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Straight Blues

Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis

Initial release : 1998


A collection of tracks taken from Prestige albums. Don Patterson and Shirley Scott play on some of the tracks.


  • The Rev (Davis / Scott)
  • Stolen Moments (Nelson)
  • Heat 'N' Serve (Davis / Scott)
  • Untitled Blues (Davis)
  • Edison's Lights (Edison)
  • Pots and Pans (Davis)
  • Trane Whistle (Nelson)
  • Street Lights (Gee)
  • Softly Baby (Hart / Rodgers)
  • Jawbreakers (Edison)
  • Straight, No Chaser (Monk)
Related releases

The Rev was originally released as;

Heat 'N' Serve was originally released on; Pots And Pans was originally released on;
  • Smokin', Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, 1958
Street Lights was originally released on;
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