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Herbie Hancock

Herbie Hancock

Initial release : 1975

Blue Note

A double LP compilation of tracks from Herbie Hancock albums on the Blue Note label. Grant Green plays on two tracks.


  • Maiden Voyage (Hancock)
  • Empty Pockets (Hancock)
  • Cantaloupe Island (Hancock)
  • Speak Like a Child (Hancock)
  • Blind Man, Blind Man (Hancock)
  • The Prisoner (Hancock)
  • Toys (Hancock)
  • Three Bags Full (Hancock)
  • Triangle (Hancock)
  • And What If I Don't (Hancock)
  • Goodbye to Childhood (Hancock)
  • Driftin' (Hancock)
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Grant Green plays on Blind Man, Blind Man and And What If I Don't which were originally released on;

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