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Spool: Arc, Field, Point and Spurn series discography

This page lists releases in four series of albums released by Spool: Arc, Field, Point and Spurn.

Spool, a Canadian record company, was founded in 1997 and released its first albums in 1998.

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Spool: Line series | Spool: other series: Arc / Field / Point / Spurn

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Spool: Arc Series

EL, The Skronktet West, 2006, Spool SPA 401 (Arc 1)

Tracks : Tddk, Shrrr, Toad In The Hole, Sdppd + Prruer, Thray, Ritmos A, Ellhg + Sttm [Krind]

Musicians : Matt Ingalls, Scott Rosenberg, John Shiurba, Morgan Guberman, Gino Robair

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Triplicate, John Shiurba, 2006, Spool SPA 402 (Arc 2)

Tracks : Adobe, Trainging Long Hauling, Short Reels, I Knew You Falling, Rita

Musicians : John Shiurba, Tom Djll, Tom Yoder, Dan Plonsey, Matt Ingalls, Matthew Sperry, Gino Robair, Lara Bruckmann, Morgan Guberman

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Mental Scars, Matthias von Imhof, 2006, Spool SPA 403 (Arc 3)

Tracks : Liberation, Ruminant, Cows, Too Late, Black Hole, The Hidden Face / Wesak, Three Dead Mice, Help, Scaling, Stinkfaul, The Windigo, Samsâra

Musicians : Matthias von Imhof

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Spool: Field Series

Free Improv For Robots, Broken Record Chamber, 1998, Spool SPF 301 (Field 1)

Tracks : Chopsticks, Modern Beat, Quazimoto, Back To The Blues, Swamp Meat, Sagittarius Project, Story Intro, Jaz-Bitch, Buka' Flute, Videogame Argument, French Reggae Strangulation

Musicians : Jess Conn-Potegal, Jim Black, Ben Wilson

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Au Coeur du Litige, Francois Houle, 2000, Spool SPF 302 (Field 2)

Tracks : Au Coeur Du Litige : Grésil/Black Triangle/Mon Coeur/L'Immigrant/Allégories/Epilogue, Blinks: Blink I/Air Froid/Blink II, Période Monochrome, Cryogenic Nightmare, En Attendant La Neige, Brace, Skronk I, Ice, Snowbirds, Watt, Ghosting, Skronk II, The Woodcarver's Wife, Rive Sud, Fleur De Peau

Musicians : François Houle, John Korsrud, Tony Wilson, Ron Samworth, Paul Dolden, Paul Shatto, Shaw Pierce, Dan Gagnon, Chris Tarry, Sheila McDonald, Dylan Van Der Schyff, Robert Zajtmann, Thérèse Champagne

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Equation, John Butcher / Mike Hansen / Tomasz Krakowiak, 2006, Spool SPF 303 (Field 3)

Tracks : Noise Temperature Suite: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5, Standing Wave Suite: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4

Musicians : John Butcher, Mike Hansen, Tomasz Krakowiak

Recorded live at St George the Martyr Church in Toronto in May 2002.

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Relay, Mike Hansen & Tomasz Krakowiak, 2005., Spool SPF 304 (Field 4)

Tracks : Untitled, Untitled, Untitled, Untitled

Musicians : Mike Hansen, Tomasz Krakowiak

Record live at New Works Studio in Toronto in May 2003.

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Gathering, Smash & Teeny with John Butcher, 2005, Spool SPF 305 (Field 5)

Tracks : Looking Glass, Stridulation Nation, Salt Phase Results, Micromelody No. 1 , Kite Storm Warning, Ox Tendon Enigma, Lacemaker's Ruin, Micromelody No. 2, Table Setting For Snow, Hummingbird Midnight, Crunchy Hands, Kaladar Kodex (video track)

Musicians : Sarah Peebles, Nilan Perera, John Butcher (on Hummingbird Midnight and Crunchy Hands), Chung Gong (calligraphy performance on Kaladar Kodex)

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Spool: Point Series

Alogos, Bradshaw Pack, 2006, Spool SPP 201 (Point 1)

Tracks and performers: Prompt 1 (Talking Pictures), Arioso Distante (Pacific Baroque Orchestra), Ellipses (Standing Wave), Prompt 2 (Talking Pictures), Bella Tenebrosita (David Maggs), The Earth For You A Standing Place (Standing Wave), Prompt 3 (Talking Pictures)

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Ornaments, Allison Cameron, 2001, Spool SPP 202 (Point 2)

Tracks : Retablo: Passamezzo / Almayne / Pentacles, Ornaments, Somatic Refrain, Three Shapes Of The Sword: Rio Grande Del Sur / Spiteful Scar / John Vincent Moon

Musicians : Allison Cameron, Colleen Cook, Ronda Rindone, Carol Fujima, Marc Sabat, Margaret Gay, Eve Egoyan, Stephen Clarke, Gary Kulesha

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Odd Jobs, Assorted Climaxes, John Korsrud, 2005, Spool SPP 203 (Point 3)

Tracks : Girl On The Grass, Glurp, Xs & Os, VAP DIST: Mvt. I/Mvt. II/Mvt. III, Swing Theory Mvt. IV, Hastings, Zippy Pinhead, You Look Like An Angel

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Spool: Spurn Series

Shed Metal, Equivalent Insecurity, 2017, Spool Spurn 1

Tracks : Shed Metal 1-22

Musicians : DK, Dan Lander

album cover

CAR DEW TREAT US, dk & the perfectly ordinary, 2017, Spool Spurn 2

Tracks : P. 16, P. 35, P. 70, P. 92, P. 101, P. 102, P. 109, P. 165, P. 172, P. 192

Musicians : DK, Perfectly Ordinary (Allison Cameron, Rod Dubey, Lawrence Joseph), Gino Robair (track 1), Ben Wilson (track 2), Sean Caighean (track 3), Paul Serralheiro (track 4), Phillippe Battikha (track 5), Al Margolis (track 6), Vergil Sharkya (track 7), Brett Larner (track 8), Paul Dutton (track 9), Caroline Kunzle (track 10)

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The Machine is Broken, Terry Rusling, 2019, Spool Spurn 3

Tracks : Reel 1H, Reel 2A, Reel 1G, Radio England, They Marry, They Meet, Three Blind, Etc, Title, In Which Non-being Is Absolution, If I Could Find a Thing to Hate, Reel 2B, Reel 1F, Reel 1C, Collection of Short Pieces, Reel 1B, Audio 15, Audio 16 (Bright), Reel 1A

Musicians : Terry Rusling

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