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Delmark Records discography: 400/500 series

This is a discography of 400/500 series of jazz albums released by Delmark from the late 1950's onward. This series is listed over two pages.

This first page lists the 400 series albums. The first 40 or so of these albums were originally released as LPs. Many of these were later released on CD with the same catalog number and sometimes with bonus tracks and different cover designs or titles. Only the LP details are given on this page. A page for later CD releases may be added at a later date.

Delmark was founded, as Delmar, in 1953 by Robert G Koester. The name change to Delmark coincided with relocation to Chicago in 1958. Many blues albums were also released by Delmark but these fall outside the scope of this site.

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album cover

album cover
Delmark 400 series albums

Sessions: At Westminster College, Bob Graf, 1958, Delmar 401

Tracks : Street Of Dreams, Dear Old Stockholm, Stella by Starlight, Alley Blues

Musicians : Bob Graf, Ron Ruff, Jimmy Williams, Bob Maisel, Johnny Mixon, Al St. James

Released on CD with a bonus track, a different front cover, and the title At Westminster

album cover

The Ira Sullivan Quintet, The Ira Sullivan Quintet, 1960, Delmark 402

Tracks : Wilbur's Tune, My Old Flame, Blue Stroll, Bluzinbee

Musicians : Ira Sullivan, Johnny Griffin, Jodie Christian, Victor Sproles, Wilbur Campbell

This music was subsequently released on the album Blue Stroll.

album cover

Johnny Young Trio, Johnny Young Trio, 1960, Delmark 403

Tracks : I Don't Wanna Be Kissed, Bones, Cubana Chant, In Love In Vain, Serenata, Baby Doll, Circus, When I Fall In Love

Musicians : John Young, Victor Sproles, Phil Thomas

Released on CD as Serenata.

album cover

All The Gin Is Gone, Jimmy Forrest, 1960, Delmark 404

See more details

album cover

No album identified, Delmark 405

album cover

Bouncing With Bud, Bud Powell, 1964?, Delmark 406

Tracks : Rifftide, Bouncing With Bud, Move, The Best Thing For You, Straight, No Chaser, I Remember Clifford, Hot House, 52nd Street Theme

Musicians : Bud Powell, Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, William Schiöpffe

First released on Sonet in 1962. Subsequently released on a number of labels.

album cover

Yusef, Yusef Lateef, 1965, Delmark 407

Tracks : Blues, Tortion Level, Woodyn' You, Dancing In The Dark, Parisian Thoroughfare, Yusef, Shaw Nuff

Musicians : Yusef Lateef, Donald Byrd, Bernard McKinney, Barry Harris, Alvin Jackson, Frank Gant

Recorded live in Detroit on August 23, 1955. First released in 1956 on Transistion as Byrd Jazz. Subsequently released on Delmark as First Flight credited to Donald Byrd.

album cover

Sound, Roscoe Mitchell, 1966, Delmark 408

Tracks : Ornette, The Little Suite, Sound

Musicians : Roscoe Mitchell, Lester Bowie, Lester Lashley, Maurice McIntyre, Malachi Favors, Alvin Fielder

album cover
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In Europe, New York Contemporary Five, 1967, Delmark 409

Tracks : Cisum, Crepuscule With Nellie, O.C., When Will The Blues Leave, The Funeral, Mik

Musicians : Don Cherry, Archie Shepp, John Tchicai, Don Moore, J.C. Moses

Recorded live at Jazzhus Montmartre in Copenhagen on November 15. First released in Denmark on the Sonet label in 1964.

album cover

Song For, Joseph Jarman, 19??, Delmark 410

Tracks : Little Fox Run, Non-Cognitive Aspects Of The City, Adam's Rib, Song For

Musicians : Joseph Jarman, William Brimfield (tracks 1, 3 & 4), Fred Anderson (tracks 1, 3 & 4), Christopher Gaddy, Charles Clark, Steve McCall (tracks 1, 3 & 4)

album cover

Sun Song, Sun Ra, 1967, Delmark 411

Tracks : Brainville, Call for all Demons, Transition, Possession, Street Named Hell, Lullaby for Realville, Future, New Horizons, Fall off the Log, Sun Song

Musicians : Sun Ra, Art Hoyle, Dave Young, Julian Priester, James Scales, John Gilmore, Pat Patrick, Richard Evans, Wilburn Green, Robert Barry, Jim Herndon

Originally released on Transition in 1957 as Jazz By Sun Ra.

album cover
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No album identified, Delmark 412

album cover

Levels And Degrees Of Light, Muhal Richard Abrams, 1968, Delmark 413

Tracks : Levels And Degrees Of Light, My Thoughts Are My Future - Now And Forever, The Bird Song

Musicians : Richard Abrams, Anthony Braxton, Maurice McIntyre, Gordon Emmanuel, Leroy Jenkins, Charles Clark, Leonard Jones, Thurman Barker, Penelope Taylor, David Moore

album cover

Sound Of Joy, Sun Ra, 1968, Delmark 414

Tracks : El Is The Sound Of Joy, Overtones Of China, Two Tones, Paradise, Planet Earth, Ankh, Saturn, Reflections In Blue, El Viktor

Musicians : Sun Ra, Art Hoyle, Dave Young, Pat Patrick, Charles Davis, John Gilmore, Victor Sproles, William Cochran, Jim Herndon

Recorded in 1957 for Transistion but not released until on this Delmark album.

album cover

3 Compositions of New Jazz, Anthony Braxton, 1968, Delmark 415

Tracks : Track 1, Track 2, The Ball (Tracks 1 and 2 have graphical titles which are not represented here)

Musicians : Anthony Braxton, Leo Smith, Richard Abrams, Leroy Jenkins

album cover

I Remember Newport, Leon Sash, 1968, Delmark 416

Tracks : Easy To Remeber, I Remember Newport, Aren't You Glad You´Re You, Pennies From Heaven, Polka Dots And Moonbeams, Misty, Our Love Is Here To Stay, There Will Never Be Another You, Lullaby Of The Leaves

Musicians : Leon Sash, Lee Morgan, Ed Uhlig

album cover

As If It Were The Seasons, Joseph Jarman, 1968, Delmark 417

Tracks : As If It Were The Seasons, Song To Make The Sun Come Up, Song For Christopher

Musicians : Joseph Jarman, John Jackson, Lester Lashley, Fred Anderson, John Stubblefield, Joel Brandon, Richard Abrams, Charles Clark, Thurman Barker, Sherri Scott

album cover

Celebration For Modern Man, Kent Schneider, 19??, Delmark 418

Tracks : Soundings For New Beginnings, Call To Awareness, Liturgies Of This Day, Prayer's For The Community, Lord's Prayer, Psalm, God For Real Man, Slings And Solutions, The Church Is Within Us, O Lord, Mighty Fortress, Song Of Thankfulness, Projection 29

Musicians : Kent Schneider, Dick Daugherty, Richi Corpolongo, Arlene Schneider, Ron Kotik, Rog Dewar, Fred Stoll

album cover

Humility In The Light Of The Creator, Maurice McIntyre, 1969, Delmark 419

Tracks : Ensemble Love Suite: Hexagon/Kcab Emoh/Pluto Calling/Life Force/Humility In The Light Of The Creator, Ensemble Fate Suite: Family Tree/Say A Prayer For/Out Here (If Anyone Should Call)/Melissa/Bismillah

Musicians : Maurice McIntyre, Leo Smith (on Ensemble Fate Suite), John Stubblefield (on Ensemble Fate Suite), Amina Claudine Myers (on Ensemble Fate Suite), Malachi Favors, Mchaka Uba, Ajaramu, Thurman Barker, George Hines

album cover

For Alto, Anthony Braxton, 1969, Delmark 420/21

Tracks : Dedicated To Multi-Instrumentalist Jack Gell, To Composer John Cage, To Artist Murray De Pillars, To Pianist Cecil Taylor, Dedicated To Ann And Peter Allen, Dedicated To Susan Axelrod, To My Friend Kenny McKenny, Dedicated To Multi-Instrumentalist Leroy Jenkins

Musicians : Anthony Braxton

album cover

Nicky's Tune, Ira Sullivan, 1970, Delmark 422

Tracks : When Sunny Gets Blue, Secret Love, Nicky's Tune #2, Nicky's Tune #3, Wilbur's Tune #2

Musicians: Ira Sullivan, Nicky Hill, Jodie Christian, Victor Sproles, Wilbur Campbell

Recorded in 1958,

album cover
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Young At Heart, Wise In Time, Muhal Richard Abrams, 1971, Delmark 423

Tracks : Young At Heart, Wise In Time

Musicians : Muhal Richard Abrams, Leo Smith, Henry Threadgill, Lester Lashley, Thurman Barker

album cover
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Birth Sign, George Freeman, 1972, Delmark 424

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album cover
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Forces And Feelings, Maurice McIntyre, 1972, Delmark 425

Tracks : Fifteen Or Sixteen, Sun Spots, Ananda, Twenty-One Lines, Behold! God's Sunshine!

Musicians : Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre, Kalaparusha Ahra Difda, Sarnie Garrett, Fred Hopkins, Wesley Tyus, Rita Omolokun

album cover

Made For Each Other, Sonny Stitt, 1972, Delmark 426

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album cover
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Black Forrest, Jimmy Forrest, 1972, Delmark 427

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album cover
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Together Alone, Joseph Jarman & Anthony Braxton, 1974, Delmark 428

Tracks : CK 7 (GN) 436, SBN-A-1 66K, Together Alone, Down Dance Morning (Including Circles)

Musicians : Joseph Jarman, Anthony Braxton

album cover

Because Of You, Tab Smith, 1975?, Delmark 429

Tracks : Because Of You, Milk Train (Slow Motion), Mean To Me, Red, Hot And Blue, For Only You, Top And Bottom, Spider's Web, Hurricane T, Mister Gee, Rock City, In A Little Spanish Town, Jump Time

Musicians include: Tab Smith, Sonny Cohn, Irving Woods, Leon Washington, Charlie Wright, Robert Darby, Laverne Dillon, Teddy Brannon, Sam Malone, Wifred Middlebrook, Lloyd Anderson, Vernon King, Walter Johnson

album cover

Things To Come From Those Now Gone, Muhal Richard Abrams, 1975, Delmark 430

Tracks : Ballad For New Souls, Things To Come From Those Now Gone, How Are You?, In Retrospect, Ballad For Lost Souls, 1 And 4 Plus 2 And 7, March Of The Transients

Musicians : Muhal Richard Abrams, Edwin Daugherty, Richard Brown, Wallace McMillan, Emanuel Cranshaw, Reggie Willis, Rufus Reid, Steve McCall, Wilbur Campbell, Ella Jackson

album cover

Bad Bascomb, Paul Bascomb, 1976, Delmark 431

Tracks : Blues And The Beat, Black Out, More Blues - More Beat, Soul And Body, Mumbles' Blues, Coquette, Pink Cadillac, Indiana, Liza's Blues, Soul And Body, I Know Just How You Feel, Got Cool Too Soon, Love's An Old Story, Nona

Musicians : Paul Bascomb, Eddie Lewis, Frank Porter, Tommy Waters, Harold Wallace, Duke Jordan, James McCrary, George DeHart

album cover

Live At Mandel Hall, Art Ensemble Of Chicago, 1976, Delmark 432/33

Tracks : Duffvipels, Checkmate, Dautality, Mata Kimasu

Musicians : Lester Bowie, Roscoe Mitchell, Joseph Jarman, Malachi Favors, Famoudou Don Moye

A double LP of music recorded live at Mandel Hall, University of Chicago in 1972. The CD release on Delmark has a different front cover and the shorter title "Live".

album cover

Somebody Done Stole My Blues, Chris Woods, 1976, Delmark 434

Tracks : Somebody Done Stole My Blues, Blues For Lew, Brazil, Bo Bo, Where Or When, You Got To Move, Cool One - Groove Two, Raining, Lonely Monday, Foolish, Where Or When, Somebody Done Stole My Blues

Musicians possibly include: Chris Woods, Edgar Hayes, Gene Easton, Tommy Dean, Eugene Thomas, Nathaniel "Pee Wee" Jernigan, Jewel Belle

album cover

Night Train, Jimmy Forrest, 1978, Delmark 435

Tracks : Night Train, Calling Dr. Jazz, Sophisticated Lady, Swingin' And Rockin', Bolo Blues, Mister Goodbeat, Hey Mrs. Jones, Song Of The Wanderer, Blue Groove, Big Dip, There Will Never Be Another You, Coach 13

Musicians : Jimmy Forrest, Chauncey Locke, Bart Dabney, Bunky Parker, Charles Fox, Hershel Harris, Johnny Mixon, Oscar Oldham

album cover

Reality, Frank Walton, 1978, Delmark 436

Tracks : Safari, Spongie, Waltz Of The Prophets, Shorter's Vibes, Change Of Mode

Musicians : Frank Walton, Henry Threadgill, Ari Brown, Jodie Christian, Rudolph Penson, Ben Montgomery

album cover

Modus Operandi, Chris Woods, 1978, Delmark 437

Tracks : Modus Operandi, My Lady, Monsieur Le Bois In Paris, Scufflin' Along, What That

Musicians : Chris Woods, Greg Bobulinski, Jim McNeely, Roland Wilson, Curtis Boyd

album cover

Honkers And Bar Walkers 1, Various Artists, 1988?, Delmark 438

Tracks : Night Train (Jimmy Forrest), Everybody Get Together (Teddy Brannon Featuring Ray Abrams), Mixin' With Dixon (Teddy Brannon Featuring Ray Abrams), Cozy's Beat (Cozy Eggleston), Big Heavy (Blue Lites Boogie) (Cozy Eggleston), Weep For Me (Cozy Eggleston), After Hours Joint (Jimmy Coe), Fast Blues (Jimmy Coe), Sausage Rock (Doc Sausage With Earl Johnson), Sentimental Blues (Fred Jackson), Duck Fever (Fred Jackson), You Belong To Me (Fats Noel), Duck Soup (Fats Noel), Wish You Were Here (Fats Noel), High Tide (Fats Noel), Pink Cadillac (Paul Bascomb)

album cover

Big Band Jazz: Tulsa To Harlem, Various Artists, 1988?, Delmark 439

Tracks : Frosty Morning (Cab Calloway Orchestra), Love Comes But Once (Jimmy Hamilton), Que Pasa Chica (Cab Calloway Orchestra), One More For The Road (Cab Calloway Orchestra), Shotgun Boogie (Cab Calloway Orchestra), Tattooed Bride (Jimmy Hamilton), Baritone Shuffle (Ernie Fields Orchestra), 88 (Ernie Fields Orchestra), T-Town Blues (Ernie Fields Orchestra), Big Lou (Ernie Fields Orchestra), Ride Mr. Trombone (Ernie Fields Orchestra), Baby, Who's Baby Are You (Ernie Fields Orchestra), T-Town Blues (Ernie Fields Orchestra),

album cover

Shock Of The New, Brad Goode, 1988, Delmark 440

Tracks : Clock Radio, Tribute To Clifford & Sonny, Stew's Blues, Old Folks, Winter's Song, The New Blues, You Don't Know What Love Is

Musicians : Brad Goode, Lin Halliday, Ed Petersen, Jodie Christian, Brad Goode, Fareed Haque, Dennis Carroll, Rob Amster, Angus Thomas, Paul Wertico, Jeff Stitely, Bob Rummage

album cover
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Last Trio Session, Wynton Kelly, 1988, Delmark 441

Tracks : When Love Slips Away, Castilian Waltz, Say A Little Prayer For Me, Kelly's Blues, Watch What Happens, House Of Cards, Light My Fire, Castilian Waltz, Yesterday

Musicians : Wynton Kelly, Paul Chambers, Jimmy Cobb

album cover

Spirit, Malachi Thompson, 1988?, Delmark 442

Tracks : Spirit of Man, Back to the One, A Rising Daystar, Dhyia Malika, I Remember Clifford, No More Hard Times

Musicians : Malachi Thompson, Carter Jefferson, Albert Dailey, James King, Nasar Abadey, Randy Abbott

album cover

After Hours Joint, Jimmy Coe, 1989, Delmark 443

Tracks : After Hour Joint, Baby I'm Gone, What Will I Tell My Heart, Organ Grinder, Empty Bed, How Deep Is The Ocean, Fast Blues, Run Jodie Run, He's Alright, A Fool I Was, Lady Take Two, Raid On The After Hour Joint

Musicians : Jimmy Coe, James Palmer, Remo Biondi (tracks 11 & 12), John Wittcliff, Earl "Fox" Walker, Helen Fox (tracks 2, 5, 6, 9 & 11), Max Bailey (track 8)

A collection of tracks mostly probably recorded in the 1950s.

album cover

Unit 7, Mike Smith, 1990, Delmark 444

Tracks : Unit 7, Hi Fly, La Luz De La Luna, Work Song, Jenine, Pisces, Dat Dere, A Little Taste

Musicians : Mike Smith, Ron Friedman, Jodie Christian, Sid Jacobs, John Whitfield, Robert Shy, Alejo Proveda

album cover

Upward Spiral, Edward Petersen, 1990, Delmark 445

Tracks : Probably, Upward Spiral, Objects In The Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear, Poem For Tortured Spirits, Onus B, Dan's Idea

Musicians : Edward Petersen, Brad Williams, Fareed Haque, Rob Amster, Jeff Stitely

album cover

Tough Town, Jim Cooper, 1991, Delmark 446

Tracks : Cheryl, Waltz For Betty, I Waited For You, Tough Town, The Dolphin, Shades Of Light, Town Sound / She'd Be So Nice To Come Home To

Musicians : Jim Cooper, Ira Sullivan, Bob Dogan, Dan DeLorenzo, Charlie Braugham, Alejo Poveda (tracks 5 & 7)

album cover

Jump Time, Tab Smith, 1991, Delmark 447

Tracks : Because of You, Slow Motion, Dee Jay Special, Sin, Under a Blanket of Blue, How Can You Say We're Thru, Wig Song, Hands Across the Table, One Man Dip, Down Beat, Brown Baby, Knotty-Headed Women, Boogie Joogie, Can't We Take a Chance, All My Life, Jump Time, This Love of Mine, Ain't Got Nobody, Love Is a Wonderful Thing, Nursery Rhyme Jump

Musicians : Tab Smith, Sonny Cohn, Leon Washington, Teddy Brannon, Lavern Dillon, Wilfred Middlebrooks, Walter Johnson, Louis Blackwell

A collection of recordings from the 1950s.

album cover

On A Cool Night, Mike Smith, 1991, Delmark 448

Tracks : Don't Scare Me None, Speak No Evil, Jeanie, Stars Fell On Alabama, Autumn Leaves, Stu's Blues, On A Cool Night, Big P

Musicians : Michael Smith, Ron Friedman, Jim Ryan, John Whitfield, Bob Rummage

album cover

Delayed Exposure, Lin Halliday, 1991, Delmark 449

Tracks : Woody 'n You, How Deep Is The Ocean, Darn That Dream, Dog Ear Blues, My Romance, The Man I Love, Alone Together, The Serpent's Tooth

Musicians : Lin Halliday, Ira Sullivan, Jodie Christian, Dennis Carroll, George Fludas

album cover

Takin' Off, Sir Charles Thompson, 1992, Delmark 450

Tracks : Takin’ Off, If I Had You, 20th Century Blues, Street Beat, Tunis In, Strange Hours, Rhythm Itch, Mad Lad, Benson Alley, Sir Charles’ Boogie, Harlem Jump, Mr. Big Horn, Benson Alley (alt), Strange Hours (alt), Rhythm Itch (alt), Harlem Jump (alt), Mad Lad (alt)

Musicians : Sir Charles Thompson, Buck Clayton, Joe Newman, Taft Jordan, H.B. Mitchell, Bob Dorsey, Dexter Gordon, Charlie Parker, Pete Brown, Leo Parker, Tate Houston, Danny Barker, Freddy Green, Hank Morton, Jimmy Butts, John Simmons, J.C. Heard, Shadow Wilson

A collection of tracks recorded for Apollo in 1943 and 1947.

album cover

Mellow Mama, Dinah Washington, 1992, Delmark 451

Tracks : Mellow Mama Blues, All Or Nothing Blues, Rich Man's Blues, Chewin' Mama Blues, Blues For A Day, Wise Woman Blues, My Voot Is Really Vout, Pacific Coast Blues, Beggin' Mama Blues, Walking Blues, No Voot No Boot, My Lovin' Papa

Musicians : Dinah Washington, Karl George, Lucky Thompson, Jewel Grant, Gene Porter, Wilbert Baranco, Milt Jackson, Charles Mingus, Lee Young

Recordings made for Apollo in December 1945.

album cover

Honkers And Bar Walkers 2, Various Artists, 1993, Delmark 452

Tracks : Pee Wee (Call Of The Gators) (Willis Jackson), Return Of B.O. Plenty (Morris Lane & His Orchestra), Gitchie Gitchie-Goomba (Morris Lane & His Orchestra), Joe's Beat (Morris Lane & His Orchestra), Blue Jeans (Morris Lane & His Orchestra), Benson Bounce (Panama Francis), Darnkness Of The Delta (Panama Francis), Bess's Blues (Panama Francis), 12:00 Jump (Panama Francis), I Love Her (Bill Harvey & His Orchestra), Walk Right In (Bill Harvey & His Orchestra), Doll Baby (Charlie Ferguson And This Orchestra), Bean Head (Charlie Ferguson And This Orchestra), Hard Times (Charlie Ferguson And This Orchestra), Big G (Charlie Ferguson And This Orchestra), That's For Sure (Bobby Smith), That's It (Charlie Ferguson And This Orchestra), Low Light (Charlie Ferguson And This Orchestra), Hi Beam (Charlie Ferguson And This Orchestra), I Got It Bad (Charlie Ferguson And This Orchestra), Rush Hour (King Curtis), Dynamite At Midnite (King Curtis)

album cover

The Jaz Life, Malachi Thompson, 1993, Delmark 453

Tracks : In Walked John, My Romance, Drowning In My Own Tears, Mystic Trumpet Man, Croquet Ballet, Lucky Seven

Musicians : Malachi Thompson, Carter Jefferson, Joe Ford, Kirk Brown, Nasar Abadey, Harrison Bankhead, Richard Lawrence

album cover

Experience, Jodie Christian, 1993, Delmark 454

Tracks : Bluesing Around, Mood Indigo, Faith, End Of A Love Affair, They Can't Take That Away From Me, If I Could Let You Go, Reminiscing, Blues Holiday, All The Things You Are, Goodbye

Musicians : Jodie Christian, Larry Gray, Vincent Davis

album cover

Ace High, Tab Smith, 1992, Delmark 455

Tracks : Cottage For Sale, Sunny Side Of The Street, Tis Autumn, Teddy's Brannin', Strange, These Foolish Things, Ace High, Auf Wiedersehen, Cuban Boogie, My Mother's Eyes, I've Had The Blues All Day, You Belong To Me, Red Hot And Blues, A Bit Of blues, Pennies From Heaven, Seven Up, Live True To You, Cherry, My Baby, Closin' Time

Acollection of recordings from the 1950's.

album cover

New Kingdom, Roy Campbell, 1992, Delmark 456

Tracks : I Remember Lee, Angel, Thanks To The Creator, For C.T., Mariescia, Frankenstein & Igor, Peace, Spiritual Rejuvenation

Musicians : Roy Campbell, Zane Massey (tracks 1, 3 & 7), Ricardo Strobert (tracks 1, 3, 5 & 8), Bryan Carrott (tracks 1, 3, 5 & 8), William Parker, Zen Matsuura

album cover

Nutville, Jim Cooper, 1992, Delmark 457

Tracks : Nutville, Mallethead, Mija, Bemsha Swing, Cantor Da Noite, Sui Fumi, Autumn Nocturne, Cabbie Patch, Tanga

Musicians : Jim Cooper, Ira Sullivan, Bob Dogan, Dan DeLorenzo, Charles Braugham, Alejo Poveda

album cover

East Of The Sun, Lin Halliday, 1992, Delmark 458

Tracks : All The Things You Are, East Of The Sun, I've Found A New Baby, Indian Summer, My Foolish Heart, Corcovado, Paradox, Ira's Blues, Will You Still Be Mine

Musicians : Lin Halliday, Ira Sullivan, Jodie Christian, Dennis Carroll, George Fludas

album cover

Rainbow Mist, Coleman Hawkins, 1992, Delmark 459

Tracks : Rainbow Mist (Coleman Hawkins And His Orchestra), Woody 'n You (Coleman Hawkins And His Orchestra), Bu Dee Daht (Coleman Hawkins And His Orchestra), Disorder At The Border (Coleman Hawkins And His Orchestra), Yesterdays (Coleman Hawkins And His Orchestra), Feeling Zero (Coleman Hawkins And His Orchestra), Salt Peanuts (Auld/Hawkins/Webster Saxtet*), Uptown Lulaby (Auld/Hawkins/Webster Saxtet*), Pick-Up Boys (Auld/Hawkins/Webster Saxtet*), Porgy (Auld/Hawkins/Webster Saxtet*), Concerto For Tenor (Georgie Auld And His Orchestra), Taps Miller (Georgie Auld And His Orchestra), I Can't Get Started (Georgie Auld And His Orchestra), Sweet & Lovely (Georgie Auld And His Orchestra)

Tracks recorded for Apollo Records in 1944.

album cover

Call Of The Gators, Willis Jackson, 1992, Delmark 460

Tracks : Blow, Jackson Blow, More Blues At Midnight, Later For The Gator, Dance Of The Lady Bug, Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man, Gonna Hoot And Holler Saturday Night, Call Of The Gators, On My Own, Chuck's Chuckles, Later For The Gator, Lemonade, More Blues At Midnight, Call Of The Gators, Blow, Jackson Blow

Musicians : Willis Jackson, Andrew Ford, Bob Johnson, Robert Range, Booty Wood, Haywood Henry, Ben Kynard, Reuben Phillips, Duke Anderson, Bill Doggett, Arnold Jarvis, Bobby Smith, Leemie Stanfield, Leonard Heavy Swain, Panama Francis, oe Murphy, Eddie Mack

Tracks recorded for Apollo Records in 1949 and 1950.

album cover

Straight Up, Eric Alexander, 1993, Delmark 461

Tracks : Straight Up, What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?, Be My Love, Blues Waltz, Laura, An Oscar For Treadwell, The End Of A Love Affair, Love Is A Many Splendored Thing

Musicians : Eric Alexander, Jim Rotondi, Harold Mabern, John Webber, George Fludas

album cover

The Traveler, Mike Smith, 1993, Delmark 462

Tracks : The Traveler, Rosebud, A Child's Paradise, Chromatose, Nepotism, Monte Carlo, Witch Hunt, If You Never Come To Me, Angel Eyes, Full Tilt

Musicians : Mike Smith, Ron Friedman, Jim Ryan, Mike Smith (track 5), John Whitfield, Bob Rummage, Julian Smith (track 5)

album cover

Lift Every Voice, Malachi Thompson, 1993, Delmark 463

Tracks : Elephantine Island, Old Man River, Tales Of Ancient Kemet, Transition, Life Ev'ry Voice And Sing, Nubian Call, The Trick Of The Trip, Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen

Musicians : Malachi Thompson, Bob Griffin, David Spencer, Elmer Brown, Kenny Anderson, Bill McFarland, Edwin Williams, Ray Ripperton, Steve Berry, Carter Jefferson, Kirk Brown, Harrison Bankhead, Avreeayl Ra, Enoch, Richard Lawrence, A.T. Crawford (track 5), Dee Dee McCall (track 5), James Spinks (track 5), Louise Thompson (track 5), Patsy Mullins (track 5), Rita Warford (track 5), Theo Reed (track 5), Valerie Mullins (track 5)

album cover

Brass Knuckles, Zane Massey, 1993, Delmark 464

Tracks : Nu Kingdom, Tricke Down Economics, Message From Trane, Through The Eyes Of A Child, Assunta, Walk Right In, Ms. Magic, Black & Yellow

Musicians : Zane Massey, Hideji Taninaka, William Parker (track 2), Sadiq M. Abdu Shahid

album cover

Live At Andy's, Chuck Hedges Swingtet, 1993, Delmark 465

Tracks : Softly As In A Morning Sunrise, New Orleans, Cheek To Cheek, Nuage, It's Alright With Me, Gamblers' Waltz, Breakfast Feud, I Don't Wanna Be Kissed, Liza, She's Funny That Way, AutumnLeaves, The Blues(My Naughty Sweetie Gives Me)

Musicians : Chuck Hedges, Duane Thamm, Dave Bany, John Bany, Charlie Braughm

album cover

Renaissance Of The Resistance, Kahil El'Zabar's Ritual Trio, 1994, Delmark 466

Tracks : Sweet Meat, Ornette, Renaissance Of The Resistance, Trane In Mind, Golden Sea, Fatsmo, Save Your Love For Me

Musicians : Kahil El'Zabar, Ari Brown, Malachi Favors

album cover

Rain Or Shine, Jodie Christian, 1994, Delmark 467

Tracks : Let's Try, Song For Atala, Ballad Medley, Yardbird Suite, Coltrane's View, Mr. Freddie, Chromatically Speaking, Come Rain Or Come Shine, Cherokee

Musicians : Jodie Christian, Paul McKee, Roscoe Mitchell, Art Porter, Larry Gray, Ernie Adams, George Hughes, Vincent Davis, Francine Griffin

album cover
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Where Or When, Lin Halliday, 1994, Delmark 468

Tracks : Street Of Dreams, My Shining Hour, Sophisticated Lady, Dear Old Stockholm, Where Or When, Over The Rainbow, The More I See You, Pent-Up House

Musicians : Lin Halliday, Ira Sullivan, Jodie Christian, Larry Gray, Robert Barry

album cover
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La Tierra Del Fuego, Roy Campbell, 1994, Delmark 469

Tracks : Jahne's Waltz, Booker's Lament, Straight On Up Straight On Down, Charmaine, La Tierra Del Fuego Suite, Losaida, The Sermon

Musicians : Roy Campbell, Alex Lodico, Zane Massey, Ricardo Strobert, Klaas Hekman, Rahn Burton, Hideiji Taninaka, Reggie Nicholson, Talik Abdullah

album cover
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Earl Hines & The Duke's Men, Earl Hines & The Duke's Men, 1994, Delmark 470

Tracks : Kansas City Caboose (Sonny Greer & His Rextet), Sleepy Baboon (Sonny Greer & His Rextet), Ration Stomp (Sonny Greer & His Rextet), Blues On My Weary Mind (Earl Hines Sextet), Design For Jivin' (Earl Hines Sextet), I'll Get By (Earl Hines Sextet), Cat's Boogie (Cat Anderson And His Orchestra), For Jumpers Only (Cat Anderson And His Orchestra), I Gotta Go Baby (Cat Anderson And His Orchestra), Swingin' The Cat (Cat Anderson And His Orchestra), Helena's Dream (Sonny Greer & His Rextet), Kansas City Caboose (Sonny Greer & His Rextet), I Love My Lovin' Lover (Earl Hines Sextet), Life With Fatha (Earl Hines Sextet), Trouble, Trouble (Earl Hines Sextet)

Tracks recorded for Apollo in 1944 and 1947. Musicians :

album cover

Arnett Blows For 1300, Arnett Cobb, 1994, Delmark 471

Tracks : Arnett Blows for 1300, Go, Red Go, Walkin' With Sid, Dutch Kitchen Bounce, Running With Ray, Big League Blues, Cobb's Idea, When I Grow Too Old to Dream, Pay It No Mind, Cobb's Boogie, Flower Garden Blues, Cobb's Corner, Top Flight, Chick She Ain't Nowhere, Still Flying

Musicians include : Arnett Cobb, David Page, Al King, Michael "Booty" Wood, George Rhodes, Walter Buchanan, Milt Larkin

Recordings from 1947.

album cover

How D'You Like It So Far?, Barrett Deems, 1994, Delmark 472

Tracks : Air Mail Special, A Night in Tunisia, Michelle, Soon, It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing), Angel Eyes, Road Runner, Jeanine, Nina's Theme, Happy Hour, Drum Boogie, Close Enough for Love, Speak Low, Time After Time, My Old Flame, Love for Sale

Musicians : Barrett Deems, John Bailey, Chuck Parrish, Peter Elliman, Brad Goode, Mike McLaughlin, Lorin Binford, Craig Kaucher, Audrey Morrison, Scott Roberts, Rich Corpolongo, Jane Johnson, Mike Levin, Tim McNamara, Barry Winograd, Duane Thamm, Robert Curtis, Peewee Mckindra

album cover

New Standards, Malachi Thompson, 1994, Delmark 473

Tracks : Joshua, Pinnoccio, Crescent, Resolution, If I Only Had a Brain, We Speak, Dhyia Malika, Chicago Soundscapes

Musicians : Malachi Thompson, Carter Jefferson, Joe Ford, Ron Bridgewater, Sonny Seals

album cover

Haint, Edward Petersen, 1995, Delmark 474

Tracks : Bebop, Jitterbug Waltz, Green Chimneys, You Don't Know What Love Is, Walking In The Sky, The Haint, Larry Smith, When I Fall In Love

Musicians : Edward Petersen, Billy Brimfield, Willie Pickens, Brian Sandstrom, Robert Shy

album cover

Hey Donald, Roscoe Mitchell, 1995, Delmark 475

Tracks : Walking In The Moonlight, Dragons, Jeremy, The El, Hey Donald, Keep On Keeping On, The Band Room, Englewood High School, Zero, Song For Rwanda, 58th Street, See You At The Fair

Musicians : Roscoe Mitchell, Jodie Christian, Malachi Favors, Albert Tootie Heath

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Up Over & Out, Eric Alexander, 1995, Delmark 476

Tracks : Up, Over & Out, The Nearness Of You, Eronel, Bewitched (Bothered & Bewildered), Flying Fish, Blues For Mabe, I Remember Clifford, Ba-Lue Bolivar Ba-Lues Are

Musicians : Eric Alexander, Harold Mabern, John Ore, Joe Farnsworth

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Big Cliff, Kahil El'Zabar's Ritual Trio, 1995, Delmark 477

Tracks : Another Kind Of Groove, Big Cliff, For The Love Of My Father, Blue Rwanda

Musicians : Kahil El'Zabar, Ari Brown, Billy Bang, Malachi Favors

album cover

Cerupa, Cecil Payne, 1995, Delmark 478

Tracks : The Opening, Bolambo, I Should Care, Cerupa, Be Wee, Cubop, Bosco, Brookfield Andante

Musicians : Cecil Payne, Freddie Hubbard, Odies Williams III, Eric Alexander, Harold Mabern, Jr., John Ore, Joe Farnsworth

album cover
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Portrait In The Mist, Andrew Lamb, 1995, Delmark 479

Tracks : Air & Ear Painters, Negretta Mia, Light Of The Whirling Dervish, Bohemian Love Affair, Portrait In The Mist, Eccentricity, Morning Of The Black Swans

Musicians : Andrew Lamb, Warren Smith, Wilber Morris, Andrei Strobert

album cover

Sinatra Song Book, Mike Smith, 1995, Delmark 480

Tracks : All or Nothing at All, Nancy (With the Laughing Face), I Get a Kick Out of You, Angel Eyes, Dindi, In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning, September in the Rain, Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out to Dry, I Remember You, Only the Lonely

Musicians : Mike Smith, Ron Perillo, Jim Ryan, John Whitfield, Bob Rummage

album cover

Buddy Bolden's Rag, Malachi Thompson & Africa Brass, 1995, Delmark 481

Tracks : Buddy Bolden's Rag, World View, The Chaser In Brasil, We Bop, Nubian Call, The Chaser In America, Kojo Time, Harold The Great, A Mouse In The House

Musicians : Malachi Thompson, Kenny Anderson, Lester Bowie, David Spencer, Steve Berry, Bill McFarland, Ray Ripperton, Edwin Williams, Zane Massey, Ari Brown, Harrison Bankhead, Darryl Ervin, Dr. Cuz, Richard Lawrence

album cover
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Horns Aplenty, Betty O'Hara, 1995, Delmark 482

Tracks : Euphonics, Stardust, My Heart Stood Still, Pigeon Toed Joad, It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing), You Stepped Out Of A Dream, Alligator Crawl, A Sleeping Bee, Medley From 'On The Town', If Dreams Come True

Musicians : Betty O'Hara, Johnny Varro, Morty Corb, Gene Estes

album cover

Skylark, Chuck Hedges / Johnny Varro Trio, 1995, Delmark 483

Tracks : When You're Smiling, Here's That Rainy Day, Autumn Leaves, 'Round Midnight, Have You Met Miss Jones?, Jitterbug Waltz, There Will Never Be Another You, Skylark, I Found a New Baby

Musicians : Chuck Hedges, Johnny Varro, Ray Leatherwood, Gene Estes

album cover

That's For Sure!, Bobby Smith With The Erskine Hawkins Alumni, 1995, Delmark 484

Tracks : Bess's Boogie, Desert Night, Mopsticks, Blue Keys, Wee Gee Blues, Lazy Suzy, That's for Sure, Sweet and Lovely, Flip a Coin, Poodgy, Skippin' & Hoppin', After Hours, Disco, Smoothie, Better Get Right, Dash Hound, Cinder Bottom, Tippin' In, Swan, Station Break, Helicopter, Buffalo Nickel, Pt. 2

Musicians : Bobby Smith, Jimmy Harris, Sammy Lowe, Robert Range, Julian Dash, Haywood Henry, Duke Anderson, Ace Harris, Leroy Kirkland, Leemie Stanfield, Joe Murphy

Recordings made for the United label between 1949 and 1954.

album cover

This Is My House, NRG Ensemble, 1996, Delmark 485

Tracks : Hyperspace, Cut Flowers, Whirlwind, Bullseye Witness, Bustanut, Burnt Toast, Straight Time, In The Middle Of Pennsylvania

Musicians : Brian Sandstrom, Mars Williams, Ken Vandermark, Kent Kessler, Steve Hunt, Daniel Scanlan (track 2), Don Meckley (track 8)

album cover

Ultimate Frontier, Ari Brown, 1996, Delmark 486

Tracks : Big V, Lester Bowie's Gumbo Stew, One For Luba, Meeting Time, Ultimate Frontier, Sincerity, Motherless Child

Musicians : Ari Brown, Kirk Brown, Yosef Ben Israel, Avreeayl Ra, Enoch, Dr. Cuz

album cover

Safe To Imagine, Zane Massey, 1996, Delmark 487

Tracks : Blues For Awliya, Lady Charlotte, Telekinetics, The Sun Of Son, Saminiego, Quiet Dawn, Myra's Maya, Things Have Got To Change

Musicians : Zane Massey, Denton Darien (tracks 1, 2, 4, 5 & 6), Hideiji Taninaka, Sadiq M. Abdu Shahid

album cover

Stablemates, Eric Alexander & Lin Halliday, 1996, Delmark 488

Tracks : The Eternal Triangle, Blue Bird, Polka Dots And Moonbeams, Old Folks, Speak Low, Like Someone In Love, The Night Has A Thousand Eyes, Stablemates

Musicians : Eric Alexander, Lin Halliday, Jodie Christian, Dan Shapera, Wilbur Campbell

album cover
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Just Found Joy, Rich Corpolongo Quartet Plus Two, 1996, Delmark 489

Tracks : Valse, Time Impulse, La Blues, Hey, What's Happening, Just Found Joy, Try To, If You Can, Time Sense, The Way It Is

Musicians : Rick Corpolongo, Larry Luchowski, Jeff Czech, Eric Hochberg, Mike Rayner, Paul Wertico

album cover

Front Line, Jodie Christian, 1996, Delmark 490

Tracks : In A Mellow Time, Willow Weep For Me, Lester Left Town, Front Line, Don't Get Around Much Anymore, Chelsea Bridge, Mood Indigo, All Blues, Faith, Splanky

Musicians : Jodie Christian, Sonny Cohn, Norris Turney, Eddie Johnson, John Whitfield, Ernie Adams, Gerry King, Francine Griffin

album cover
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Warrior, Carl Leukaufe, 1996, Delmark 491

Tracks : Airegin, Before You Know It, Little Warrior, Come Rain or Come Shine, Vierd Blues, Tricotism, Pannonica, Star Eyes, Blues for John Gilmore, The Man I Love, Chant

Musicians : Carl Leukaufe, Kevin Quail, Lin Halliday, Jodie Christian, Jo Iaco, Dan Shapera, Richie Pardo, Robert Barry

album cover
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Deemus, Barrett Deems, 1997, Delmark 492

Tracks : Deed I Do, New Orleans, Shine, After You've Gone, Seven Come Eleven, Six Appeal, I Love Paris, Get Happy

Musicians : Barrett Deems, Chuck Hedges, Steve Behr, Bob Roberts, John Defauw, Wilson McKindra

album cover

Sound Songs, Roscoe Mitchell, 1997, Delmark 493

Tracks : Let's Get Ready To Rumble, They All Had New Clothes, A Messenger In Traffic, Fallen Heroes, Full Frontal Saxophone, Down At The Pond, The 4:50 Express, The Meeting, For Lester B., Near And Far, Song For Percussion And Bamboo Sax, The Play, Act I, The Play, Act II, The Play, Finale, The Garden, The Night, On The Country Road, Side One, The Other Side, The Other Side, Part 2, Side Two, First Sketches Of Leola, Appear And Disappear, The Dream Machine, For Madeline, Closer

Musicians : Roscoe Mitchell

A double CD release of solo studio and live recordings.

album cover

Scotch And Milk, Cecil Payne, 1997, Delmark 494

Tracks : Scotch And Milk, Wilhelmenia, I'm Goin' In, If I Should Lose You, Que Pasaning, Cit Sac, Lady Nia, Et Vous Too, Cecil?

Musicians : Cecil Payne, Marcus Belgrave, Eric Alexander, Lin Halliday, Harold Mabern, John Ore, Joe Farnsworth

album cover
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Motherless Child, Andy Goodrich, 1996, Delmark 495

Tracks : Natch'l Natch'l, You Must Believe In Spring, Quasimodo, Reminiscing, Stranger In Paradise, Serenade In Blue, Stablemates, Motherless Child

Musicians : Andy Goodrich, Eddie Henderson, James Williams, Harold Mabern, Buster Williams, Billy Hart

album cover
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Continuum, Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, 19??, Delmark 496

Tracks : The Continuum, Well You Needn't, Ancestral Song, Ornette, From Whence We Came, Chatham Dirge, All Blues

Musicians : Joseph Bowie, Ernest "Khabeer" Dawkins, Kahil El'Zabar, "Atu" Harold Murray

album cover

47th Street, Malachi Thompson, 1997, Delmark 497

Tracks : 47th Street, Is It Not True Simply Because You Cannot Believe It, X, CJ's Blues, Some Freebop For Monk, Miyako, African Sun Dance, Discovery, The House of Jazz, An Elevated Cry, Lamentation and The Harmony Of Yah

Musicians include : Malachi Thompson, Steve Berry, Billy Harper, Joe Ford, Carter Jefferson, Steve Berry, Kirk Brown, Harrison Bankhead, John Whitfield, Nasar Abadey, Dana Hall, plus vocl group on some tracks

album cover
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Soul Fountain, Jodie Christian, 1998, Delmark 498

Tracks : Soul Fountain, My One And Only Love, Everlasting Life, Abstact Impressions, That Bright Star, Consequences, Jeremy, Blessings, Now's The Time

Musicians : Jodie Christian, Odies Williams, Roscoe Mitchell, Art Porter, John Whitfield, Ernie Adams

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Top 'N' Bottom, Tab Smith, 1997, Delmark 499

Tracks : Top 'N' Bottom, My Ideal, Mr. Gee, Don't Get Around Much Anymore, Prisoner of Love, Rock City, In a Little Spanish Town, For Only You, Tabolino, Imagination, The Moon Is Blue, Lady of Love, I'm a Bouncin' Mama, For Only You, How Long Has It Been, If You Believe in Me, Crying My Blues Away, Baby Please Don't Go, Don't Take Your Love from Me, They Call Me a Fool, Zig Zag

Musicians : Tab Smith, Irving Woods, Charlie Wright, Robert Darby, Lavern Dillon, Teddy Brannon, Lloyd Anderson, Wilfred Middlebrooks, Walter Johnson, plus others

A collection of recordings from 1953 and 1954.

album cover

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