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Arista Freedom 1900 series discography

This is a discography of the 1900 series of LPs released on the Arista Freedom label between 1975 and 1977. These are double LPs of music that had originally been released on other labels, often in Europe. Some of the albums include previously unreleased tracks.

Arista Freedom was setup by Arista in 1975 after they purchased the Freedom label.

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Arista Freedom 1900 series LPs

The Great London Concert, Ornette Coleman, 1975, Arista Freedom AL 1900

Tracks : Forms And Sounds For Wind Quintet, Sadness, Clergyman's Dream, Falling Stars, Silence, Happy Fool, Ballad, Dough Nuts

Musicians : Ornette Coleman, David Izenson, Charles Moffett, Sidney Fell (track 1), Edward Walker (track 1), John Burden (track 1), Derek Wickens (track 1), Cecil James (track 1)

Originally released on Polydor in 1967 as An Evening With Ornette Coleman.

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Copenhagen And Haarlem, Paul Bley, 1975, Arista Freedom AL 1901

Tracks : Cartoon, Touching, Start, Mazatalan, Closer, Both, Pablo, Blood, Mister Joy

Musicians : Paul Bley, Kent Carter, Mark Levenson, Barry Altschul

Recorded in Denmark in November 1965 and Holland in November 1966. Some of the music was originally released on the album Touching (Debut/Fontana) in 1965 and on the album Blood: In Haarlem (Polydor) in 1967.

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The Complete Braxton 1971, Anthony Braxton, 1977, Arista Freedom AL 1902

Tracks : N 508-10 (4G), J-572 (431), 67M F-12, ZM-F-K, R76-4, 3-24 (Tuba Realization), JNK 4 Degrees, 4-16 CJF

Musicians : Anthony Braxton, Kenny Wheeler, Chick Corea, Dave Holland, Barry Altschul, plus on 3-24 (Tuba Realization) the London Tuba Ensemble (Paul Lawrence, Geoffrey Adams, James Anderson, John Fletcher, Michael Barnes)

Originally released on Freedom in 1973.

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The Paris Session, Art Ensemble Of Chicago, 1977, Arista Freedom AL 1903

Tracks : Tutankhamun, The Ninth Room, That The Evening The Sky Fell Through The Glass Wall And We Stood Alone Somewhere?, Toro, Lori Song, Tthinitthedalen Part One, Tthinitthedalen Part Two, The Spiritual

Musicians : Lester Bowie, Roscoe Mitchell, Joseph Jarman, Malachi Favors

Recorded in Paris in June 1969. Most of this music was originally released on two albums; The Spiritual (Freedom, 1973) and Tutankhamun (Freedom, 1974)

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Duets, Marion Brown, 1976, Arista Freedom AL 1904

Tracks : Centering, Njung-Lumumba Malcolm, And Then They Danced, Rhythmus #1, Soundways, Soundways Part 2

Musicians : Marion Brown, Leo Smith (tracks 1-4), Elliott Schwartz (tracks 5-6)

Tracks 1-4 recorded in Paris in May 1970 and originally released on Creative Improvisation Ensemble (Freedom, 1975). Tracks 5-6 recorded in Brunswick, Maine in February 1973 and originally released on Soundways (Century, 1973).

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Nefertiti, the Beautiful One Has Come, Cecil Taylor, 1976, Arista Freedom AL 1905

Tracks : Trance, Call, Lena, D Trad, That's What, What's New, Nefertiti, The Beautiful One Has Come (1st Variation), Lena (2nd Variation), Nefertiti, The Beautiful One Has Come (2nd Variation)

Musicians : Cecil Taylor, Jimmy Lyons, Sunny Murray

Recorded in Copenhagen in November 1962. This double LP release combines music from the Debut/Fontana albums Live At The Cafe Montmartre (1963) and Nefertiti, The Beautiful One Has Come (1965).

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High Won-High Two, Dave Burrell, 1976, Arista Freedom AL 1906

Tracks : West Side Story Medley, Oozi Oozi, Bittersweet Reminiscence, Bobby And Si, Dave Blue, Margie Pargie (A.M. Rag), East Side Colors, Theme Stream Medley: Dave Blue/Bittersweet Reminiscence/Bobby And Si/Margie Pargie (A.M. Rag)/Oozi Oozi/Inside Ouch

Musicians : Dave Burrell, Sirone, Bobby Kapp, Sunny Murray, Pharoah Sanders

Material recorded in 1968 and probably previously released on High in 1968 and High Two in 1969. Subsequently released on CD by Black Lion

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Last updated June 2015