The Funkiest Little Band In The World

Jimmy McGriff

Initial release : 1996


This collection include three tracks with Jimmy Ponder on guitar, one track with Larry Frazier on guitar, and, possibly, three tracks with George Freeman on guitar.


  • Groove Fly (McGriff)
  • Shuckin' & Jivin' (McGriff)
  • Dig on It (McGriff)
  • Bug Out (McGriff)
  • Fat Cakes (McGriff)
  • Super Funk (McGriff)
  • Plain Brown Bag (McGriff)
  • Jumpin' the Blues (McGriff)
  • Tiki (McGriff)
  • Cotton Boy Blues (McGriff)
  • These Foolish Things (Link / Marvell / Strachey)
  • The Worm Turns (McGriff)
  • The Sermon (Smith)
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