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Delmark Records discography: 5000 series

This is a discography of 5000 series of jazz albums released by Delmark in from 2012 onwards.

The 5000 series follows the 2000 series as the main series of Delmark jazz albums. ...

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Delmark 5000 series albums

Afro Straight, Ernest Dawkins, 2012, DE-5001

Tracks : Mr. PC, United, Afro Straight, Central Park West, Woody 'N You, Softly As In A Morning Sunrise, God Bless The Child, Footprints, Old Man Blues, Juju

Musicians : Ernest Dawkins, Corey Wilkes, Willerm Delisfort, Junius Paul, Isaiah Spencer, Ruben Alvarez, Greg Carmouche (tracks 1 & 6), Greg Penn (tracks 3 & 10), Ben Paterson (track 7),

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What It Is!, Kahil El'Zabar Quartet, 2013, DE-5002

Tracks : The Nature Of, Impressions, What It Is!, Song Of Myself, Central Park West, From The Heart, Kari

Musicians : Kahil El'Zabar, Kevin Nabors, Justin Dillard, Junius Paul

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Absent Minded, Mikrokolektyw, 2013, DE-5003

Tracks : Vacuum, Dream About Mind Master, Sonar Toy, Thistle Soup, Fossil Stairway, Dream About City Backyards, Trilobite, Trouble Spot, Superconductor, Crazy Idea Of Jakub S., Little Warrior, No Magic, Dream About The One

Musicians : Artur Majewski, Kuba Suchar

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Aquarius, Nicole Mitchell's Ice Crystals, 2013, DE-5004

Tracks : Aqua Blue, Today, Today, Yearning, Aquarius, Above The Sky, Diga, Diga, Adaptability, Expectation, Sunday Afternoon, Fred Anderson

Musicians : Nicole Mitchell, Jason Adasiewicz, Joshua Abrams, Frank Rosaly, Calvin Gantt

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No album identified, DE-5005

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Cicada Music, Frank Rosaly, 201?, DE-5006

Tracks : The Dark, Wet Feet Splashing, Yards, Babies, Adrian, Driven, Tragically Positive, Bedbugs, Typophile/Apples, Credits

Musicians : Frank Rosaly, James Falzone, Jason Stein, Keefe Jackson, Jason Adasiewicz, Jason Roebke

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The Space Between, Rob Mazurek Exploding Star Electro Acousic Ensemble, 2013, DE-5007

Tracks : Vortex 1-5, We Are All One With The Moon And The Planets, Only, The Shifting Sequence, Illumination Drone 17, Space Between, Seven Blues, Indra's Net

Musicians : Rob Mazurek, Nicole Mitchell, Jeff Kowalkowski, Matt Bauder, Damon Locks, Guilherme Granado, John Herndon, Mauricio Takara, Carrie Biolo

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Heavy Artillery, Howard Alden / Andy Brown Quartet, 2013, DE-5008

Tracks : Louisiana, Chuckles, Voce E Eu, I Had the Craziest Dream, Three and One, No One Else But You, Brigas Nunca Mais, Heavy Artillery, I Brung You Finjans For Your Zarf, If Dreams Come True

Musicians : Howard Alden, Andy Brown, Joe Policastro, Bob Rummage

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A Round Goal, Keefe Jackson's Likely So, 2013, DE-5009

Tracks : Overture, Bridge Solo - Keefe, Was Ist Kultur, My Time Is My Own, Pastorale, There Is No Language Without Deceit, Hierarchy Follies, Round Goal, Bridge Solo - Dave, Neither Spin Nor Weave, Roses

Musicians : Keefe Jackson, Marc Stucki, Waclaw Zimpel, Dave Rempis, Peter A. Schmid, Thomas K.J. Mejer, Mars Williams

Recorded live at the Jazzwerkstatt Festival in Berne on February 20, 2013.

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Blue Skies, Ira Sullivan presents the Jim Holman Trio, 2013, DE-5010

Tracks : Blue Skies, Just Friends, Solar, Blue in Green, Someday My Prince Will Come, Along Came Betty, Just in Time, On the Sunny Side of the Street

Musicians : Ira Sullivan, Jim Holman, Roger Humphries

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Groove Awakening, Ari Brown, 2013, DE-5011

Tracks : One For Ken, Groove Awakening, Enka, Veda's Dance, Lonnie's Lament, In A Sentimental Mood, 3bop 4 Mal, Ayne's Trane, Give Thanks (Song For Gerry)

Musicians : Ari Brown, Kirk Brown, Yosef Ben Israel, Avreeayl Ra, Dr. Cuz

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Trance Hypothesis, Fareed Haque, 2013, DE-5012

Tracks : Mellow Mood, Poonjob In The Punjab, Trance Hypothesis, Chitlins 'n' Chutney, Gnossienne 1, Hymn Of The Ancients, Saba, Srishti, In The BollyHood, Down To The Root, Cowboys And Indians

Musicians : Fareed Haque

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Follow The Sun, Kahil El'Zabar's Ritural Trio, 2014, DE-5013

Tracks : Follow The Sun, Softly As In A Morning Sunrise, Great Black Music, Footprints, Grandmaís Hands, Inner Heart, Body And Soul, Our Journey, Up Your Mind

Musicians : Kahil ElíZabar, Ari Brown, Duke Payne, Junius Paul, Dwight Trible (tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 7 & 9)

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High Red Center, Jason Roebke Octet, 2014, DE-5014

Tracks : High Red Center, Slow, Blues, Candy Time, Dirt Cheap, No Passengers, Double Check, Ten Nights, Ballin', Shadow, Birthday

Musicians : Jason Roebke, Josh Berman, Jeb Bishop, Keefe Jackson, Greg Ward, Jason Adasiewicz, Mike Reed

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Force Majeure, Paul Giallorenzo's GitGO, 2014, DE-5015

Tracks : Force Majeure, Fits And Starts, Rocky Terrain, Reverberations, Blowings On, A Tone, Roscoe Far I

Musicians : Paul Giallorenzo, Jeb Bishop, Mars Williams, Anton Hatwich, Quin Kirchner

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Folklords, Jason Ajemian, 2014, DE-5016

Tracks : Ask Mr. Blount Now (Suite): Ask Me No / Ask Mr. Blount Now / Satellites Are Spinning, Orange Is The Color Of The Sun, Then Blue Sky (Suite): Prelude To The Sun / Orange Was The Color Of Her Dress / Then Blue Silk / Fables Of Faubus / Portrait, Material Girls, Punk The Blues, Freedom Is A Trail Of Tears

Musicians : Jason Ajemian, Kid Bliss, Owen Stewart-Robertson, Jason Nazary, Frank Corpus

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From The Region, Jason Adasiewicz's Sun Rooms, 201?, DE-5017

Tracks : Leeza, Classic Route, The Song I Wrote For Tonight, Mae Flowers, Mr. PB, Two Comes, I Forgot The Words, Cubane, Just Talkin' To Myself, Is A Bell A Rose

Musicians : Jason Adasiewicz, Ingebrigt HŚker Flaten, Mike Reed

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In The Wee Small Hours, Sax Gordon, 2014, DE-5018

Tracks : The Glory Of Love, In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning, When I Grow Too Old To Dream, My Old Flame, Whatever Lola Wants, Blue And Sentimental, Big Top Blues, Easy Living, Bubbles

Musicians : Sax Gordon, Alberto Marsico, Alessandro Minetto

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Soloist, Andy Brown, 2015, DE-5019

Tracks : Dancing In The Dark, Stompin' At The Savoy, O Barquino, Nina Never Knew, Anything Goes, When Your Lover Has Gone, Estatť, Godchild, Tango El Bongo, You're My Everything, It's The Talk Of The Town, Drum Boogie, Memories Of You, By Myself

Musicians : Andy Brown

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The Time Inside A Year, Dave McDonnell Group, 2015, DE-5020

Tracks : Bullitt, Vox Orion, The Contract with Bees, ∆pse Mvt 1, Bakers Man, Cyclo, Discovery of the Ancient Geologist, ∆pse Mvt 2, Brandywine, Nodes of the Moon, ∆pse Mvt 3

Musicians : Dave McDonnell, Nate Lepine (track 7), Jason Adasiewicz (tracks 2 & 6), Chris Welcome, Tomeka Reid (tracks 4, 8 & 11), Joshua Abrams

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A Dance And A Hop, Josh Berman, 2015, DE-5021

Tracks : Hang Ups, Blues, Wooden, Time/Trouble, Your Uncle, Mint, That's Now, Luggage, Bridges, Today's Date, Cold Snap

Musicians : Josh Berman, Jason Roebke, Frank Rosaly

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Invitation, Larry Novak Trio, 2015, DE-5022

Tracks : Waltz for Debby, Very Early, The Days of Wine and Roses, Minority, Close Enough for Love, Yesterdays Invitation, The Touch of Your Lips, Nobody Else but Me, Too Late Now

Musicians : Larry Novak, Eric Hochberg, bass, Rusty Jones

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Direct Call, Andy Brown, 2016, DE-5023

Tracks : The Jeep Is Jumpin', Prisoner of Love, El Cajon, Funk in Deep Freeze, Appel Direct (Direct Call), Relaxing, One Morning in May, Catch Me, Ela E Carioca, Freak of the Week

Musicians : Andy Brown, Jeremy Kahn, Joe Policastro, Phil Gratteau

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Rows & Rows, Keefe Jackson & Jason Adasiewicz, 2016, DE-5024

Tracks : Caballo Ballo, Questioned, Understood, Possessed, Where's Mine, A Rose Heading, Swap, Rows And Rows, Putting It On, Taking It Off, Cannon From The Nothing Suite, Thunder Cooker

Musicians : Keefe Jackson, Jason Adasiewicz

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