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The Best Of Jazz Organs

Various Artists

Initial release : 1990


This compilation includes tracks by Jimmy McGriff, Richard "Groove" Holmes and Lonnie Smith. George Freeman and Larry Frazier play guitar some of the Jimmy McGriff tracks. Lloyd Davis plays guitar on one of the Groove Holmes tracks.

Tracks / Musicians

  • Licks a Plenty - Richard "Groove" Holmes and Jimmy McGriff
  • Out of Nowhere - Richard "Groove" Holmes and Jimmy McGriff
  • The Squirrel - Richard "Groove" Holmes
  • Plain Brown Bag - Jimmy McGriff
  • Jumpin' the Blues - Jimmy McGriff
  • Tiki - Jimmy McGriff
  • Night Glider - Richard "Groove" Holmes
  • Fly Jack - Richard "Groove" Holmes
  • Pure Cane Sugar - Richard "Groove" Holmes
  • One Mint Julep - Richard "Groove" Holmes
  • High on You - Lonnie Smith w/ George Benson
  • Good Morning - Lonnie Smith w/ George Benson
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Plain Brown Paper Bag was originally released on:

Jumpin' The Blues was originally released on: Tiki was originally released on: Night Glider was originally released on: Uncertain of the source of the Lonnie Smith tracks.

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