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Weekertoft discography

This is a discography of albums released by Weekertoft.

Weekertoft was setup by guitarist John Russell and pianist Paul G. Smyth to release "recordings of free improvised and related musics."

Weekertoft albums

Mopomoso Tour 2013 Making Rooms, Evan Parker, John Russell, et al, 2016, Weekertoft 1-4

Tracks : CD 1 (Chasing The Peripanjandra): What! No Soap?, Gunpowder, The Auction Of Pictures / CD 2 (Naqsh): Naqsh, For Al Battani, Ziyrab, The Letter, Ibn Arabi, Al Ghazali, For Martin Lings, For Yusuf Lateef, Mulla Nasrudin / CD 3 (Knottings): Sheet Bend, Overhand Knot, Square Knot, Slip Knot, Figure 8 Knot, Half Knot, Half Hitch, Noose / CD 4 (Seven Cities): Bristol, Oxford, Sheffield, Newcastle, Birmingham, Brighton, Manchester

Musicians: CD 1: Evan Parker, John Russell, John Edwards / CD 2: Pat Thomas / CD 3: Violin – Alison Blunt, Benedict Taylor, David Leahy / CD 4: Alex Ward, Kay Grant

a 4 CD set of music recorded live in Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Manchester, Newcastle, Oxford and Sheffield on April 23-30, 2013.

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Psychic Armour, Paul G. Smyth / Chris Corsano, 2016, Weekertoft 5

Tracks : Taming In The Power Cut, The Through Line, Psychic Armour

Musicians: Paul G. Smyth, Chris Corsano

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Proprioception, Alex Ward, 2017, Weekertoft 6

Tracks : Vestibular, Tiptoes, Chasm

Musicians: Alex Ward

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Ditch School, John Russell / Paul G. Smyth, 2018, Weekertoft 7

Tracks : Ditch School, Kinneigh

Musicians: John Russell / Paul G. Smyth

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Tapering Arms Point Into The Wind, Rachel Musson / Olie Brice, 2018, Weekertoft 8

Tracks : Barchanoid, Star, Longitudinal, Parabolic, Transverse, Draa

Musicians: Rachel Musson, Olie Brice

album cover

Serpentes, Duerinckx / Russell / Safatly, 2019, Weekertoft 9

Tracks : Alethinos, Threadlike

Musicians: J.J. Duerinckx, John Russell, Matthieu Safatly

album cover

Calenture And Light Leaks, Evan Parker / Paul G. Smyth, 2019, Weekertoft 10

Tracks : Calenture And Light Leaks, Baffled, Standing In The Air

Musicians: Evan Parker, Paul G. Smyth

Recorded live in the Kevin Barry Room at the National Concert Hall, Dublin on March 26, 2015.

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The Dogs Of Nile, Evan Parker, Paul G. Smyth, 2019, Weekertoft 11

Tracks : Mariner With Rapture, The Dogs Of Nile

Musicians: Evan Parker, Paul G. Smyth

Recorded live in the Opium Rooms in Dublin on March 12, 2017.

album cover

Tongue In A Bell, Peter Brötzmann / Paul G. Smyth, 2020, Weekertoft 12

Tracks : Tongue in a Bell, Falling Out of All the Towers of Space, Eyes Wide

Musicians: Peter Brötzmann, Paul G. Smyth

album cover

The Warning Signs, Paul G. Smyth, 2016, Weekertoft Digital 1

Tracks : The First Sign, The Third Sign

Musicians: Paul G. Smyth

album cover

In Search Of Wasabi, Ken Ikeda / John Russell / Eddie Prévost, 2016, Weekertoft Digital 2

Tracks : In Search Of Wasabi

Musicians: Ken Ikeda, John Russell, Eddie Prévost

album cover

Rev, Cook And Out, Chris Burn / Matthew Hutchinson, 2016, Weekertoft Digital 3

Tracks : Rev, Cook, Out

Musicians: Chris Burn, Matthew Hutchinson

album cover

Discovery Festival 2017: Channel, Various, 2018, Weekertoft Digital 5

Tracks : English Channel (Mopomoso Workshop Group), Channel Tunnel (Crush!), Super Channel (South Leicestershire Improvisers Ensemble), Changing Channel (Stefan Keune / Steve Noble), Channels In The Supply Chain (Paul G. Smyth), Channel Islands (Lullula), Open Channel (Lullula), Streaming Channel (Compulsive Quintet), Channel Express (Compulsive Quintet), Weather Channel (Alison Blunt / Yoko Miura), Scattering Channel (Bomb), Channel Hopping (Enzo Rocco / Veryan Weston), Strut Channel (Trio Blurb), Channelling Spirits (Trio Blurb), The History Channel (Viv Corringham / Alex Ward), Through The Usual Channels (Alan Wilkinson / Hannah Marshall / Lee Boyd Allatson), Distribution Channel (Nigel Coombes / Roger Turner), Channel Settings (Nigel Coombes / Roger Turner), The Hallmark Channel (Evan Parker / John Russell / John Edwards), Favourite Channels (Satoko Fukuda / Steve Beresford), Scrambled Channel (Dave Tucker Group), A Class Of Unknown Channels (Barrel), Channel Fever (John Russell / Paul G. Smyth)

Musicians: The musicians on the Evan Parker track are Evan Parker, John Russell and John Edwards

Recorded live at the Discovery Festival at Ye Olde Rose & Crown in Walthamstow, London on September 16, 2017.

album cover

Fęte Quaqua 2009, Various, 2020, Weekertoft Digital 6

Tracks : Archaeology, Andyoe Part Two, Andyoe Part Three, Andyoe Part Four, Andyoe Part Five, Andyoe Part Six, Andyoe Part Seven, Andyoe Part Eight, Andyoe Part Nine, Iklektix, Twyado The Second, Twyado The Third, Twyado The Fourth, Twyado The Fifth, Twyado The Sixth, Twyado The Seventh, Twyado The Eighth, Vorteks 23:20, Otology 20:15, Dytherae Part Two, Dytherae Part Three, Dytherae Part Four, Dytherae Part Five, Dytherae Part Six, Dytherae Part Seven, Dytherae Part Eight, Centenary

Musicians: Jean Bordé, John Butcher, Luo Chao-yun, Lol Coxhill, Satoko Fukuda, Shabaka Hutchings, Henry Lowther, Hannah Marshall, John Russell, Angelika Sheridan, Pat Thomas, Sabu Toyozumi, Ute Völker

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