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Fantasy 6000/86000 series discography

After acquiring the Debut catalog in the early 1960s Fantasy released 17 albums in the 6000 / 86000 Debut series between 1962 and 1964.

All albums were released in mono and stereo. 6000 catalog numbers were used for mono releases and 86000 numbers for stereo.

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Fantasy 6001 - 6017

Blue Moods, Miles Davis, 1962, Fantasy 6001 / 86001

Tracks : Nature Boy, Alone Together, There's No You, Easy Living

Musicians : Miles Davis, Britt Woodman, Teddy Charles, Charles Mingus, Elvin Jones

Originally released on Debut in 1955.

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Chazz!, Charlie Mingus Quintet, 1962, Fantasy 6002 / 86002

Tracks : Jump Monk, Serenade In Blue, Percussion Discussion, Work Song, Septemberly, All The Things You C-Sharp

Musicians : Charles Mingus, Eddie Bert, George Barrow, Mal Waldron, Max Roach, Willie Jones

Originally released on Debut in 1956 as Mingus At The Bohemia.

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Jazz at Massey Hall, Charlie Chan, Dizzy Gillespie, Bud Powell, Max Roach, Charlie Mingus, 1962, Fantasy 6003 / 86003

Tracks : Perdido, Salt Peanuts, All The Things You Are, Wee, Hot House, A Night In Tunisia

Musicians : Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Chan (Charlie Parker), Bud Powell, Charles Mingus, Max Roach

Originally released on Debut in 1956.

album cover

The Fabulous Thad Jones, Thad Jones, 1962, Fantasy 6004 / 86004

b>Tracks : Get Out Of Town, One More, Bitty Ditty, More of the Same, Elusive, Sombre Intrusion, I Can't Get Started, I'll Remember April, You Don't Know What Love Is, Chazzanova

Musicians : Thad Jones, Frank Wess, Hank Jones, John Dennis, Charles Mingus, Kenny Clarke, Max Roach

Originally released on Debut in 1956.

album cover

Four Trombones, Various Artists, 1962, Fantasy 6005 / 86005

Tracks : Blues For Some Bones, Stardust, Move, I'll Remember April

Musicians : Willie Dennis, Bennie Green, J.J. Johnson, Kai Winding, John Lewis, Charles Mingus, Art Taylor

Recorded in 1953.

album cover

Bud Powell Trio, Bud Powell Trio, 1962, Fantasy 6006 / 86006

Tracks : Embraceable You, Sure Thing, My Devotion, Polka Dots And Moon Beans, Cherokee, Jubilee, I've Got You Under My Skin, My Heart Stood Still, I Want To Be Happy, Lullaby For Birdland

Musicians : Bud Powell, Charlie Mingus, Max Roach

Recorded in 1953. Some tracks originally released on 10" LPs.

album cover

"Speak, Brother, Speak": at the Jazz Workshop, Max Roach Quartet, 1963, Fantasy 6007 / 86007

Tracks : Speak, Brother, Speak, A Variation

Musicians : Max Roach, Cliff Jordan, Mal Waldron, Eddie Khan

album cover

Four Trombones, Volume 2, Various Artists, 1964, Fantasy 6008 / 86008

Tracks : Now's The Time, Trombosphere, Ow!, Chazzanova

Musicians : J.J. Johnson, Kai Winding, Benny Green, Willie Dennis, John Lewis, Charles Mingus, Art Taylor

Originally released, as Four Trombones, on Debut in 1957.

album cover

The Charles Mingus Quintet + Max Roach, Charles Mingus Quintet, 1964, Fantasy 6009 / 86009

Tracks : A Foggy Day, Drums, Haitian Fight Song, Lady Bird, I'll Remember April, Love Chant

Musicians : Charles Mingus, Eddie Bert, George Barrow, Mal Waldron, Max Roach, Willie Jones

Recorded at the Cafe Bohemia in 1955.

album cover

My Little Cello, Oscar Pettiford and His Jazz Groups, 1964, Fantasy 6010 / 86010

Tracks : The Pendulum At Falcon's Lair, Tamalpais (Song Of Love To The Winds), Jack, The Fieldstalker, Fru Bruel, Stockholm Sweetnin', Low And Behold, I Succumb To Temptation

Musicians : Oscar Pettiford, Phil Urso, Julius Watkins, Jan Johansson, Walter Bishop, Louis Hjulmand, Charlie Mingus, Percy Brice

Tracks recorded in 1953 and 1959. Some tracks originally released on 10" LP in 1954.

album cover

Bird on 52nd Street Theme, Charlie Parker, 1964, Fantasy 6011 / 86011

Tracks : Theme, Shaw 'Nuff, Out Of Nowhere, Hot House, This Time The Dream's On Me, Night In Tunisia, My Old Flame, 52nd Street Theme, The Way You Look Tonight, Out Of Nowhere, Chasin' The Bird, This Time The Dream's On Me, Dizzy Atmosphere, How High The Moon, Theme

Musicians : Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Duke Jordan, Tommy Potter, Max Roach

Recorded in 1948. Originally released on Jazz Workshop.

album cover

Bird at St. Nick's, Charlie Parker, 1964, Fantasy 6012 / 86012

Tracks : I Didn't Know What Time It Was, Ornithology, Embraceable You, Visa, I Cover The Waterfront, Scrapple From The Apple, Star Eyes, 52nd Street Theme, Confirmation, Out Of Nowhere, Hot House, What's New, Now's The Time, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, 52nd Street Theme

Musicians : Charlie Parker, Red Rodney, Al Haig, Tommy Porter, Roy Haynes

Recorded in 1950. Originally released on Jazz Workshop.

album cover

Brew Moore in Europe, Brew Moore with Lars Gullin & Sahib Shihad, 1964, Fantasy 6013 / 86013

Tracks : Ergo, You Stepped Out Of A Dream, The Monster, Svinget 14, Allt Under Himmelens Faste, Rend A Hop, Laverne Walk, Piger

Musicians : Brew Moore, Lars Gullin, Sahib Shihab, Bent Axen, Louis Hjulmand, Niels-Henning Orsetd Pedersen, William Schiopffe

Originally released in Denmark in 1962.

album cover

Cecil Taylor Live at the Cafe Montmartre, Cecil Taylor, 1964, Fantasy 6014 / 86014

Tracks : Trance, Call, Lena, D Trad, That's What

Musicians : Cecil Taylor, Jimmy Lyons, Sunny Murray

Recorded in Copenhagen in November 1962. Originally released in Denmark on Debut in 1963.

album cover

Essen Jazz Festival All Stars, Various Artists, 1964, Fantasy 6015 / 86015

Tracks : All The Things You Are, Yesterdays, Stuffy, Shaw Nuff, Willow Weep For Me, John's Abbey, Salt Peanuts, Blues In The Closet

Musicians : Coleman Hawkins, Bud Powell, Oscar Pettiford, Kenny Clarke

Originally released in Denmark.

album cover

My Name is Albert Ayler, Albert Ayler, 1964, Fantasy 6016 / 86016

Tracks : Introduction, Bye, Bye, Blackbird, Billie's Bounce, Summertime, On Green Dolphin Street, C. T.

Musicians : Albert Ayler, Niels Brønsted, Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, Ronnie Gardiner Originally released in Denmark in 1964.

album cover

Right Now: Live at the Jazz Workshop, Charles Mingus, 1964, Fantasy 6017 / 86017

Tracks : New Fables, Meditation (For A Pair Of Wire Cutters)

Musicians : Charles Mingus, Clifford Jordan, John Handy, Jane Getz, Danny Richmond

album cover

album cover

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