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Every Day I Have the Blues

Jimmy Rushing

Initial release : 1999


A 2-on-1 CD release of albums from 1967. Shirley Scott plays on one track (Evil Blues) and Wally Richardson plays on some tracks from the Livin' The Blues LP


  • Berkeley Campus Blues (Thiele / Weiss)
  • Keep the Faith, Baby (Ismay / Scott / Ward)
  • You Can't Run Around (Basie / Rushing)
  • Blues in the Dark (Basie / Rushing)
  • Baby, Don't Tell on Me (Basie / Rushing / Young)
  • Every Day I Have the Blues (Memphis Slim)
  • I Left My Baby (Basie / Gibson / Rushing)
  • Undecided Blues (Rushing)
  • Evil Blues (Basie / Edison / Rushing)
  • Sent for You Yesterday (And Here You Come Today) (Basie / Durham / Rushing)
  • Bad Loser (McCoy / Rushing)
  • Sonny Boy Blues (Thiele / Weiss)
  • We Remember Prez (Wells)
  • Cryin' Blues (Thiele / Weiss)
  • Take Me Back, Baby (Basie / Smith)
  • Tell Me I'm Not Too Late (McCoy / Rushing)
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