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Gentle Gator

Willis Jackson

Initial release : 1995


A compilation of tracks taken from Prestige and Moodsville albums.


  • Solitude (DeLange / Ellington / Mills)
  • Estrellita (Ponce)
  • Girl of My Dreams (Clapp)
  • It Never Entered My Mind (Hart / Rodgers)
  • Al-Di-La (Donida)
  • Careless Love (Handy / Koenig / Williams)
  • I Remember Clifford (Golson)
  • Again (Cochran / Newman)
  • Amor (Mendez / Ruiz)
  • Nancy (With the Laughing Face) (Silvers / VanHeusen)
  • Home (Clarkson / VanSteeden)
  • They Didn't Believe Me (Kern / Rourke)
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Solitude, Estrellita, It Never Entered My Head, Nancy (With The Laughing Face), Home and They Didn't Believe Me were originally released on:

Girl Of My Dream, Careless Love, I Remember Clifford and Again originally released on: Al-Di_La was originally released on: Amor was originally released on:
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