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Golden Years of Soviet New Jazz

The Golden Years of Soviet New Jazz was a series of multi-CD releases within the Golden Years Of New Jazz series. The four box sets in the series were released between 2001 and 2003.

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Golden Years Of Soviet New Jazz series

Golden Years of Soviet New Jazz Vol.I, Guyvoronsky - Volkov / Sergey Kuryokhin / Valentina Ponomareva / Anatoly Vapirov, 2001, Leo CD GY 401/404

Tracks : CD 1 (Vyacheslav Guyvoronsky / Vladimir Volkov): In Search Of A Standard, Waltz-Standard, A Night In Tunisia, Lullaby For Coltrane, Poet (Netsuke), Sarabanda, Street Organ, Waltz, Blues In C-Major, Totem, Three Dances, Advance To The Past / CD 2 (Sergey Kuryokhin): Matinee (Solo Piano), Vernissage (Solo Piano), Meditation At The Piano (Solo Piano), Maple Leaf Rag, Second Siberian Concert (Full Version), Popular Zoological Elements (Part II) / CD 3 (Valentina Ponomareva): C-Jam Blues, Ain't Misbehaving, Michelle, Invocation Of Spirit, Sheptalki, Wind Blows In The Ears Of A Stone Stallion, Intrusion / CD 4 (Anatoly Vapirov): Lines Of Destiny (Short Version), Macbeth, Lines Of Destiny (Full Version), Delusion

Notes : CD 1 previously unreleased recordings from 1985/1986. CD 2 tracks originally released on the LPs Sentenced To Silence (LR 110) and Popular Zoological Elements (LR 148) plus previously unreleased live and studio recordings from October 1984. CD 3 tracks previously released on the albums Fortune Teller (LR 136), Invocations (LR 121) and Intrusion (LR 157) plus one previously released track. CD 4 tracks originally released on LPs Sentenced To Silence (LR 110), Macbeth (LR 130), and De Profundis (LR 150), plus on previously unreleased track.

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Golden Years of the Soviet New Jazz Vol.II, Vladimir Rezitsky, Orkestrion, Mikhail Chekalin, Petras Vysniauskas, 2001, Leo CD GY 405/408

Tracks : CD 1: Vibrating Planet (Vladimir Rezitsky / Jazz Group Arkhangelsk), Untitled (Vladimir Rezitsky / Jazz Group Arkhangelsk) / CD 2: Suite For Zakanalka (Orkestrion), Suite Garden-Prayer-Abyss (Orkestrion) / CD 3: Probability Symphony In The Style Of Jazz In Five Parts For Four Players (Mikhail Chekalin Featuring Sergey Trofimov New Jazz Trio) / CD 4: Albino's Movements (Petras Vysniauskas), Inverso (Ganelin / Vysniauskas / Talas)

Notes : All tracks previously unreleased except for one track on CD 4 which was released on the album Inverso (Leo LR 140)

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Golden Years of the Soviet New Jazz Vol.III, Homo Liber / Vladimir Chekasin Big Bands / Sainkho Namchylak / Tri-o / Vladislav Makarov / Andrew Solovyev & Igor Grigoriev, 2002, Leo CD GY 409/412

Tracks : In Memory Of Andrey Tarkovsky (Homo Liber), Opus N. 40 (Homo Liber), Six Plays, Jazz Suite (Homo Liber), Pathological Music (Vladimir Chekasin Big Band), New Vitality, Live In Vilnius (Vladimir Chekasin Big Band), Improvisation (Sainkho With Pop-Mechanics), Improvisation (Sainkho With Mikhail Zhukov), Hymn (Sainkho, Tri-O), Transformation Of Matter (Sainkho, Tri-O), Lullaby (Sainkho, Tri-O), Personalities (Sainkho, Tri-O), Improvisation (Sainkho With Sergey Letov), Improvisation (Tri-O), Freedom To Bondmaid Izaura (Tri-O), Trialogue (Tri-O), Unfinished Fughetta (Tri-O), Introduction (Tri-O), Rix (The Roof), Terror (The Roof), Engineer V (The Roof), Clavier (The Roof), Can't Think Of A Little (Moscow Improvising Trio), Little Bird (Asphat), CD/FG (Asphalt), Dactyl (Asphalt), Quiet Song (Asphalt), McCo (Vladislav Makarov), LeMa (Vladislav Makarov), Permanenstvuyshchle (The Permanent) (Vladislav Makarov), Process (For Four Trumpets) (Andrew Solovyev)

Notes : All tracks previously unreleased except for one track on CD 2

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Golden Years of the Soviet New Jazz Vol.IV, Vyacheslav Ganelin, Vladimir Chekasin, Vladimir Tarasov, 2003, Leo CD GY 413/416

Tracks : Con Amore (Vyacheslav Ganelin), Home Music Making (Ganelin / Chekasin), 1 + 1 = 3 Live In Le Mans (Tarasov / Chekasin), Simile (Ganelin / Tarasov), Anti Show - Sketches Of Everyday Life (Vladimir Chekasin Quartet), We Love Jazz Standards (Chekasin / Vysniauskas Quintet), Vide (Ganelin Trio), Baltic Triangle (Ganelin Trio), Umtza-Umtza (Ganelin Trio)

Notes : Recordings made between 1980 and 1988.

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