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Tru-Sound 15000 Series discography

Tru-Sound was a short-lived imprint of Prestige Records. 14 albums were released on the label between 1961 and 1963.

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Tru-Sound 15000 Series

Trouble In Mind: Sings The Blues, King Curtis, 1962, Tru-Sound TRU 15001

Tracks : Trouble In Mind, Jivin' Time, Nobody Wants You When You're Down And Out, Bad Bad Whiskey, I Have To Worry, Woke Up This Morning, But That's Alright, Ain't Nobody's Business, Don't Deceive Me, Deep Fry

Musicians : King Curtis, Paul Griffin, Al Casey, Mac Pierce, Jimmy Lewis, Belton Evans, Ethel McCrea, Dorothy Jones, Margaret Ross

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Misirlou, Jimmy Neeley Trio, 1962, Tru-Sound TRU 15002

Tracks : Misirlou, Gettin' A Taste, Lament For The Lonely, Witchcraft, Love Is A Many Splendored Thing, My One And Only Love, The Chase, Time After Time, Gone With The Wind

Musicians : Jimmy Neeley, Michel Mulia, Rudy Lawless

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Hot Sauce, Juan Amalbert's Latin Jazz Quintet, 1962, Tru-Sound TRU 15003

Tracks : Summertime, 'Round Midnight, Out Of This World, Blue Moon, April Afternoon, Ain't Dat Right, Polly's Delight

Musicians : Juan Amalbert, Bobby Capers, Arthur Jenkins, Jose Ricci, Willie Coleman, Bill Ellington, Phil Newsum

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Let It Roll, Ernestine Allen, 1962, Tru-Sound TRU 15004

Tracks : Let It Roll, I Want A Little Boy, Lullaby Of Broadway, Mean And Evil, Love For Sale, Miss Allen's Blues, Baubles, Bangles And Beads, The Man I Love, Tea For Two

Musicians : Ernestine Allen, King Curtis, Paul Griffin, Al Casey, Chauncey Westbrook, Jimmy Lewis, Belton Evans

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These Dues, Clea Bradford, 1962, Tru-Sound TRU 15005

Tracks : This Love Of Mine, This Can't Be Love, These Dues, Skylark, They Can't Take That Away, If You But Knew, Somebody Loves Me, Willow Weep For Me, I'll Never Stop Loving You, I Cried For You

Musicians : Clea Bradford, Clark Terry, Oliver Nelson, Patti Bown, Chauncey Westbrook, George Duvivier, Billy English

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Old Gold, King Curtis, 1962, Tru-Sound TRU 15006

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It's Party Time, Jesse Powell, 1962, Tru-Sound TRU 15007

Tracks : From The Soul, Jumpin' Salty, Malaguena, Hot Stuff, Trees, Bibbie's Twist, When You're Smiling, The Texas Twister, Tonight, Blues On The Rocks, Feelin' No Pain, Cool

Musicians : Jesse Powell, Adiano Acea, Albert Winston, Billy Pyles, William Curtis, Ray Barretto

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It's Party Time, King Curtis, 1962, Tru-Sound TRU 15008

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Doin' The Dixie Twist, King Curtis, 1962, Tru-Sound TRU 15009

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It's The Blues Man!, Eddie "Blues Man" Kirkland, 1962, Tru-Sound TRU 15010

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That's The Blues Man, Buddy Lucas & The Shouters, 1962, Tru-Sound TRU 15011

Tracks : Hokus Pocus, The Rattle, Papa Dee Dee, Moonglow, Fallout, Down Home Turnaround, April Showers, Long Boy, Crash Party, Show Down

Musicians : Buddy Lucas, Bobby Banks, Wally Richardson, Carl Lynch, Bob Bushnell, Herbie Lovelle, The Shouters (Dion Warrick, Didi Warrick, Sylvia Shemwell)

Uncertain about this release. The track list and musician information above is from the Status release Down Home Turn Around. It may be that the Tru-Sound release also had that title. Or possibly there was a single release with confusion caused by mixed Tru-sound and Status packaging.

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The Chant, Juan Amalbert's Latin Jazz Quintet, 1962, Tru-Sound TRU 15012

Tracks : G.T.'s Theme, There's No You, The Chant, Invitation, Jackie's Mambo, Dorian, Yesterday's Child, Star Eyes

Musicians : Juan Amalbert, Bobby Capers, Willie Gardner, Willie Bivens, Bill Ellington, Manny Ramos, Victor Allende

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Hey! Hey! Hey!, The Rhoda Scott Trio, 1962, Tru-Sound TRU 15013

Tracks : I Want The Whole World To Know I Only Have Eyes For You, Ebb Tide, Splanky, Endlessly, Sha-bazz, Fly Me To The Moon, Stand By Me, If This Isn't Love

Musicians : Rhoda Scott, Joe Thomas, Carl Lynch, Leonard Gaskin, Bill Elliot, Herbie Lovelle, The Shouters

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Live! At The Key Club, The Rhoda Scott Trio, 1963, Tru-Sound TRU 15014

Tracks : Hey-Hey-Hey!, Sha-Bazz, The Work Song, I-Yi-Yi-Yi, Watermelon Man, Midnight Sun, Danny Boy, Lil Darlin' (Intermission Theme)

Musicians : Rhoda Scott, Joe Thomas, Bill Elliot

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