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Ictus LP discography

This is a discography of LPs released on the Italian label Ictus between 1976 and 1984.

Ictus was started by Andrea Centazzo and Carla Lugli in Bologna in 1976. A series of LPs was released before the label folded in 1984. Centazzo revived the label in 2006 and since that date new and archive material has been released.

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LPs : Ictus 0001 - Ictus 0025         Box sets : Ictus 500 - Ictus 513         DVDs : Ictus 601 - Ictus 606

CDs : Ictus 101 - Ictus 179   |   Ictus 201 - Ictus 211   |   Ictus 301 - Ictus 308   |   Ictus 401 - Ictus 406

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Ictus LPs

Clangs, Steve Lacy / Andrea Centazzo, 1976, Ictus 0001

Tracks : The Owl, Torments, Tracks (Part One), Tracks (Part Two), Dome, The New Moon

Musicians : Steve Lacy, Andrea Centazzo

Recorded live in Udine in February 1976. Reissued on CD by New Tone Records in 2000 and by Ictus (Ictus 121) in 2006. Both CD editions have a bonus track - Ducks.

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Solo / With Claude Bernard, Kent Carter, 1976, Ictus 0002

Tracks : Beginning N°1 (Bass + Cello), Interplay N°2 (Piano, Cello + Bass), Round N°1 (4 Cellos), Quarted N°1 (2 Alto Aax, 2 Cellos), Ballad For Michala (Cello + Bass), Playtime N°2 (Radio, Cello + Bass), Song For Cannonball (Piano, Bass, Flute + Melodica), Dance For Cello And Bass N°1, Orchestra N°1 Prayer For Peace (3 Cellos, 2 Alto Sax, Bass)

Musicians : Kent Carter, Claude Bernard (tracks 4 & 9), Michala Marcus (track 7)

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Drops, Derek Bailey & Andrea Centazzo, 1977, Ictus 0003

Tracks : Drop One, Recapitulation, Reiteration And Rabbits, How Long Has This Been Going On?, Drop Two?, Tutti Cantabile, Drop Three, Drop Four?, Sing, Sing, Sing, Sing, Sing, Jim Never Seems To Send Me Pretty Flowers?

Musicians : Derek Bailey, Andrea Centazzo

Reissued on CD by New Tone Records in 1996 and by Ictus (Ictus 122) in 2006.

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Dialogues, Pierre Favre, Andrea Centazzo, 1977, Ictus 0004

Tracks : Dialogue, Dice, Wake Up, My Friend!, Dew, Duologue, New Calypso, Ellipse, Dilemma, Dim, Din, Dip, Escape

Musicians : Andrea Centazzo, Pierre Favre

Reissued on CD by New Tone Records in 1996.

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Trio Live, Steve Lacy / Andrea Centazzo / Kent Carter, 1977, Ictus 0005

Tracks : The Crust, Existence (Tao1), The Way (Tao2), Bone (Tao3), Ducks

Musicians : Steve Lacy, Andrea Centazzo, Kent Carter

Recorded live in Udine in December 1976. Reissued on CD by New Tone Records in 1995 and by Ictus (Ictus 123) in 2006. The Ictus CD has two bonus tracks and has the title In Concert.

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Real Time, Alvin Curran / Andrea Centazzo / Evan Parker, 1978, Ictus 0006

Tracks : Real Time, Real Time One, Real Time Two, Real Time Three

Musicians : Alvin Curran, Andrea Centazzo, Evan Parker

Recorded live in Roma, Italy, December 12, 1977. Reissued on CD by New Tone Records in 1996.

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Suspensions, Kent Carter, 1978, Ictus 0007

Tracks : Wedding Song, Cello Solo 3, Once Upon A Time, Dirge, Suspensions, Home Spun, Chime Wire, Wedding Song

Musicians : Kent Carter, Claude Bernard (tracks 4 and 5)

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Moot, Lol Coxhill / Andrea Centazzo / Giancarlo Schiaffini, 1978, Ictus 0008

Tracks : Moot N. 1, Moot N. 2, Moot N. 3, Moot N. 4, Moot N. 5, Moot N. 6, Moot N. 7, Moot N. 8, Moot N. 9, Moot N. 10, Moot N. 11

Musicians : Lol Coxhill, Andrea Centazzo, Giancarlo Schiaffini

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The Loop, Andrew Cyrille, 1978, Ictus 0009

Tracks : Excerpt From Spencyrspell, 5000 B.C., Some Sun, The Loop, The News, Classical Retention

Musicians : Andrew Cyrille

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Ratsorock, Paolo Bordini / Franco Feruglio / Andrea Centazzo, 1978, Ictus 0010

Tracks : Old And New Impressions, Silva And Sabra Games, Troubles, Fragments From A Long Story, Take Your Time, Ratsorock (Part One), Dialogue, Ratsorock (Part Two)

Musicians : Paolo Bordini, Franco Feruglio, Andrea Centazzo

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Lid, Lol Coxhill, 1978, Ictus 0011

Tracks : Uno, Due, Tre, Cinque, Quattro, The Frogs Of Gabbiano

Musicians : Lol Coxhill

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Live, Andrea Centazzo Mitteleuropa, 1980, Ictus 0012

Tracks : Chirimia, First Environment (For Orchestra), Musica Schema N. 1, Third Environment (For Orchestra)

Musicians : Andrea Centazzo, Enrico Rava, Franz Koglmann, Roberto Ottaviano, Roberto Mannuzzi, Gianluigi Trovesi, Sauro D'Angelo, Andrea Anzola, Carlos Zingaro, Roberto Bartoli, Stefano Ferri, Gianpaolo Salbego, Bruno Cabassi

Reissued on CD by New Tone Records in 2002.

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Indian Tapes, Andrea Centazzo, 1980, Ictus 0013/14/15

Tracks : Recitative And Variations For Nine Alpine Cowbells, Étude Sur Le Tubophone, Mantecas, Indian Tapes, Dances: Introduction, Rattling For A Vision, Dances: First Movement, Los Brujios, Dances: Third Movement, Dances: Fourth Movement, Song For A Kalimba And A String Instrument, Scenes: First Episode, Buddist Monks Priest Song, Scenes: Second Episode, The Impossible Concert, M.R. Jazz, "Ostinato In Blue", The Impossible... Jazz At Philharmonic

Musicians : Andrea Centazzo

A limited edition 3 LP box set. Subsequently released on CD by Ictus in 2006 and 2011.

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Shock!!, Gianluigi Trovesi / Andrea Centazzo, 1984, Ictus 0016

Tracks : Shock!!, Cen.tro, Tro.ce, Shockmaker´s Shop, A Day In Tunisia, She Shook The Shock & Shot

Musicians : Gianluigi Trovesi, Andrea Centazzo

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Environment For Sextet, John Zorn, Andrea Centazzo, Eugene Chadbourne, Tom Cora, Toshinori Kondo, Polly Bradfield, 1979, Ictus 0017

Tracks : Environment For Sextet, Solo Improvisations, Second Environment For Sextet, Solo Improvisations (Part Two)

Musicians : John Zorn, Andrea Centazzo, Eugene Chadbourne, Tom Cora, Toshinori Kondo, Polly Bradfield

Recorded in New York in November 1978. Reissued on CD by New Tone Records in 1995.

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U.S.A. Concerts, Andrea Centazzo, 1984, Ictus 0018

Tracks : Sextet Improvisation, Duet Improvisation N.1, Duet Improvisation N.2, Duet Improvisation N.3, Trio Improvisation, Duet Improvisation N.4, Duet Improvisation N.5, Duet Improvisation N.6

Musicians : Andrea Centazzo, Toshinori Kondo (tracks 1 & 6), John Zorn (tracks 1 & 3), Eugene Chadbourne (tracks 1 & 2), Davey Williams (tracks 5 & 7), Polly Bradfield (track 1), LaDonna Smith (tracks 5 & 8), Tom Cora (track 1), Alex Cline (track 4)

Recorded live in New York, Los Angeles, Jackson, and Tuscaloosa in November and December 1978. Reissued on CD by New Tone Records in 1999.

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The Bay, Rova Saxophone Quartet With Andrea Centazzo, 1984?, Ictus 0019

Tracks : Trobar Clus, O Ce Biel Ciscjel Da Udin, The Bay, Carmel Duet, Ready N. 2, Ready N. 6

Musicians : Jon Raskin, Larry Ochs, Andrew Voigt, Bruce Ackley, Andrea Centazzo

Recorded in December 1978. Reissued on CD by New Tone in 1996 with 2 bonus tracks.

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Sylvano Bussotti: Solo De La Passion Selon Sade, Andrea Centazzo, 1984?, Ictus 0020

Tracks : A, B, C, D, E, F

Musicians : Andrea Centazzo

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Percussion Interchanges, David Moss, Andrea Centazzo, Alex Cline, 1984?, Ictus 0021

Tracks : Interchange One, Interchange Two, Interchange Three, Interchange Four, Interchange Five, Interchange Six, Interchange Seven, Interchange Eight

Musicians : David Moss, Andrea Centazzo, Alex Cline

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John Cage: First Construction, Ensemble Percussione Ricerca, 1984, Ictus 0022

Tracks : First Construction (In Metal), Amores: I Movement / II Movement / III Movement / IV Movement, Third Construction, Double Muisc

Musicians : Carlo Rebeschini

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Cjant: Concerto Per Piccola Orchestra, Andrea Centazzo, 1984?, Ictus 0023/24

Tracks : Movimento I, Movimento II, Movimento III, Movimento IV, Movimento V, Movimento VI (Inizio), Movimento VI (Conclusione), Movimento VII

Musicians : Franz Koglmann, Gino Comisso, Carlo Actis Dato, Gianluigi Trovesi, Roberto Mannuzzi, Roberto Ottaviano, Theo Jorgensmann, Andrea Anzola, Silvio Stagni, Giorgio Fava, Luciano Bolzon, Marco Macorigh, Marco Paladin, Mario Paladin, Roberto Frisone, Stefano Bencivenga, Franca Macuz, Lorenzo Nassimbeni, Carlo Teodoro, Luca Fiorentini, Federico Passera, Franco Feruglio, Aurelio Corradini, Guido Vianello, Paolo Zanella, Piero Bertelli

Reissued on CD by Ictus in 2006 and 2011.

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Tiare, Andrea Centazzo, 1985?, Ictus 0025

Tracks : Side A, Side B

Musicians : Andrea Centazzo

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