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The Funkiest Little Band In The World / Tribute To Basie

Jimmy McGriff

Initial release : 2009


This double CD collection include three tracks with Jimmy Ponder on guitar, one track with Larry Frzier on guitar, and a number of tracks with Thornel Schwartz on guitar.


CD 1:

  • Groove Fly (McGriff)
  • Shuckin' & Jivin' (McGriff)
  • Dig on It (McGriff)
  • Bug Out (McGriff)
  • Fat Cakes (McGriff)
  • Super Funk (McGriff)
  • Plain Brown Bag (McGriff)
  • Jumpin' the Blues (McGriff)
  • Tiki (McGriff)
  • Cotton Boy Blues (McGriff)
  • These Foolish Things (Link / Marvell / Strachey)
  • The Worm Turns (McGriff)
  • The Sermon (Smith)
CD 2:
  • Hob Nail Boogie (Harding)
  • Cherry Point (Hefti)
  • Swingin' the Blues (Basie / Durham / Hendricks)
  • Cute (Hefti / Styne)
  • Every Day (York)
  • Blues Go Away (Wilkins)
  • Avenue C (Clayton / Hendricks / Lambert)
  • Lil' Darlin' (Hefti)
  • Splanky (Hefti)
  • Slow But Sure (Albam)
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This collection brings together two albums that were originally released separately

The Funkiest Little Band In The World is a compilation of material from the late 1960's and early 19700's. The tracks with Jimmy Ponder that are included on this compilation (The Worm Turns, The Sermon and These Foolish Things) were originally released on;
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