Greatest Hits: The 70s

Gene Ammons

Initial release : 1998

Original Jazz Classics

This CD of tracks released between 1969 and 1971 includes two tracks with Sonny Phillips on organ, one with Leon Spencer on organ, two with Frankie Jones on drums, one with Ted Dunbar on guitar, and two with George Freeman on guitar.


  • The Jungle Boss (Ammons / Mance)
  • Ger-Ru (Ammons)
  • Jungle Strut (Ammons)
  • Didn't We (Webb)
  • The Black Cat (Freeman)
  • Long Long Time (White)
  • You Talk That Talk (Spencer)
  • My Way (Anka / Francois / Revaux / Thibault)
  • Chicago Breakdown (Fischer / Fischer)
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