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Giants Of Jazz

Pat Martino

Original release : 2004

Savoy Jazz

A collection of tracks from albums released on Muse and Warner Brothers.


  • Road Song (Montgomery)
  • The Visit (Martino)
  • We'll Be Together Again (Fischer / Laine)
  • Alone Together (Dietz / Schwartz)
  • How Insensitive (DeMoraes / Gimbel / Jobim)
  • Impressions (Coltrane)
  • Nefertiti (Shorter)
  • Footprints (Shorter)
  • Willow (Armatrading / Martino)
  • Send in the Clowns (Sondheim)
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Road Song, The Visit, Footprints, Alone Together and How Insensitive were originally released on;

Impressions and Willow originally released on; We'll Be Together Again and Send In The Clowns were originally released on; Nefertiti was originally released on;
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