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The Best of "Big" John Patton: The Organization!

Big John Patton

Initial release : 1995

Blue Note

Single CD collection of John Patton tracks recorded for Blue Note. Grant Green plays on three of the source albums.


  • Along Came John (Patton)
  • The Silver Meter (Dixon)
  • Bermuda Clay House (Braithwaite)
  • Jerry (Patton)
  • Hot Sauce (John Patton)
  • Fat Judy (Dixon)
  • Amanda (Pearson)
  • The Turnaround (Mobley)
  • Latona (Patton)
  • Chitlins Con Carne (Burrell)
  • Footprints (Shorter)
  • Freedom Jazz Dance (Harris)
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Grant Green plays on 7 tracks.

Along Came John and The Silver Metre were originally released on;

Jerry was originally released on; Fat Judy was originally released on;
  • Oh, Baby!, Big John Patton, 1965 (tracks 12 to 17)
Amanda was originally released on; Latona and The Turnaround were originally released on;
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