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Prestige Records 16000 series discography

This is a discography of the 16000 series of LPs released on the Prestige label between 1963 and 1964.

Uncertain which albums were released in this series. The list is possibly incomplete and possibly includes albums that were not actually released in the series!

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Prestige 16000 series

Gumbo, Pony Poindexter with Booker Ervin, 1963, Prestige PR 16001

Tracks : Front Of Town, Happy Strut, Creole Girl, 4-11-44, Back O' Town, Muddy Dust, French Market, Gumbo Filet

Musicians : Pony Poindexter, Al Grey, Booker Ervin, Gildo Mahones, George Tucker, Jimmy Smith

Possibly also released on New Jazz.

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Trumpet Giants, Miles Davis/Dizzy Gillespie/Fats Navarro, 1963, Prestige PR 16002

Tracks : Stop, Go, Infatuation, Wailing Wall, My Old Flame, Conception, Thinking Of You, Too Much Weight, She's Gone Again, Nice Work If You Can Get It

Musicians : Tracks 1-4: Fats Navarro, Don Lanphere, Al Haig, Tommy Potter, Max Roach / Tracks 5-6: Miles Davis, Jackie McLean, Sonny Rollins, Walter Bishop Jr., Tommy Potter, Art Blakey / Tracks 7-10: Dizzy Gillespie, Jimmy Heath, Jimmy Oliver, Milt Jackson, Percy Heath, Joe Harris

Released on New Jazz. Uncertain if this album was actually released as Prestige PR 16002.

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Eastern Moods, Ahmed Abdul-Malik, 1964, Prestige PR 16003

Tracks : Summertime, Ancient Scene, Magrebi, Sa-Ra-Ga' Ya-Hindi, Shoof Habebe

Musicians : Ahmed Abdul-Malik, Bilal Abdurahman, William Allen

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I'm Shooting High, Gildo Mahones, 1964, Prestige PR 16004

Tracks : Water Blues Fall, Good Morning Heartache, The Sweetest Sounds, Stormy Monday, I'm Shooting High, Bali Ha'i, Tales Of Brooklyn, Hey Girl

Musicians : Gildo Mahones, Leo Wright, Larry Young, Kenny Burrell, Peck Morrison, George Tucker, Oliver Jackson, Jimmie Smith, Ozzie Beck

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No release identified, Prestige PR 16005

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Soul Street, Jimmy Forrest, 1963, Prestige PR 16006

Tracks : Soul Street, I Love You, Sonny Boy, Soft Summer Breeze, Experiment In Terror, Just A-Sittin' And A-Rockin', That's All, I Wanna Blow, Blow, Blow

Probably not released as Prestige PR 16006 but released on New Jazz.

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Dameronia, Tadd Dameron, 1964, Prestige PR 16007

Tracks : Fontainebleau, Delirium, The Scene Is Clean, Flossie Lou, Bula-Beige

Musicians : Tadd Dameron, Kenny Dorham, Henry Coker, Joe Alexander, Sahib Shihab, Cecil Payne, John Simmons, Shadow Wilson

Originally released as Fontainebleu in 1956.

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Clifford Brown Memorial, 19??, Prestige PR 16008

Tracks : Philly J. J. , Choose Now, Dial "B" For Beauty, Theme Of No Repeat, Stockholm Sweetnin', 'Scuse These Blues, Falling In Love With Love, Lover Come Back To Me

Musicians : Tracks 1-4: Clifford Brown, Idrees Sulieman, Herb Mullins, Gigi Gryce, Benny Golson, Oscar Estell, Tadd Dameron, Percy Heath, Philly Joe Jones / Tracks 5-8: Clifford Brown, Art Farmer, Arne Domnerus, Lars Gullin, Ake Persson, Bengt Hallverg, Gunnar Johnson, Jack Noren

Originally released by Prestige in 1956 (Prestige PRLP 7055). Tracks 1 to 4 recorded in New York in June 1953. Tracks 5 to 8 recorded in Sweden in September 1953.

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Trotting, Zoot Sims, 19??, Prestige PR 16009

Tracks : Zoot Swings The Blues, Zoot Swings The Blues, Trotting, I Wonder Who, It Had To Be You, My Silent Love, Jane-O, Dancing In The Dark, Memories Of You, East Of The Sun

Musicians : Zoot Sims, Harry Biss, John Lewis, Clyde Lombardi, Curly Russell, Art Blakey, Don Lamond

Originally released on Prestige as Quartetes in 1956 (PRLP 7026).

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No release identified, Prestige PR 16010

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Ezz-Thetic!, Lee Konitz, 1964, Prestige PR 16011

Uncertain if this album was released as Prestige PR 16011

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