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Horo Records HZ series

This is a list of LPs released by Horo Records in Italy in their HZ series.

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Horo HZ series

Mariamar, Archie Shepp, 1976, Horo HZ 01

Tracks : The Magic, Shepp's Mood, Mariamar, Tres Ideias

Musicians : Archie Shepp, Cicci Santucci, Charles Greenlee, Irio De Paula, Alessio Urso, Afonso Viera

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Five To Go, Don Pullen, 1976, Horo HZ 02

Tracks : Five To Go, Four Move

Musicians : Don Pullen

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Suite For Swingers, George Adams, 1976, Horo HZ 03

Tracks : Suite For Swingers, Blues By The River, Melodic Rapsody

Musicians : George Adams, Don Pullen, David Friesen, Dannie Richmond, Afonso Vielra

album cover

The Dualities Of Man, Michael J. Smith, 1977, Horo HZ 04

Tracks : Opus 69, On The Contemplation Of Sleep, In Search Of A Mind/ Geomusic 3,700, The Dualities Of Man, Paranoia/ Geomusic 3,701, Schizophrenia

Musicians : Michael J. Smith

album cover

Threads, Steve Lacy, 1977, Horo HZ 05

Tracks : Skirts, Threads, Rabbit, Broils, Shambles

Musicians : Steve Lacy, Alvin Curran, Frederic Rzewski

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Crystal Trip, Ran Blake, 1977, Horo HZ 06

Tracks : Crystal Trip, I Get A Kick Out Of You, Left Alone, Vota No, Floriano, Falanga!, A Man And A Woman, You Got It Bad, Girl, Early Autumn, Clara, Clara, Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child

Musicians : Ran Blake

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Divieto Di Santificazione, Jean-François Jenny-Clark / Aldo Romano, 1977, Horo HZ 07

Tracks : Divieto Di Santificazione, River Bop, Luce Rossa, Verra' La Morte E Avra, Viva Fo, Via Libera, Stamatopoulos, Atto Di Nascita, Abitudini

Musicians : Jean Francoise Jenny-Clark, Aldo Romano, Alessandro Sperli

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Catch, Steve Lacy, 1977, Horo HZ 08

Tracks : Mumps, Tickets, Hex, Vow, Catch

Musicians : Steve Lacy, Kent Carter

album cover

Sur-real Saxophone, David Murray, 1978, Horo HZ 09

Tracks : Invocation To Past Souls, The Cats, Plastic/Drastic, Noteworthy Lady, Low Class Conspiracy, After All This

Musicians : David Murray

album cover

Body And Soul, Archie Shepp, 1978, Horo HZ 10

Tracks : Body And Soul, Tropical, Dogon

Musicians : Archie Shepp, Cicci Santucci, Charles Greenlee, Dave Burrell, Irio De Paula, David Williams, Alessio Urso, Afonso Vieira, Beaver Harris

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Eronel, Steve Lacy, 1978, Horo HZ 11

Tracks : Ba-Lue-Bolivar-Ba-Lues-Are, Epistrophy, Eronel, Like Blue, Thelonious

Musicians : Steve Lacy

album cover

The Definitive, Roswell Rudd, 1979, Horo HZ 12

Tracks : Up Front, Keep Your Heart Right, Laughing on the Outside (Crying on the Inside), One-A-Day Brand Shout, Zeibekiko (Greek Blues), You Don't See My Face, Rhythm is King (Melody is Queen)

Musicians : Roswell Rudd

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