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Spool: Line series discography

This page lists releases on the Line series of the Spool label.

Spool, a Canadian record company, was founded in 1997 and released its first albums in 1998. The Line Series of albums released by the company focused on improvisers who were active on the free improvisation scene.

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Spool; Line Series

Sponge, Chris Tarry / Dylan van der Schyff, 1998, Spool SPL 101 (Line 1)

Tracks : Snakes And Sand (Tension 1), Tribes (Tension 2), Police Tools (Tension 3), Sponge (Tension 4), Water Song (Release 1)

Musicians : Chris Tarry, Dylan van der Schyff

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These Are Our Shoes, Peggy Lee / Dylan van der Schyff, 1998, Spool SPL 102 (Line 2)

Tracks : Socks And Loafers, The Soaker, Spit Polish, Mud Marchin' Boots, Glass Slippers And Clogs, Between The Toes, Heel Toe, Soles, Dull Skates, Insert, Tongues, Enigma Of A Gumboot, Foot Freaks, Laces And Holes, Treads, Shit Kickers, Bacteria, Aromas

Musicians : Peggy Lee, Dylan van der Schyff

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Passwords, Henry Kaiser & Paul Plimley With Danielle DeGruttola, 1999, Spool SPL 103 (Line 3)

Tracks : Stowaways, A Forgotten Secret, Fringes, Helpful Disclosures, Clues In Verse, The Secret Of The Wooden Leg, An Elusive Ghost, More Trouble, Locked In, Jigsaw In Glass, Locked Out, The Unexpected Reunion, The Hard Decisions, Dreams Come True, Key To A Mystery

Musicians : Henry Kaiser, Paul Plimley, Danielle DeGruttola

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Pieces Of Time, Eyvind Kang / Dylan van der Schyff / François Houle, 1999, Spool SPL 104 (Line 4)

Tracks : Untitled, Untitled, Untitled, Untitled, Untitled

Musicians : Eyvind Kang, Dylan van der Schyff, François Houle

Recorded at the Western Front in Vancouver, on November 28, 1997,

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The Peggy Lee Band, The Peggy Lee Band, 1999, Spool SPL 105 (Line 5)

Tracks : Message To Little Shoe, Two Stories, Monkey Puzzle, Fossil, Long Beach, Big Top, Under The Dock, Lullabye, Walk Home

Musicians : Peggy Lee, Brad Turner, Jeremy Berkman, Tony Wilson, Chris Tarry, Dylan van der Schyff

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The Test Tubes, Jacques Israelievitch / Reinhard Reitzenstein / Jesse Stewart / Gayle Young, 1999, Spool SPL 106 (Line 6)

Tracks : The Thermometers, Small Alembic, Test Tubes, Under My Skin, Oil Of Cedar, Rose Oil

Musicians : Jacques Israelievitch, Reinhard Reitzenstein, Jesse Stewart, Gayle Young

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Wowow, The NOW Orchestra, 1999, Spool SPL 107 (Line 7)

Tracks : Wowow, The Yellow Sound, The Tyranny Of Interest

Musicians : Bill Clark, John Korsrud, George Lewis, Ralph Eppel, Rod Murray, Brad Muirhead, Mark Nodwell, Coat Cooke, Graham Ord, Vinny Golia, Paul Cram, Saul Berson, Paul Plimley, Ron Samworth, Peggy Lee, Clyde Reed, Paul Blaney, Dylan van der Schyff, Kate Hammett-Vaughan

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Rake, Rake, 2000, Spool SPL 108 (Line 8)

Tracks : Calling, Pool: Bridges, Pool: Ashes, Two Winds, Skree, There, Falling, Beak, Tchorb

Musicians : David Broscoe, Rory Magill, Jamie Gullikson

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12 Milagritos, John Butcher / Gino Robair / Matthew Sperry, 1998, Spool SPL 109 (Line 9)

Tracks : Ave, Nervio, Labio, Cerebro, Bizaro, Codo, Garganta, Mano, Brazo, Pelo, Dedo, Pie

Musicians : John Butcher, Gino Robair, Matthew Sperry

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Port Huron Picnic, Mats Gustafsson / Kurt Newman / Mike Gennaro, 2000, Spool SPL 110 (Line 10)

Tracks : Port Huron, La Peer, Flint, Lansing, Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, Niles, Chicago

Musicians : Mats Gustafsson, Kurt Newman, Mike Gennaro

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Close, Queen Mab, 2000, Spool SPL 111 (Line 11)

Tracks : Oh, Quartet, Close, Knot, Tikes, The Cave Dwellers, Nameless

Musicians : Lori Freedman, Marilyn Lerner, Jack Vorvis (track 1), Fides Krucker (track 3), Tiina Kiik (track 4), Lee Pui Ming (track 5), Victor Bateman (track 7)

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Lowest Note, Tony Wilson Sextet, 2000, Spool SPL 112 (Line 12)

Tracks : #20, Lowest Note, The Gong Song, Untitled #1, New York City Blue, Col. Rowan's March, For Fela Kuti, For Freddie Stone, For Albert, For Chet Baker, Can't Take A Joke, Tears Inside

Musicians : Tony Wilson, Kevin Elaschuk, Dave Say, Peggy Lee, Paul Blaney, Dylan van der Schyff, François Houle (track 4)

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The Shadowgraph Series: Compositions For Creative Orchestra, George Lewis / The NOW Orchestra, 2001, Spool SPL 113 (Line 13)

Tracks : Hello/Goodbye, Shadowgraph 1, Shadowgraph 2, Shadowgraph 3, Shadowgraph 5, Smashing Clusters

Musicians : George E. Lewis, Rob Blakeslee, John Korsrud, Ralph Eppel, Bruce Freedman, Graham Ord, Coat Cooke, Saul Berson, Brad Muirhead, Paul Plimley, Ron Samworth, Peggy Lee, Clyde Reed, Paul Blaney, Dylan van der Schyff, Kate Hammett-Vaughan

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Itadakimasu (Improvised Duets 1994 - 2000), Brett Larner, 2001, Spool SPL 114 (Line 14)

Tracks : Jim O'Rourke, Ted Reichman, Samm Bennett, John Shiurba, Anthony Braxton, G.E. Stinson, Gianni Gebbia, Taku Sugimoto, Loren Mazzacane Connors, Gino Robair

Musicians : Brett Larner plus the musicians listed as track titles

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Yesca One, Travis Baker / Sara Schoenbeck, 2002, Spool SPL 115 (Line 15)

Tracks : 12341241, Cards #2, Blip, When One, Yesca One, Bungalow Hop, Extra Over, Rocky Clucks, Cards #1, Seven, Effervescing

Musicians : Travis Baker, Sara Schoenbeck

album cover

Dearness, Fred Frith / Anne Bourne / John Oswald, 2001, Spool SPL 116 (Line 16)

Tracks : A Walk Is An Adventure, Three Hundred Ears And An Ocean, Lower Flower

Musicians : Fred Frith, Anne Bourne, John Oswald

Recorded live at the Rivoli in Toronto in August 1998.

album cover

Sounds From The Big House, Peggy Lee Band, 2002, Spool SPL 117 (Line 17)

Tracks : Rock Paper Scissors, Little Reminders, Night Skate, Bug Hunt/Target Island, Spiralling, Distance, Sounds From The Big House, Horse's Dream, Go Dog Go

Musicians : Peggy Lee, Brad Turner, Jeremy Berkman, François Houle, Tony Wilson, Chris Tarry, Dylan van der Schyff, Robin Reid

album cover

Floating 1...2...3, Michael Moore / Peggy Lee / Dylan van der Schyff, 2002, Spool SPL 118 (Line 18)

Tracks : Floating 1, Floating 2, Floating 3

Musicians : Michael Moore, Peggy Lee, Dylan van der Schyff

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The Flying Deer, Tobias Delius / Wilbert de Joode / Dylan van der Schyff, 2003, Spool SPL 119 (Line 19)

Tracks : A Good Idea, Seven Day Itch, The Flying Deer, Bar Flies, Zaal 100

Musicians : Tobias Delius, Wilbert de Joode, Dylan van der Schyff

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Tempted To Smile, Fred Frith / Joëlle Léandre / Jonathan Segel, 2003, Spool SPL 120 (Line 20)

Tracks : From Ice To Steam, Portrait Of A Boy, Sideshow, The Glass Of Absinthe, Smell My Halo, The Palace At 4 AM, Hey Sonny, La Valise, Goodbye Pop, Tempted To Smile, Housecleaning At The Beginning Of The New Year

Musicians : Fred Frith, Joëlle Léandre, Jonathan Segel

album cover

No Day Rising, Brett Larner / Joëlle Léandre / Kazuhisa Uchihashi, 2003, Spool SPL 121 (Line 21)

Tracks : 5:15 P.M., 5:48 P.M., 6:48 P.M., 8:03 P.M., 9:15 P.M., 11:01 P.M., 11:42 P.M., 1:02 A.M., 2:00 A.M., 2:42 A.M., 4:04 A.M., 5:09 A.M., 5:31 A.M.

Musicians : Brett Larner, Joëlle Léandre, Kazuhisa Uchihashi

album cover

Gen, Shoko Hikage / Jonathan Segel, 2003, Spool SPL 122 (Line 22)

Tracks : Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16

Musicians : Shoko Hikage, Jonathan Segel

album cover

Some Ra, Rake-Star, 2004, Spool SPL 123 (Line 23)

Tracks : Space Is Still The Place, Part 3, Somewhere In Space; Angels And Demons At Play, Ankh; Spectrum, And Of Six, I Dream Too Much, Cobalt; Satellites Are Spinning, Discipline 33, Journey To Rakestar; Love In Outerspace, Don't Do; We Travel The Spaceways

Musicians : Rory Magill, Petr Cancura, Rob Frayne, David Broscoe, Linsey Wellman, Jennifer Giles, John Higney, Mark Molnar, John Geggie, Martin Newman, Pierre-Yves Martel, Jamie Gullikson, Gaby Warren

Recorded live at the Bayou Blues & Jazz Club in Ottawa in April 2003.

album cover

Worlds Apart, Peggy Lee Band, 2004, Spool SPL 124 (Line 24)

Tracks : Worlds Apart, Soft Scrape, Retracing, Spells, First Spin, Old One Knows, Beekeeper's Club, A Door, Lookout

Musicians : Peggy Lee, Brad Turner, Jeremy Berkman, Tony Wilson, Andre Lechance, Dylan van der Schyff, Ron Samworth

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Intersection Poems, Wayne Horvitz / Ron Samworth / Peggy Lee / Bill Clark / Dylan van der Schyff, 2004, Spool SPL 125 (Line 25)

Tracks : Merge A La Gauche, Elk Crossing, Pavement Ends, Intersection Poems, Children At Play, Begin Two Way, When Amber Flashing

Musicians : Wayne Horvitz, Ron Samworth, Peggy Lee, Bill Clark, Dylan van der Schyff

Recorded live at the Vancouver East Cultural Center on March 28, 2003.

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Hoxha, Rutherford / Vandermark / Müller / Van Der Schyff, 2005, Spool SPL 126 (Line 26)

Tracks : King Ghidora, Iris, Angilas, Baragon, Dagahra, Rokurokubi

Musicians : Paul Rutherford, Ken Vandermark, Torsten Müller, Dylan Van Der Schyff

Recorded live in Portland, Oregon on December 12, 2004.

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Open Spaces, François Carrier / Dewey Redman / Michel Donato / Ron Séguin / Michel Lambert, 2006, Spool SPL 127 (Line 27)

Tracks : Going Through, Open Spaces, With The Flow

Musicians : François Carrier, Dewey Redman, Michel Donato, Ron Séguin, Michel Lambert

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Unlearn, Gordon Grdina's Box Cutter, 2006, Spool SPL 128 (Line 28)

Tracks : Titlewave, Cworky, Kenton & I, Pads, Say, Distant, Origin, Soul Suit, Albert The Monk, Platform

Musicians : Gordon Grdina, François Houle, Karlis Silins, Kenton Loewen

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New Rules For Noise, Gordon Grdina's Box Cutter, 2007, Spool SPL 129 (Line 29)

Tracks : Peripheral Ghosts, Burning Bright, Junk Drawer, Yellow Spot Into The Sun, The Good News, Nayeli Joon, Big Man, Get Down!, Weeble Wobble, The Bad News, Plan Of Attack, W.W.T.W.D.

Musicians : Gordon Grdina, François Houle, Karlis Silins, Kenton Loewen

album cover

Creative Orchestra (Guelph) 2007, Anthony Braxton and The AIMToronto Orchestra, 2008, Spool SPL 130 (Line 30)

Tracks : Language Improvision, Composition 306, Language Improvision, Composition 307 / Language Improvisation, Composition 91

Musicians : Anthony Braxton, Nicole Rampersaud, Scott Thomson, Colin Fisher, Evan Shaw, Kyle Brenders, Ronda Rindone, Rob Piilonen, Tania Gill, Ken Aldcroft, Justin Haynes, Parmela Attariwala, Tilman Lewis, Rob Clutton, Victor Bateman, Joe Sorbara, Nick Fraser, Brandon Valdivia, Christine Duncan

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