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So Blue So Funky, Vol. 2

Various Artists

Initial release : 1994

Blue Note

Includes one George Braith track with Grant Green on guitar, a John Patton with Jimmy Ponder on guitar and a Lou Donaldson track with Lonnie Smith on organ and Jimmy Ponder on guitar. Also includes a Freddie Roach track with Eddie Wright on guitar, a Johnny Lytle track, a Curtis Amy/Paul Bryant track, a Baby Face Willette track, a Richard "Groove" Holmes track with Gene Edwards on guitar, a Jimmy McGriff track with Thornel Schwartz on guitar, a Larry Young track with Eddie Gladden on drums, and a Jimmy Smith track with Quentin Warren on guitar. The double LP version includes three additional tracks including a Charles Kynard track and a Reuben Wilson track with Malcolm Riddick on guitar.

Tracks / Musicians

  • Where It's At - Jimmy McGriff
  • Meetin' Here - Curtis Amy/Paul Brant
  • When Malindy Sings - Freddie Roach
  • Mary Had a Little Lamb - George Braith
  • Can Heat - Jimmy Smith
  • Morris the Minor - Richard "Groove" Holmes
  • Preach Brother - Fred Jackson *
  • Minor Soul - Johnny Lytle
  • Somethin' Strange - Baby Face Willette
  • I Want to Go Home - Big John Patton
  • Street Scene - Larry Young
  • Mamblues - Charles Kynard *
  • The Kid - Lou Donaldson
  • On Broadway - Reuben Wilson *
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Mary Had A Little Lamb was originally released on;

When Mailindy Sings was originally released on; Something Strange was originally released on; The Kid was originally released on; Morris The Minor was originally released on; Meetin' Here was originally released on; Where It's At was originally released on; Can Heat was originally released on: Street Scene was originally released on; Minor Soul was originally released on: Mamblues was originally released on;
  • Warm Winds, Charles Kynard with Buddy Collette, 1964
On Broadway was originally released on;
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