979, Vinyl Records VS 005

Tracks : Fusion, Spring Song, Equinox, Reminiszenz An D.E., Stray Sheep, Don't Run Around With The Ashtray

Musicians : Klaus Lenz, Eddy Hayes, Bernhard Mergner, Paul Gebauer, Thomas Wiedermann, Friedemann Graef, Zbigniew Namyslowski, Johannes Rohloff, Ralph Blaha, Hans Hartmann, Detlef Kessler

album cover

Recycling, Quartet & Brass, 1979, Vinyl Records VS 006

Tracks : Valentia Island, G-One, East-Wind, Rambo-Zambo, Too Cool

Musicians possibly : Bernhard Mergner, Hans Kämper, Lothar Krist, Achim Kück, Manfred Sauga, Hannes Clauss

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At around this time the label changed name from Vinyl to View. Some albums were possibly released on both labels or with confusing packaging.

The 000 series continued on the View label and subsequent albums in the series will be documented on the View discography page.

Last updated February 2016