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Interplay Records discography: 8600 series

This is a discography of the 8600 series of albums released by Interplay in the 1980s.

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7700 series : 7707 - 7729   |   8600 series : 8601 - 8615

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Interplay 8600 series album

Warne Marsh / Susan Chen, Warne Marsh / Susan Chen, 1986, IP 8601

Tracks : This Thing, Summer Morning, Summer Evening, Pennies, Always, Marvelous Words, Strike Out, Another You, It's You, Alright, Skylark, This Be Love, Have You Met?, Again

Musicians : Warne Marsh, Susan Chen

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Two Days In The Life Of . . . , Warne Marsh, 1987, IP 8602

Tracks : Initially K.C., Geraldyne's Arrangement, All God's Chillun Got Rhythm, Blues Warne-ing, Asterix, Jason's Judgement

Musicians : Warne Marsh, Ron Eschete, Jim Hughart, Sherman Ferguson

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Anthology, Billy Bauer, 1987, IP 8603

Tracks : I Remember You, Misty, I'll Remember April, Quiet Night, Michelle, Greenway, Lullaby Of The Leaves, Impressions, Purple Haze, When It's Sleepy Time Down South, Short Stories

Musicians : Billy Bauer, John Sherin, Charles Kay

A collection of solo tracks from 1959, 1960 and 1969 and trio tracks from 1969.

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Posthumous, Warne Marsh, 1987, IP 8604

Tracks : Unheard Of, Things Called Love, Inside Out, Parisienne Thoroughfare, Emperor's Old Clothes, At First Blush, Beautiful Love Fades Out, Turn Out The Night

Musicians : Warne Marsh, Susan Chen, George Mraz, Akira Tana

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Just In Time, Walter Bishop Jr., 1988, IP 8605

Tracks : Just In Time, Lady Barbara, I Got It Bad, Dance Of The Infields, Yesterdays, Good Morning Heartache, Sweet Rosa

Musicians : Walter Bishop Jr., Paul Brown, Walter Bolden

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Remembrance Of Dino's, Bill Perkins, 1989, IP 8606

Tracks : Bolivia, Old Devil Moon, Someday My Prince Will Come, Israel, Third Plane, Remember, Yardbird Suite, Naima, In Walked Bud

Musicians : Bill Perkins, Alan Broadbent, Putter Smith, Gene Cherico, John Tirabasso

Recorded at Dino's in Pasadena in 1986. Remember is omitted from the LP edition.

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New York City Jazz, Bill Warfield Big Band, 1990, IP 8607

Tracks : Totem Pole, Street Corner Supermarket, In Your Own Sweet Way, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Positively Wall Street, Scootzie, I Loves You Porgy, Waltz For A Lonely Woman, With A Song In My Heart, Naima

Musicians : Bill Warfield, Dean Pratt, Earl Gardner, Jeff Parke, Jerry Sokolov, Jim Powell, Joe Mosello, Dan Levine, Doug Purviance, Earl McIntyre, Matt Haviland, Andy Fusco, Bob Hanlon, Dan Block, Dave Brandom*, Richard Perry, Tom Olin, Ted Rosenthal, Mike Richmond, Bob Weller, Dan Sadownick

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California Cookin', Pepper Adams, 1991, IP 8608

Tracks : Valse Celtique, Summertime, Last Resort, Now In Our Lives, Oleo

Musicians : Pepper Adams, Ted Curson, Victor Feldman, Bob Magnusson, Carl Burnett

album cover

Ballad For You, Warne Marsh, 1992?, IP 8609

Tracks : I Wish I Knew, Alone Together at Last, It Happened, Georgia on My Mind, Half-Forgotten Love Song, Ballad for Two, All Gone, You Don't Know What Love Is, I Don't Care, Skylark, Mean to Me

Musicians : Warne Marsh, Susan Chen

album cover

My Foolish Heart, Rolf Ericson & Lex Jasper, 1993, IP 8610

Tracks : Just Squeeze Me (But Don't Tease Me), Come Sunday, Falling in Love with Love, Nadlin, Four, Darn That Dream, Center-Piece, My Foolish Heart, On the Trail, Gone with the Wind

Musicians : Rolf Ericson, Lex Jasper

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Two As One, Bill Perkins & Frank Strazzeri, 1993, IP 8611

Tracks : Strazztonic, You're Blase, They Say, No More, The Sands of Time, You Must Believe in Spring, Isfahan, Nocturne, Autumn of My Life, Nobody Else But Me, Enigma, You're a Lucky Guy, I'll Be Around

Musicians : Bill Perkins, Frank Strazzeri

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Frame Of Mind, Bill Perkins Quintet + 1, 1994, IP 8612

Tracks : From The Hip, Frame Of Mind, No Notice, Midnight Strut, You Know I Care, One For Sal, 900 Heartbeats, Sound For Sore Ears, Isfahan, Epistrophy

Musicians : Bill Perkins, Clay Jenkins, Frank Strazzeri, Bob Leatherbarrow, Ken Filiano, Tom Warrington, Tom Warrington, Bill Berg

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Drive, Passion, Unpredictable, Dick Morgan, 1995, IP 8613

Tracks : The Boston Chicken, No. 1, How Deep Is the Ocean?/I Found My Love and It's You, Honeysuckle Rose, I Never Knew at All, Yesterdays/Yesterday, I Will Always Love You/If Ever I Should Lose Your Love, Salt Peanuts, Young and Foolish, The Boston Chicken, No. 2

Musicians : Dick Morgan, Steve Abshire, Dave Jernigan, Mike Shepherd

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MadCity Jazz, Leo Maiberger, 1995, IP 8614

Tracks : Summertime, The Shadow of Your Smile, Just a Little Bebop, Bye Bye Blackbird, Resolution, Conversation, Walkin', La Valse Hip, Autumn Leaves, Soft Wind, Moments, Summertime

Musicians : Leo Maiberger, Ben Sidran, Richard Davis, Dave Stanoch

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Journey, Keith Greko, 1995, IP 8615

Tracks : Slow Boat To China, Tangerine, Witchcraft, S'wonderful, Prayin' Mantis Blues, Autumn In New York, All Of You, Trolley Song, Journey, Willow Weep For Me, It Don't Mean A Thing, Last Night When We Were Young, You And The Night And The Music

Musicians : Keith Greko, Warren Jones, Dom Moio

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